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1.1 Account and Billing

Just so you know, ADSL doesn't work the same as dialup - you can't just take your ADSL modem, plug it into a phone line in your new home, and expect it to work. The line has to be provisioned for ADSL service first.

You can move your services online at http://www.bell.ca/emove
You can move your Sympatico, Bell Canada phone, Mobility, and ExpressVu accounts all in one go. If you fill that form out at least 5 business days before your move, everything will be set up and ready at your new place on your moving day.

Then, just bring your modem and filters with the rest of your stuff to the new place, and hook it up. Presto, it should be up and running with your phone service.

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Yes, you have the option of "pausing" your Sympatico HSE account for 1 month or more, for $10 per month. During a period specified by you, your account will be temporarily suspended and you will not have to pay the monthly charges. This is similar to the "hold" option for ExpressVu satellite service.

What's so useful about that? Well, university/college students living away from home can pause their HSE accounts when they go home for the summer. Or, if you are going on an extended vacation or sabbatical and won't be at home, you can pause your account.

There is a 6 month hold period maximum. You also have to have been an HSE subscriber for a few months already. (This service is targeted to longtime customers) You also can't have any outstanding bills.

Note: You can also apply to have your phone service also "frozen", but I believe it costs $30 for three months and $60 for six months. HSE+LD subscribers can obtain seasonal service for the LD portion and HSE portion of their bills.

How to Use:
1. Call 310-SURF, get in touch with a live person and ask for the Sympatico Seasonal Service.

2. Tell the CSR when you want the account frozen and when you want it unfrozen.

You do not have to return any equipment or sign up for the service again. Saves you time, saves you and Sympatico money.

You will retain access to your email addresses and account information while the account is suspended.

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Example of charges for High Speed Edition (HSE) in Ontario:

Monthly Recurring Charges $ 44.95
GST $ 3.15
PST $ 0.80
Total $48.90

So why only 80 cents for PST? The PST is charged on the modem rental which is worth $10.

Ontario PST is not applicable to Internet services, but it is applicable to the rental of the modem.

More information is available here.

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No. Sympatico may not ask for the modem immediately after you cancel your service. The automated support system is supposed to send you a prepaid courier package for you to return your modem in. Sometimes this system does not work properly and you may not get a box for a very long time or even ever. But somebody may still notice in the future that you did not return the modem. If you fail to return the modem, Sympatico will charge you a penalty of $180.

From the Sympatico Service Agreement:

20. The Service Modem will always remain the property of Your Service Provider. As such, if the Service is cancelled or terminated for any reason, the Service Modem and other hardware delivered to you must be returned by calling 310-SURF to make arrangements to have the Service Modem and other hardware returned to Your Service Provider. We recommend that you return the Service Modem and hardware via Canada Post or courier. You will need to maintain your receipt from Canada Post or the courier as proof of return If the Service Modem is not received within 15 days of your date of cancellation of the Service, a cancellation fee ... of $180.00 will apply.

You can also return the modem to one of the Bell World stores listed here. Ensure that you get a receipt for the return of your modem.

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These Bell World stores in Ontario should be willing to accept returns of Sympatico modems after your service is terminated. However, it is up to each individual store if they will accept modem returns, so please call the store to find out before you go. Be aware that Bell World stores are not specifically equipped to deal with tracking modem returns, so returning a modem in this way may not be acceptable to Sympatico, resulting in you being billed for a missing modem. If you receive a Canada Post prepaid label for returning your modem, use it.


Barrie - Barrie Power Centre
Barrie - Georgian Mall
Hamilton - Limeridge Mall
Kingston - Cataraqui Town Centre
Kitchener - Fairview Park Mall
London - 125 York St.
London - Masonville Place
London - Westmount Mall
Mississauga - Dixie Value Mall
Mississauga - Heartland Power Centre
Misssisauga - Square One
North Bay - North Gate Square
Oshawa - Oshawa Centre
Ottawa - 1541 Merivale Rd.
Ottawa - 1566 Carling Ave.
Ottawa - 81 Metcalfe St.
Ottawa - Bayshore Shopping Centre
Ottawa - Billings Bridge Plaza
Ottawa - Carlingwood Mall
Ottawa - Place d'Orleans
Ottawa - Rideau Centre
Ottawa - St. Laurent Centre
Scarborough - Scarborough Town Centre
Scarborough - Woodside Mall
St. Catherines - Pen Centre
Sudbury - New Sudbury Centre
Toronto - 2300 Yonge St.
Toronto - 2323 Yonge St.
Toronto - Bayview Village Mall
Toronto - Centrepoint Mall
Toronto - Eaton Centre
Toronto - Fairview Mall
Toronto - Gerrard Square
Toronto - Woodbine Centre
Toronto - Yorkdale Mall
Windsor - Devonshire Mall

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You need to call 1-888-590-2375 to have this set up. The service is called Dryloop.
A monthly charge of $4 applies to HSE subscribers. There is no fee for Ultra subscribers.

If nobody at that number knows what you are talking about, call 1-866-635-0773

See here for more info.

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Call 310-SURF and ask Bell to do a "Transfer of Responsibility" [their terminology] which will simply transfer the registration and obligation to pay the monthly bill over to another person. This costs a flat $25 and (a) there's no disruption to phone/DSL service and (b) all e-mail addresses are transferred.

The current account holder needs to call Bell first to confirm his/her agreement with the transfer.

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You need to give Bell a minimum of 30 days notice that you wish to cancel. You will still be charged for a minimum of 30 days of service after you inform them that you wish to cancel.

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