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1. Just the Basics

SWB - Southwestern Bell - subsidiary of SBC

SBC - SBC Communications Inc. The Company's services and
products are marketed under several established
brands including Ameritech, Nevada Bell, Pacific
Bell, SBC Telecom, SNET, Southwestern Bell, and its
newly formed joint venture with BellSouth
Corporation, Cingular Wireless.

SBIS - Southwestern Bell Internet Services

ASI - Advanced Solutions Inc.
EPC - Emerging Product Center (DSL orders)
CSI - Customer Self Install

CO - Central Office.
RT - Remote Terminal (See Project Pronto).

If you have any other abbreviations to add please IM Flippant with the information. Thank you

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Southwestern Bell Internet Services (NETHELP)should be called if your having problems with email, news, or your username and password. All issues with your extra email accounts and PHP (personal home page) space. They will also handle your billing issues. Static/DHCP/PPPoE IP connection problems, router problems and registration problems.

Advanced Solutions Inc. (ASI) which also includes the Self Install Helpdesk (CSI), should be called if your having problems with your connection. Sync, speed, weird noises on your phone line, and such issues. Problems with DSL line installation, capping issues and general speed problems. They can not help you with anything that SBIS can. You will simply get transferred.

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This applies to Southwestern Bell, Nevada Bell, Pacific Bell, SNET, and Ameritech.

First, there are two rebate amounts being honored by the SBC Companies: $149 and $199.

Secondly, if the website tools are not functioning or bringing up information, customers can call (888) 241-6225 to talk with a representative about confirming or receiving their rebates. Note that occasionally when the line is busy, you will hear one or two rings, silence for a minute, and then a busy signal. At that point, try calling again. Their hours are Mon-Fri 6AM-11PM, Sat 8AM-11PM, and Sun 9AM-11PM, all times Central.

If possible, do have your Order or Service Order number ready when calling. You will need your order number to register for the rebate online.

Note: What they send you is a single sheet tri-fold that looks very much like junk mail!

The rebate info site is at: www.sbc199reward.com

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DSL service includes free dialup within parts of the SWBell coverage area, and roaming access from outside the network. Please read the Roaming Access Service Policy.

The following is a list of free access dialup phone number.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Free access phone number link does not work anymore. his link worked for me in finding local access numbers. http://sbcyahoo.prodigy.net/openPhone/index.html

    2007-10-18 13:15:14 (jmikeh See Profile)

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Pictures of Remote Terminal:

An Old Style RT

An New Style RT

Thanks nunya01 for the pictures.

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Per the Terms of Service, SBC will sell your email address and all public domain information they have on you, to third party companies. You can stop this by going here http://sbc.m0.net/m/u/sbc/unsub.asp and filling it out. Or give your local SBC phone company a call and tell the rep you would like to "opt-out". They then have thirty days to remove all your information from there lists.

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If you feel that someone within SBC's domain is spamming you, you can report it to their policy department at 877-655-4410.

After investigating the problem and identifying the culprit, they claim that they will shut down the offending account immediately. They state that they take all legitimate claims seriously.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Some weeks ago, I reported Account Verification people under SBC.Global etc., hounding me about to close my account, asking for info such as DOB which I refuse to give. Since I reported these to you, their email to me has increased and there's more threatening emails in my box. Can you or I do something to eradicate this nuisance? BF

    2011-11-07 13:12:32

  • I have received 2 emails from SBC Southwestern Bell, telling me in 2 days my account will be lost if I do not reply giving them my username, password, Date of Birth and Country. I called the above number several times during the day and no one answers. I know several others that are swbell.net users and they have NOT received this email, so I am not about to reply. I guess if this is real they will just have to take my account, because they should have my password and why do they need my Date of Birth???????????

    2011-09-26 15:40:03

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Anyone using DHCP can go to the following link and get some "outstanding" FAQ's and answers: www.dhcp-handbook.com/dhcp_faq.html

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Subscribers having swbell.net, sbcglobal.net, pacbell.net, and nvbell.net accounts can download Enternet 300 and other software by logging-in at the following site:


Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Enternet 300 and other software at the logging-in @ (http://.sbcglobal.net) no! download needed in this send feed back DSL phone number and DSL service how many hurdles get jumped in Privacy,Personal and Primary way's of iden-Ident or Identify accounts in referance (DSL Report)??????

    2010-11-20 20:50:44

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The new rate plan may take 1-2 bill cycles before you see the change on your bill... This is because you never know where within your cycle you have made this change...

Some customers are billed in arrears rather than advance for their DSL service. Please take a moment to look at the bill dates on your phone bill. For example... At the top of your telephone company bill there should be a date next to your phone number stating the bill cycle you are in for your phone service ie May 29, 2003. On page 10 (or whatever page your DSL charges are on) there is a separate date next to those charges.. (Please note here that DSL is a service billed on behalf of SBCIS and not the telephone company) That date may show say 4-27. Now if you called in on June 1st to ask for the new rate you still have at least 1 more bill at the old rate before you see the change.. (Think your DSL bill date is 4-27 and you still have the bill from 5-27 since you called in on 6-1)

?Clear as mud?

Now on to the next thought..

Your 1st bill (when you get the new rate plan) will look a bit confusing or ummm high... This is because whenever you start a new plan our system see just a new plan and doesn't recognize you as an existing customer... So here comes a brief explanation of proration charges:

It is normal (believe it or not) to see on page 10:

Charges for 888-888-1212
Account Code dslusername

Account Subtotal for dslusername .... 61.42

> Total Itemized Charges for SBC Internet Svcs (before taxes) 61.42

By now your thinking what??? 61.42 what happened to 29.95 This is where you need to take a look at page 1 of your phone bill... underneath the Previous Charges and Credits section you should see:

> Previous Charges and Credits
Amount of Last Bill ..... 72.15
Payments Applied: 05-06-03 ..... 72.15cr
Adjustments: SBC Internet Svcs ..... 31.47cr

Credit Balance ..... 31.47cr

So if you take 61.42-31.47= 29.95...

Thanks only_me!

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