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3.PPPoE Information

PPPoE - An Acronym for Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet a complete difinition could be read here

PPPoA - An Acronym for Point to Point Protocol over ATM a complete difinition could be read here

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last modified: 2003-07-16 10:16:12

Yes, RasPPPoE is compatible. For details on where and how to download and Install the RasPPPoE Manual and FAQs please go to

Rasspppoe has been tested by a lot of Streamyx Users and is found to be 100% compatible.

Also, when your setting the connection, Your user name should be:

streamyxuser@streamyx Eg, DSLR@streamyx

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last modified: 2003-04-20 10:17:40

Log in as root Go to a console.

Type 'adsl-setup'

It will do some system checks.

The next question will be for your user name. Type UserID@streamyx Hit 'enter'.

Next it will ask for the interface i.e. your NIC that you are using. Most likely 'eth0'. Unix starts with zero when it comes to assigning device numbers. eth0 is default, so just hit enter.

Next it will ask about 'Demand or Continuously'. Default is 'No'. Hit Enter.

Now it will ask you for your DNS's one at a time.
Type '' for #1. Hit Enter.
Type '' for #2. Hit Enter.

Next will be your UserID password.
Type it, hit enter, type it again to confirm, hit enter.

Next will be for firewalling. Press the number zero. Remember when you installed Red Hat, it asked you for high, medium, or low firewall. The firewall in the installation will be good enough. I had some trouble getting numbers 1 and 2 to work correctly in this selection. Maybe just me being a Linux newbie, but zero worked for me.

'Start connection at boot time?' Enter 'yes'.

Now it will show a summary of what you did and will ask you if you want to 'Accept these settings?' Enter 'y' for yes, hit 'Enter'

Next, type 'adsl-start' at the command line.

Now you should be online. Congrats.

However if you don't have a router, and want to use your DSL with Linux then a good PPPoE client for Linux is Roaring" > ··· >Roaring Penguin

Also this FAQ was made by PBX Tech and was edited by Kevin for the SNET FAQ

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last modified: 2003-03-11 12:23:59

Check your Power Options. It could be that your computer is going into hibernate mode and will stop responding to keep alive requests. This will cause the PPPoE server to believe that you are no longer connected and force a disconnect, also PPPoE is somewhat sensitive to screen savers. also check BIOS for hibernate options

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Get Raspppoe and it is highly important that you read the help files for your particular OS when installing Raspppoe and follow the step-by-step Instruction carefully.

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1.Go to Start, and Click Control Panel

2.In the Control Panel Window, Locate Network Connection and double click it.

3.You should now be in the "network connection" window.

4.In that window on the Left "Network Task" should have two option:

(a)Create a new connection

(b)Set up a home or small office network

Choose (a) Create a new connection

5.The New Connection Wizard will Pop-up
•Click Next

•Choose "connect to the internet" and Next.

•Choose "Set up my connection manually" and Next.

•Choose "Connect using a broadband connection that requires a user name
and password" and Hit Next.

•Type in Streamyx and click Next

•Fill the User name : eg, Streamyxuser@streamyx
Password : xxxxxxxxx
Confirm Password : xxxxxxxx

Leave the All the box checked Unless you have a Firewall Already running
eg. Zone alarm is installed, Be sure to UNCHECK
Turn on the internet Connection Firewall for this connection.
Click Next.

6.Check the Add a shortcut to this connection to my Desktop, and Click Finish

7.Click Connect, and you should be connected in 2 seconds.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • i install streamyx at my desktop but still can't error678..but my netbook ok

    2011-10-23 02:18:12

  • thanks a lot for such a facilities .it'S SO EASY ,UNDERSTOOD,THANKS ALOT

    2010-08-21 11:45:42

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last modified: 2004-08-03 12:18:19

System requirements

You will need:

- A PowerPC Macintosh

- System 7.6.1 or later

- 32Mb RAM

- 10Mb Hard disk space

- Ethernet port

Configurations other than the above are not supported at the present time.

1. Mac OS 7.6.x - OS 9, Dynamic IP

This configuration is not recommended because it is not very stable. Furthermore, additional software is required for the PPPoE connection. Either MacPoet or Enternet can be used; however both are not free. Click the links for more information on how to configure your system.

1.1. Mac OS 7.6.x - OS 9, Dynamic IP using Enternet

1.2. Mac OS 7.6.x - Dynamic IP using MacPoET

2. Mac OS 7.6.x - OS 9, Static IP

Important: If your system has Mac OS X installed, Mac OS X 10.1.2 is required for Streamyx.

3. Mac OS X, Dynamic IP

4. Mac OS X, Static IP

5. Airport Base Station

Prepared by Ahmad Shah Sahar of Apple Malaysia

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last modified: 2003-12-09 17:25:46