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1.4 Error Messages

If you have downloaded the program from the Intel site, and receive this error when trying to install, the problem may be a corrupted file.

Go to THIS LINK and download the file again.

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last modified: 2003-09-01 07:16:40

If you are trying to install the UD Agent, and receive this error:

Go to the Microsoft site and download the appropriate update.

Windows XP, 2K: »www.microsoft.com/downloads/deta···ylang=en
Win9x: »www.microsoft.com/downloads/deta···yLang=en

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I just downloaded the Agent and when I try to install it, I get an error that says the current version of the Windows Installer services on my system is unable to install the program and that I need to install a service pack to get a newer version. I went to Windows Update but did not see any service packs listed for this.

Solution - Go to this Microsoft page:
Windows XP, 2K: »www.microsoft.com/downloads/deta···ylang=en
Win9x: »www.microsoft.com/downloads/deta···yLang=en

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Why do I get an error:" Virus Detected", followed by "C:\program files\united devices\UDTAPI.DLL could be infected with an unknown virus"?

There is no virus. Virus protection programs recognize new viruses by looking for certain behaviors that they (viruses) typically display. Unfortunately, some valid programs like the UD Agent can exhibit these same behaviors. For this reason, most virus protection programs give you the ability to exclude certain files or programs from being scanned.

Before excluding the UD Agent and its files, we recommend that you test to see if there really is a virus. Close down the UD Agent and run a full scan, using the latest updates to your virus protection program. You should not detect a virus. Restart the UD Agent. With the UD Agent running, it will probably detect a virus. Note that it will be only against that specific file, and (if your virus scanner has the ability to name the offending application) it will list the UD Agent or one of its files as the suspect program. Simply exclude the UD Agent and that file from being scanned.

On some virus scanning programs, the above check may still return the false positive result. You can also submit the file in question to vendor of your virus scanning software to verify the existence of a virus. They will be able to deny its existence and modify their software to be more UD Agent friendly.

United Devices is working with virus detection vendors to prevent these false positives from happening.

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