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1. General Questions

You can call 1-877-722-3755 for technical assistance, but I suggest heading over to the AT&T Northeast(SNET) Forum before you call.

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You can call AT&T/SNET billing at 1-800-408-8282.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I called this number for At&T questions and it refers me to call the talk line at 1-800-668-talk(8255) which is a porno site for dirty talk - is this At&T number discontinued don't know please advise. thank you someone who is shocked!

    2009-10-18 09:11:28

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you will then be at a login page,
user name=dslsoft
password =driver

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Yes, unlike most standard cable internet plans, AT&T (SNET) DSL will allow you to use VPN on any of its plans.

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Primary DNS Server68.94.156.1
Secondary DNS Server68.94.157.1

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For your dial-up login, you must include primaryusername@domain if you are calling one of the Yahoo access numbers.

The local access numbers are:

Ansonia-Derby        CT        (203)446-4009    56K V90     
Bridgeport CT (203)814-2223 56K V90
Bridgeport CT (203)455-9296 56K V90
Byram CT (203)347-4004 56K V90
Cheshire CT (203)649-1232 56K V90
Cornwall CT (860)419-2223 56K V90
Cornwall CT (860)248-4030 56K V90
Danbury CT (203)826-2223 56K V90
Danbury CT (203)448-9302 56K V90
Darien CT (203)621-1232 56K V90
Deep River CT (860)374-2223 56K V90
Enfield CT (860)265-4009 56K V90
Fairfield CT (203)763-4074 56K V90
Farmington CT (860)269-4009 56K V90
Glastonbury CT (860)266-4009 56K V90
Greenwich CT (203)987-4036 56K V90
Guilford CT (203)533-4051 56K V90
Hartford CT (860)372-2223 56K V90
Hartford CT (860)656-7207 56K V90
Harwinton CT (860)733-4030 56K V90
Huntington CT (203)567-1232 56K V90
Manchester CT (860)288-4009 56K V90
Meriden CT (203)599-4072 56K V90
Middletown CT (860)262-3001 56K V90
Milford CT (203)647-1232 56K V90
Naugatuck CT (203)490-4009 56K V90
New Britain CT (860)356-4081 56K V90
New Canaan CT (203)920-4053 56K V90
New Haven CT (203)815-2223 56K V90
New Haven CT (203)672-1232 56K V90
New London CT (860)910-4030 56K V90
Newmilford CT (860)946-6012 56K V90
Newtown CT (203)364-5051 56K V90
Norwalk CT (203)818-2223 56K V90
Norwalk CT (203)803-4069 56K V90
Norwich CT (860)373-2223 56K V90
Norwich CT (860)237-4774 56K V90
Old Saybrook CT (860)661-4030 56K V90
Putnam CT (860)382-2223 56K V90
Putnam CT (860)315-3001 56K V90
Simsbury CT (860)264-4008 56K V90
Southington CT (860)414-2223 56K V90
Southington CT (860)863-4009 56K V90
Stamford CT (203)817-2223 56K V90
Stamford CT (203)517-4035 56K V90
Torrington CT (860)387-2223 56K V90
Torrington CT (860)866-4034 56K V90
Torrington CT (860)921-5012 56K V90
Trumbull CT (203)816-6032 56K V90
Trumbull CT (203)638-1232 56K V90
Wallingford CT (203)774-4009 56K V90
Waterbury CT (203)819-2223 56K V90
Waterbury CT (203)437-4102 56K V90
Westport CT (203)635-4774 56K V90
Willimantic CT (860)455-4009 56K V90
Wilton CT (203)665-1232 56K V90
Windsor CT (860)697-7207 56K V90
Windsor Locks CT (860)254-4009 56K V90
Winsted CT (860)469-4002 56K V90
Wolcott CT (203)633-4030 56K V90

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How to delegate reverse authority for your block to you or allow you to provide them with your own reverse...

Updated 18-JUL-2006

According to the tech support rep at ATT internet services (800-833-2120). The current email address to send reverse DNS requests to is: prov-dns@att.com

AT&T/SBC Internet Services (DNS Admin)

You need to have most of the following information to have the changes made:

1. Domain Name
2. Email Address
3. Customer Contact Name
4. Service Type (ie Office 768/1500)
5. Company Name (If applicable)
6. Primary Domain (ie yourdomain.com)
7. IP Block + CIDR (ie

What you want done, ARIN record change or delegation etc.

You must have a package with at least 1 static IP.

You can also visit dialup.pacbell.net/dn_worksheet.html from within an SBC network connection and enter the information online.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • What about U-verse? There is not a phone number assiciated with the account.

    2010-11-08 20:51:41

  • We're sorry, the page you dialed has been changed. The new address is: http://attis-dns.sbcglobal.net/ - Please make a note of it! :)

    2010-10-13 19:15:31 (Krellan See Profile)

  • The dialup.pacbell.net/dn_worksheet.html page is broken. You fill out the whole form and submit it, and it says "not found".

    2009-05-11 23:06:14

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connecting without the install cd

open internet explorer..
browse to
comes to a login page asking for userid and password
put in sbcyahooreg@sbcglobal.net password sbcyahooreg
click connect
will say "you are connected, congrats. you have now successfully setup your dsl connection you are now connected to the internet"
clear out address bar
type in »sbcreg.sbcglobal.net or
comes to member agreement
walk through until you come to either registration complete
or account setup and it won't let you click next cause it saids "button disabled"
browse to the
on back of modem where the cables are there is a small white sticker that saids reset take ball point pin poke in where saids reset break through paper hold down for 2 seconds then release power light will blink red wait for first 3 lights to come back solid green and not blinking (power, ethernet,dsl)
click disconnect on the screen
comes back to login put userid and password you made with registration site and click connect should say "you are connected..blah blah blah"
should be able to browse after that

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AT&T/SBC will block the following ports as a default for members using a Dynamic IP package.

Outbound - TCP port 25
Inbound and outbound - TCP ports 135, 139, 445 and 1025

The port 25 block can be removed but it is suggested that you you do not do this unless absolutely necessary.

To request removal of the filter, use the Abuse of Service form at »help.sbcglobal.net/servabuse.php to contact our Abuse team and choose the "Opt-Out Port 25" under Abuse Type. Enter your account Member ID (also called your SBCIS PPPOE Login ID or User ID) to opt-out. If you have multiple SBCIS accounts you want to opt-out, please submit a separate form for each Member ID. Do not enter your email addresses from the other mail hosting provider. You should expect that it will take SBCIS 12-24 hours to process your request.

After receiving a confirmation email, sent to the SBCIS Member account ID being opted-out, you will need to logoff the SBCIS network and turn off your DSL router or modem for 1 minute to remove the filter. You should then turn your modem and system back on and log in using the normal procedure.

The SMTP Port 25 filter does not affect Members using Web mail to any mail provider, VPN connections to a private company or university mail server, dedicated (e.g. T1/T3 or Frame-Relay) or "static" IP addresses.

In response to a recently announced vulnerability attributed to computers running certain Microsoft Operating Systems, SBC Internet Services has blocked TCP ports 135, 139, 445 and 1025 for all basic dynamic subscribers nation wide. (These ports are no longer being blocked for static subscribers.) These ports are known to be used by worms and viruses to spread to other computers through the Internet. Blocking these ports may affect your ability to use:

* Microsoft Outlook to access a Microsoft Exchange server over the Internet
* File sharing over the Internet
* Print sharing over the Internet

This action should not affect the vast majority of our members, and does not affect using Microsoft Outlook or other email programs over a local area network.

The block is scheduled to begin on Thursday, April 29, 2004. Beginning at that time, you may notice that you are unable to continue the above activities over the Internet. Other uses of your Internet Access service will not be affected.

How long will this port blocking last?

With the cooperation of subscribers, and the use of anti-virus software and firewalls, we hope to have this issue contained in a relatively short period of time.

Are there any workarounds?

You may be able to work around port blocking. Some workarounds you may want to investigate include:

* Using Microsoft Outlook Web Access
* Using Microsoft point-to-point tunneling
* Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

You may need assistance from a networking professional to set up these workarounds.

Will anything else be affected?

Other computer applications may use ports 135, 139, 445 and 1025, although they are mostly used for the purposes outlined above.

Why are you doing this now?

As the result of a growing number of apparent security vulnerabilities, SBC Internet Services is blocking ports in an effort to protect our networks and the security of our customers computers.

Because SBC Internet Services conducts security checks on its network, do members need to be concerned about additional Internet Security measures?

Yes, members should realize they are responsible for the security of their own computers. Our network security scans and port blocking are not a substitute for protecting and patching your own computers. We recommend use of personal hardware and/or software firewalls, and we suggest that all members install anti-virus software to scan the contents of their computers for viruses and worms.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • The port 25 block optout instructions no longer work (form was changed, doesn't have the correct entry anymore)

    2009-05-22 14:09:14 (devicenull See Profile)

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There are many reasons you may not be getting advertised speed. Here are some facts-
1. Most packages have a range of speeds associated with them. 'Up to 1.5mbps' '1.5-3.0mbps'
2. The ISP only provides or guarantees sync speeds to be within the package range speed when they provision your line. This means the connection between you and the DSLAM not to the internet.

If you think you are slow please help us out by doing a few things to prove out your point. Make sure no one else is using your connection while the tests are running.
1. Reboot the modem, router, PC.
2. Post a speed test result from »support.sbcglobal.net/dsl/speedtest/ and choose the location nearest to you.
3. Post a tweak test result »/tweaks
4. Post a line Quality Test from »/linequality
5. List the DSL package you ordered.
6. List the modem brand and model you have.
7. List if you have a router.
8. List if testing from a wired or wireless connection.
9. List if all filters are in place (the DSL modem should not be filtered).
10. Line stats from the modem would also help if you know how to get them.

Please also read this FAQ - »AT&T Northeast (SNET) DSL FAQ »How do I tweak my connection for AT&T Northeast?

We will try to help the best we can.

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These types of problems can be very tough to troubleshoot. Begin by checking the following:

1. Filters - DSL Modem should not be filtered. Everything else should be filtered (phones, answering machines, alarm systems, water meters, Satellite receivers if hooked to phone line, etc.) Try unplugging everything but the modem itself. If the problem is fixed, most likely one of the filters is bad.

2. Electrical Noise - Bug Zappers, Treadmills, Dimmers, Vapor Lights, Halogen Lights, Street Lights (not only yours but your neighbors too)

3. Internal Wiring - Check for broken wires, recent changes to anything inside your home (new phone, new electric outlet, new electronic devices).

4. Faulty modem - This is rare but the modem itself could be going bad.

5. NID check - Try plugging the modem in at the NID to help eliminate inside wiring being the issue.

6. Half Ringer - Some NIDs have a half ringer inside. If you have one, it should be removed as they generally degrade DSL performance (line stats will show this). »Residential Install with PICTURES!!!!!

7. Outside Wiring - Construction in your area?, Squirrels?, Recent car accident?, Trees?

8. Detailed modem logs are the biggest help. Note the days, times and frequency of the drops. Logs from 5100, 4100 and 2Wire modems will help show whether the actual DSL signal is dropping or the PPPoE session is dropping. Don't forget to post the line stats that are in the modem as well.

Also note if your dial tone drops as well during this time.

The more detail you have, the better.

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Most wireless modems/routers will lose the internet connection if a cordless phone, operating on the 2.4GHz band, is used nearby due to radio signal interference. To avoid this problem simply change the phone. Any 5.8 GHz or 900 MHz phone will be able to send or receive phone calls without interfering with your internet connection.

This link can also provide some more information »findnetdeals.com/cblog/archives/···6.0.html

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