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DSLR doesn't calculate distances, the participating CLECs (Covad, NorthPoint, etc) do. Each CLEC calculates distance a different way. Depending on how many CLECs participate in qualifying your address, a different average distance figure may appear. These distances may not agree with those of the various telcos, such as BellSouth, and serve only as an estimate.

CLECs also adjust their own databases from time to time, and they may conclude you are at a different distance now than you were before. Sometimes the change can be remarkable.

We also have our own database of CO locations, which we use to provide the link to MAPBLAST. In some cases, our CO location will not agree with the location the CLEC has returned, or the CLECs may completely disagree.

These distance quirks probably occur in 1-3% of qualifications. For the majority of people, the estimates are accurate enough.

For more information, please see the Distance page. Also see this news article: The hardest question.

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