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    •Make the subject title indicative of the problem (or program) in question.
    •When posting a question regarding a specific product, include the Version number.
    •If you're experiencing problems with a program that generates an error message, then include the message or error code verbatim.
    •Start a new topic if the subject is over 2 weeks old. Please don't "wake up" older threads
    •Please await release release announcements & confirmation from the *official/author sites before posting a link

    We prefer no links to 3rd party sites that may be hosting the author's software, and this rule will be enforced
    Causes less confusion for members..and *buggy software that may have been pulled pre-final release isn't distributed.
    You might also miss author instructions. Like whether it's ok to install over current version, or if it's recommended to uninstall first.

    Indicate what, if any, changes were made that may have led up to the problem.
      •Any new or similar applications added?
      •Any new hardware added? If so, have you checked Device Manager (if using a Microsoft OS) for errors?

    Most importantly, when your problem is resolved, let everyone know!!! Many people put a lot of time and effort into helping you. Let them know what suggestions worked.

    If there is a more appropriate (dedicated) forum for your update/questions request thread - it may be moved there

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