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5. Tweaking

By default windows(and linux) does not allow the full bandwidth to be transferred. When you tweak your connection, you change the setting in windows to transfer your connection's max speed. By tweaking you can vastly improve you overall speed.

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1. Tweaking is a science. It can be simple or it can be painful.

2. Do a speed test from »speedtest-nycmny.nycmny.sbcgloba···ge2.html (the test should take no longer than a minute, if it doesn't seem to do anything, refresh the page and it should run.)

3. Note your initial results of this speed test.

4. Determine if you are on an RT (remote terminal) or CO (central office) connection. Continue to read on and then see #13 below. To be sure about what type of connection you have, you can ask MrFixitCT See Profile for a line test (you will need to IM him your DSL telephone number).

5. Go to /tweaks (you need java installed).

6. Run the tweak test.

7. When it finishes, enter the values (dsl, SPEED (1500 or 3008), OS, Some type of PPPoE) and click recommend.

8. It will give you a report.

9. You want to look at a few items here.

10. In the center column you want to look at MTU. This should be 1492.

11. In the center column you want to look at transfer efficiency. This should be above 95%.

12. In the left column you want to look at RWIN (this is probably set to 65535).

13. If it is set to 65535 and you have 100% efficiency you are most likely CO connected.

14. If you do not see the MTU at 1492 or you have crappy transfer efficiency (<95%) YOU NEED TO TWEAK.


1. Go to /drtcp

2. Install DR. TCP (the .exe) and run it.

3. Pick your network card (on the bottom).

4. For RWIN on RT connection enter in 13068 (for CO enter 37752 or 65535).

5. For MaxMTU enter in 1492.

6. Everything else should be set to default.

7. Reboot PC!

8. Run the tweak test again from /tweaks

9. You should see that the RWIN has changed and the MTU is changed. You should also see your transfer efficiency above 95%.

10. Test your speed again at »speedtest-nycmny.nycmny.sbcgloba···ge2.html and note the results. You should have speeds around 1250/330 or 2530/435.

11. Do a few speed tests as sometimes the net gets busy.

If you have a router, you should also look at configuration and set the MTU to 1492 as well.

The best one is always right.

If you still have slow speeds please post a link of your tweak test, speed test, and line quality test in the forum. Someone will help you out.

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You can use the DSLR Tweak Tester to find out if your computer needs to be tweaked.

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Please note that this only works for PPPoE connections.

If your PC is freezing regularly, it may be looking around for a DHCP server that does not exist. Check the following:

If you are not using a router follow these instructions:

If you are Using Windows 9x:

  • Open control panel

  • Open Network

  • Look for the first entry in the scroll box

    marked TCP/IP, that is associated with a hardware ethernet card (ignore

    dialup, especially Enternet or NTS and VPN type bindings).

  • (If you have a 4060 USB modem, select "TCP/IP-> Efficient Networks SpeedStream 4060 CIP/1483")

  • Select it and press properties

  • Select IP address from the tab

  • Is Obtain IP address automatically checked?

    If so, change that to Specify an IP address and enter, and, into IP address and subnet mask fields respectively.

  • Click OK and OK, and the computer will build

    a driver information database and will require a reboot for the changes to

    take effect.

If you are using Windows XP:

  • control panel /network connections /local area connection /properties /Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) /properties.

  • Then use the following IP address:

    IP Address:
    Subnet Mask:

  • This assignment of a harmless local IP

    address to the TCP/IP settings bound (connected) to your network adaptor, will

    stop the in-built DHCP services from waking up every 10 minutes to look for a

    DHCP server so that it can "fill in the blanks".

This should solve the freezing problem

If you are using a router follow these instructions:

contains specific info for SNET DSL Customers only

For Windows 9x:

  • open the control panel

  • click on network

  • click on the TCP/IP protocol that is attached to your NIC

  • click on properties

  • goto the "IP Address" tab, enter the following values into their respective fields

    IP Address (if you are doing this on more than one computer than the IP's need to be different, just do one # higher in the last set of #'s. (i.e.
    Subnet Mask

  • click OK again

  • should prompt to restart, if it doesn't than manually restart

For Windows 2000 and Windows XP:

  • Open the control panel

  • Click on network connections

  • Click on the LAN connection

  • Click on TCP/IP and hit the properties button

  • Click on "Use the following IP address" and enter the following values into their respective fields

    IP Address (if you are doing this on more than one computer than the IP's need to be different, just do one # higher in the last set of #'s. (i.e.
    Subnet Mask
    Default Gateway the address of your router (default for most is

  • Click on "Use the following DNS server" and enter the following values into their respective fields

    Primary DNS Server
    Secondary DNS Server

  • Click OK and reboot the computer

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Please consider updating to more recent versions of Windows, and maybe even mention other OSs such as Mac and Linux. Thanks

    2014-03-04 18:51:20 (ostroffjh See Profile)

  • thank you! With this as a starter, I found my ISP's primary and secondary DNS server addresses, setup Windows xp as described above and haven't had any pauses or hangups yet.

    2009-08-10 22:44:32

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The MTU setting controls the maximum ethernet packet size your PC will send (you did know the internet works in packets, didn't you?). Why a limit? because although larger packets can be constructed and sent, Your ISP and Internet backbone routers and equipment will chop up (fragment) any larger than their limit, then these parts are re-assembled by the target equipment before reading. This fragmentation, and re-assembly is not optimal.

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Changing your RWIN can drastically increase performance. Whenever you change your RWIN you should always perform 2 speed tests and a tweak test to see what it has done. You can keep changing it until you hit your sweet spot. The nice people in the forums will help you find your optimum RWIN. In order to change your RWIN you should either download Dr.TCP or manually edit the registry.

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See this post: MSS

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Choose the site closest to you. Typically this is New York, NY and Brecksville, OH.

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