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2.1 Speedstream 5200

This modem model is the first offered by Sympatico that can automatically authenticate (log in) to the service for you. When configured to do this, the modem is in router mode. By default, the modem comes to you configured in router mode.

This modem can also be configured in bridge mode. In bridge mode, the modem does not perform authentication. You need to configure your operating system to connect for you (through Access Manager, RASPPPoE, or Windows XP), or use a broadband router to perform the authentication duties. There is a button available from the modem configuration menu that will put the modem into bridged mode so it will function properly with your home router.

To access the web interface, connect the modem directly to your computer (bypassing your router if you have one), release and renew your IP, then access the modem from » in your web browser. From there you can set up your B1 username and password for your account for router mode, or press the button on that screen to change it into bridged mode.

If you ever have to deal with Bell tech support on a line connection issue, you will need to reset the modem to router mode with a reset button on the bottom of the modem, so they can troubleshoot the default configuration.

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Bell Sympatico has custom developed firmware loaded on the Speedstream 5200 that they supply to customers. Some features are disabled or modified to Sympatico's specifications.

This firmware is different from other versions of the 5200 available in the United States.

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There are problems with some versions of the Speedstream 5200 modem. The main symptom experienced is not being able to surf the web, requiring a power-cycle of the modem (several times each week or even several times a day) to re-obtain a good connection.

Sympatico has released a firmware update for some versions of the 5200 to address this issue. If it says "no update required" then it means your modem doesn't need this update. Get it HERE

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I hook up directly to the Speedstream modem and can get to the WEB page at however when I start up the firmware exe it just shows "searching for device" ..I waited over 5 min. I tried both connected and disconected to the internet..Can any one help? BTW great informaiton ...thanks for putting this together

    2010-06-09 20:15:57

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E240 v2

Username: admin or bcadmin
Password: admin or bcadmin

Bell is sending out new modems with PPPoE enabled. The IP address of this modem is and you do not need to create any ARP table entries.

E240 v1

TCP/IP Settings
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:

Windows 95, 98, ME
1. Right click on Network Neighborhood (My Network places)
2. Choose "Properties"
3. A new window will open
4. Highlight the TCP/IP bound to the Ethernet card that is connected to the DSL Modem
5. Click "Properties"
6. Choose the "IP Address" tab, specify, type
7. Set the subnet mask to
8. Default Gateway:
9. Click "OK"

Windows 2000
1) Right click "My Network Places" -> Choose "Properties"
2) Right click the icon for your Ethernet adapter -> Choose "Properties"
3) Highlight the "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" listing
4) Click "Properties"
5) Click on "Use the following IP address"
6) Type in
7) Set the subnet mask to
8. Default Gateway:

Windows XP
1) Go to "Start" -> "Control Panel"
2) Click on "Network & Internet Connections"
3) Click on "Network Connections"
4) Right click on the icon for your Ethernet card connected to your DSL modem Choose "Properties"
5) Click on "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) -> Click "Properties"
6) In the "General" tab check off "Use the following IP address"
7) Type in
8) Enter a subnet mask of
9. Default Gateway:
10) Click "OK"
11) Click "OK"

Your settings should look as they are above. DNS servers are assigned automatically by Sympaticos servers. If you do not have Sympatico, your DNS servers can be found in ipconfig /all under PPP Adapter

2) Creating an ARP Table:

Go into DOS / Command Prompt and type: arp -s MODEM_MAC_GOES_HERE
Make sure to type the MAC address in this format: XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX
Type arp -a [displays] to verify, or arp -d [deletes current entries] if you need to correct something.

The modem MAC address can be found underneath the modem as shown above.

3) You're done! Just go to and you'll be able to configure/view things from there.

*Note that you'll have to re-do an ARP table entry each reboot.

The older Bell firmwares are crippled. Look into 3rd party firmware if you want to see what the modem is really capable of.

Have fun! :)

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • google = hack speedstream 5200 you wil find your answer

    2010-12-29 22:03:18

  • Where do I make these changes in Vista?

    2010-12-11 19:14:46

by BliZZardX See Profile
last modified: 2005-05-07 11:53:13

NOTE: This procedure is for the first generation of Speedstream 5200 E240 modems. For modems with newer Bell firmware, use the instructions here: »Bell Canada Internet FAQ »Telnet with Speedstream 5200 E242

1. Make sure that you set your IP address to and your subnet mask to and default gateway to
2. Start a DOS prompt or Command prompt.
3. OPTIONAL: Type arp -s MAC Address (the MAC address is printed on the bottom of your modem)
4. Type telnet
5. Login is bcadmin and password is bcadmin
6. Once you are logged in issue the following command: show dsl stat

Also see this thread for more information: »Can't Telnet To A SpeedStream 5200 E240

by MacGyver See Profile
last modified: 2005-12-16 17:10:07

To telnet into the Speedstream 5200 E242 you need to set a username and password with ICGABE's SpeedStream 5200 FTP program (The WinPcap library is required for this to work)

Open MS-DOS or Command Prompt, type "ipconfig /all", and write down the Physical Address.

Run the SpeedStream 5200 FTP program and fill in the required info. *Note that the Interface MAC is the Physical Address you wrote down earlier.

Finally, telnet to with the login / password you set and enjoy!

by BliZZardX See Profile
last modified: 2005-06-23 00:11:33

SpeedStream Telnet Server

--- DSL Status
DSL State - Up

Tx Rx
CRC Errors 327 491
FEC Errors 1904 0
HEC Errors 0 16996
NCD Errors 0 0
LCD Errors 0 0
LOS Errors - 0
SEF Errors - 0

--- ATU-R Channel Info
Current Tx Rate - 800000 Current upload sync rate
Previous Tx Rate - 0

--- ATU-C Channel Info
Current Tx Rate - 3008000 Current download sync rate
Previous Tx Rate - 0

--- ATU-R Physical Layer Info
Current SNR Margin - 15.0 This is a measure (in dB) of how good your data signal is relative to the noise on the line. This should be a high number and in any case no lower than around 6 dB. If it's low you could find the modem gets data errors or even sync problems.
Current Attenuation - 30.0 Measures (in dB) how much signal loss there is on the line - this should be a low number and in any case should be no more than around 60-65 dB.
Current Status:
No defects detected
No loss of framing detected
No loss of signal detected
No loss of power detected
No loss of signal quality detected

--- ATU-R Line Status
Line Coding - DMT
Line Type - Fast If this line says "Fast", you are on fastpath. Otherwise your line is interleaved.
Actual ADSL Mode - G.DMT
Requested ADSL Mode - Multi

In the above sample results, the line potential is not revealed to the end user. However, we can examine the SNR Margin and Attenuation numbers. In this case, the SNR margin is 15, which is much greater than the minimum of 6, and the Attenuation is 30, which is much lower than the maximum of 60-65. Therefore, this line would likely qualify for a speed upgrade. How much of an increase is possible cannot be known from this data, but these numbers are good indicators.

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The red light flashing on your SpeedStream 5200 modem is normal on some models, and is nothing to worry about.

Why? Nobody knows.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • why is it normal ? What is it doing ?

    2008-03-25 12:21:56

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Check out these threads:
Speedstream 5200 Command Line Interface

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last modified: 2004-05-28 14:43:16

See this thread for more information:


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With Bell Sympatico's custom version of the Speedstream 5200, you cannot simultaneuosly connect to the ethernet and USB ports. You can only use one interface or the other at one time.

by MacGyver See Profile

»Unlocking your Speedstream 5200 E242
»Port Forwarding with 5200.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Any idea why this doesn't seem to work for 2 of my friends' modems? I've unlocked a dozen of these before, but these 2 just bring me back to main user page with 3 side buttons, like locked version. Firmware and revision numbers of modem triple-checked. I'm a tech. with 15 years experience, so no dumb mistakes made.

    2009-04-06 00:41:20 (hogwild See Profile)

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Please note that this will only work on the newer all-black models of the Speedstream 5200.


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