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The results are in from the 2011 Member Choice Audio Editors Poll.

Audacity, an open source editor was by far the most popular choice of poll respondents.

dBpowerAMP Music Convertor, a freeware editor, was the second most popular choice among those who chose a specific software listed in the poll.

Audiograbber, another freeware editor -- no longer even updated, was the third most popular choice among respondents who chose a particular poll item.

A considerable number of poll respondents -- in reality this is the second-most popular poll choice -- chose "none", perhaps indicating that a significant number of people choose not to perform any audio editing at all.

About tied for fourth place were Adobe Audition and CDex.

Roxio Creator and mp3DirectCut were tied for fifth place.

Poll choices which were far less popular are:

Blaze Media Pro


Easy CD DA Extractor Free (actually appears to be 30-day trialware)

Sony Sound Forge Pro

M-AUDIO Pro Tools

SONY ACID Music Studio

Another significant number -- really the third most popular poll choice -- of poll respondents chose an editor not included in the poll. These include:

Exact Audio Copy (EAC)
Ardor (a Linux DAW)
Amazing Slow Downer
Cool Edit 2000
Audio Editor Deluxe
AoA Audio Extractor
Cyberpower Audio Editing Lab
Creative software bundled with X-Fi audio cards
Ableton Live or Ableton Suite

It is interesting to note that the most popular audio editors were mostly freeware.

I would like to thank all of those to took the time to respond to the 2011 Member's Choice Audio Editor poll! Well done!

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