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2.2 Speedstream 6300

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last modified: 2004-05-09 08:54:29

Call 310-SURF and contact the billing office. They will arrange the swap for you.

There are two financial arrangements that you can make:

1. Pay a one-time non-refundable upgrade fee of $69.95 and get the modem. The modem still belongs to Sympatico, and you still have to pay $10 monthly modem rental.

2. Commit to a one-year contract at the full price ($44.95 for HSE and $59.95 for Ultra) and you can get the 6300 at no additional charge. If you cancel your contract, you will be charged a $100 penalty. If you move to a place where Sympatico is not available, the penalty will be waived or refunded. You still have to pay $10 monthly modem rental.

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last modified: 2004-05-31 15:05:01

No. If you cancel your service you still have to send the Speedstream 6300 back to Sympatico like any other modem. It still belongs to Sympatico. The $69.95 fee is only an upgrade fee, not a purchase price, and is non-refundable. A penalty of $180 will be assessed if you do not return the modem promptly after you cancel the service.

If you already have a wireless router, there's not much point in getting the Speedstream 6300 unless you want Sympatico to support your home network.

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last modified: 2004-05-19 17:27:47

1. Log into the Speedstream 6300 Web Interface
2. Click on the Advanced Tab
3. Look for "DSL Connection Information: UP "
4. Click on the "UP" link as shown in the following picture:


You may be able to click on this link and be taken directly to the line stats: »

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last modified: 2004-05-17 14:40:45

ATU-C current Tx Rate - Current download sync rate
ATU-R current Tx Rate - Current upload sync rate
SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) -This is a measure of how good your data signal is relative to the noise on the line. This should be a high number and in any case no lower than around 6 dB. If it's this low you could find the modem gets data errors or even sync problems.
Atten. (Attenuation) - Measures how much signal loss there is on the line - this should be a low number and in any case should be no more than around 60-65 dB.

Any of these numbers near or at the limits described can cause the modem to lose sync and/or have high error rates resulting in poor internet performance. This is usually due to poor cabling, interference, or a line which is near or at the distance limit of where ISP can still provide ADSL from the DSLAM.

In the above sample results, the line potential is not revealed to the end user. However, we can examine the SNR and Attenuation numbers and make an educated guess. In this case, the SNR margin is 28.0, which is much greater than the minimum of 6, and the Attenuation is 2.0, which is much lower than the maximum of 60-65. Therefore, this line would likely qualify for a speed upgrade. How much of an increase is possible cannot be known from this data, but these numbers are good indicators of what could be possible.

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Some threads on past issues with the 6300:


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This "LAN WAN 5" port can be used for another device, for example, you could connect another switch to this port to increase the number of computers connected.

This port is also used if you have VDSL service and get Bell Expressvu Television through your phone line.

VDSL is only available to people living in high density residential developments, usually newer high rise condominium towers.

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last modified: 2004-05-26 09:09:48


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Router console ports are meant to allow root access to the router via a dumb terminal interface, regardless of the state of the router (unless it is completely dead). By connecting to the console port you can get remote access to the root level of a router without using the network that the router is connected to. This creates a secondary path to the router outside the bandwidth of the network which needs to be secured without relying on the primary network.

This allows a technician sitting in a Network Operations Center thousands of miles away the ability to restore a router or perform an initialization configuration securely over a standard telephone line even if the primary network is in failure. Without a connection to the console port, a technician would have to visit the site to perform repairs or initialization.

In short, it's nothing you need to be worried about.

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  • thanks guys, but i need more of this stuff of vital sence and understanding

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last modified: 2004-05-07 22:58:00

Sympatico has the following firmware update available: » ··· Z_en.exe

You can read more about it here:
» ··· HNUpdate
» ··· _1_E.pdf

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  • the firmware download link is not responding, could you please provide a working download link?

    2011-05-24 19:27:03

  • I had significant problems with the 6300 dropping wireless connections. After finding the following on Bell's Business Internet web site and finding that their fix did not really exist, they replaced the 6300 with a 6520 which works fine. "Bell Business Internet is excited to announce that we have implemented a fix for 2 known issues with our popular Business Internet Gateway router, the e6300. The e6300 The Efficient Networks e6300 is a wireless gateway router that is sold with our Business Internet High Speed 6Mbps service. The unit has the following features enabled: 5 port Ethernet routing Wireless network configuration Easy to Use graphical user interface to allow users to manage their own networks Built in network management diagnostic tools to troubleshoot network problems Advanced networking protocol configuration The Issues: 1. Wireless bug that would drop DSL wireless network connections after a period of inactivity. 2. Business IP Voice (VoIP) incompatibility. The Fixes: We are happy to state the newest iteration of the modem firmware is now being auto downloaded to all affected users who currently have the e6300 for Business Internet High Speed. Specifically the fixes are: 1. Auto-PVC sensing for Bell West (PVC 0/33) and Bell Canada (PVC 0/35). 2. Improved Wireless stability - this fix eliminates the wireless bug that dropped wireless connectivity after a period of 10 minutes plus. 3. Business IP Voice support - this fix allows the Sipura ATA (VoIP adjunct) to work with the e6300 seamlessly Additional Info: User Agent (Browser / OS): Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322) This information will help us accurately troubleshoot the problem. If you're not sending this message from the computer with the problem, please indicate which browser and Operating System you are using. If you need assistance in determining this information, click the Help me with this link."

    2008-12-30 17:25:13 (dslruss See Profile)

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last modified: 2005-10-23 12:47:31


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Bell offers a firewall service for a monthly fee. For this reason, the Bell-customized firmware on their modems (including the 6300) does not allow the customer to enable the firewall.

If you are uncomfortable with this policy, you are advised to purchase a wireless router of your own which you will be free to configure how you wish.

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