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3.3 VDSL (ExpressVu for Condos)

VDSL: Very high bit-rate DSL - This is the fastest of xDSL technologies (45mbps) but only works only over a very short distance (approximately 4000 feet or 1200m). Bell is using this technology to allow customers in multiple-dwelling units (MDU's) to get ExpressVu television in places where it is not feasible, desireable, or allowed to install a satellite dish.

Internet speeds are not offered any faster than standard residential ADSL offerings. The majority of the bandwidth is used to deliver television signals. Here is an example of the equipment used: »broadband.motorola.com/catalog/p ··· ctID=365

You will find this service in a select few high-rise or high-density residential developments in major cities, usually condominiums.

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  • Does anyone now how to install Hotspot Shield, when I am already on vpn with max 16. I keep getting an error message, then the internet connection from sympatico gets disconnected. As a result, I am not able to utilize Hotspot shield. I have to uninstall, inorder to get the sympatico connection reconected. Do I have to configure Home Network Summary at bell website? Please help, thanks!

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Click here to use the availability checker on Bell's website.

Alternatively, contact your building manager or condo board.

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VDSL is being trialed to about 20 or 25 single residential homes in Toronto as of January 2005. Bell installed FOTC (Fibre Optic to the Curb) for this trial.

The plan would be to install FOTN (Fibre Optic to the Node), in the future to launch VDSL in the future to more customers. There has been no public announcement as to when or where this service would be deployed in more areas.

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With ExpressVu for Condos, you are given a special set-top-box (STB) that plugs into your existing telephone line. This single set top box is capable of delivering signals to up to three different television sets in your dwelling unit. It does this by using three different analogue channels (3, 8, 13) to deliver programming to each TV through one set of coax wiring. Tune each of your TV's to one of those channels.

In fact, you probably will be able to use the existing cable TV in your suite to do this, since if it is not connected to Rogers' network, there will not be any signal conflict.

Three UHF remotes allow you to change the channel on each respective TV. UHF remotes do not need line of sight to operate; they will work through walls. So the STB can be placed anywhere, not necessiarily near a TV.

Internet is also provided through the STB via an ethernet port. You may connect a computer directly to the ethernet port, or use a router supplied by Sympatico, or you may use a router of your own.

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At the moment, no. However Bell is currently testing different options. See this post for details.

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