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1.5 Misc.

Occasionally, the question of where you should display your Team Discovery Counter comes up. All of the Distributed Computing teams at DSLR have agreed that the individual team counters are for display only within that team's forum.

It is in poor taste to waltz into another DC team forum and display your TD counter.

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This involves the modification or addition of the OEMINFO.ini file to the C:\windows\system32 folder. A typical OEMINFO.ini file looks like the following:

    [Support Information]

Where it says Model= is what the UD Agent will display. If there is no OEMINFO.ini file or Model= is left blank, it will display the standard "My Device."

If your OEMINFO.ini file is customized, it will display the Model= information.

The OEMINFO.ini file is also displayed in the properties of My Computer and generally contains information about your model and make of computer as well as information about contacting support. The OEMLOGO.bmp file is often paired with the OEMINFO.ini file and is displayed with that information. An example of the two files together are shown below as displayed in the My Computer Properties.

For the changes to take effect in the UD Agent, you must exit and then restart the client.

When customizing the OEMINFO.ini file, be sure to not have spaces between the equal signs and the following text. Space between words normally. The OEMLOGO.bmp file must be no larger than 180 pixels wide by 114 pixels high.

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It is best to use the DNS names - server.ud.com and download.ud.com

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The UD server updates your stats approximately every 24 hours. Even though your computer finishes a WU and uploads the results, you may not see them reflected in your stats until the next update.

When you go to the UD members page, you will see the elapsed time since the stats were last updated.

In addition, the team stats are posted every night in an excellent effort by one of our members, dersgniw here: »disco.mine.nu/.

This key, from the stats page, explains what the symbols you will see relate to:

The key to the various milestones can be found by clicking on the link at the top of the stats page: TSC Key, UD Key.

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UTC (Universal Time Coordinated)

UTC, Universal Time Coordinated, is the world-wide scientific standard of timekeeping. It is based upon carefully maintained atomic clocks and is kept accurate to within microseconds worldwide. The addition or subtraction of leap seconds, as necessary, at two opportunities every year adjusts UTC for irregularities in Earth's rotation. Being the most precise worldwide time system, it is used by astronomers, navigators, the Deep Space Network (DSN), and other scientific disciplines. Its reference point is Greenwich, England: when it is midnight there on Earth's prime meridian, it is midnight (00:00:00.000000) -- UTC.

Local time is UTC adjusted for location around the Earth in time zones. Its reference point is one's immediate locality: when it is 12:00:00 noon Pacific Time in California, USA, it is 20:00:00 UTC, and 14:00:00 (2:00 PM) Central Time in Austin, Texas, USA. Many locations adjust for standard time or daylight-savings time.

For example, a comparison/conversion of your current local time (as reported by your system) to UTC:
Local: Sun Nov 27 22:58:25 EST 2005
UTC: Mon, 28 Nov 2005 03:58:25 UTC
Your local system time is 5 hours behind UTC.

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UD uses ports 80 and 443 for communications

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A: Dersgniw See Profile types several letters together to form words, sometimes sentences to communicate thoughts, milestones, jokes and other various comments.

Occasionally, there are numbers involved and smilies as well.

Once these letters have been properly arranged, the mouse is then used to move the pointer over to the "Post Now!" button and it is then left clicked.

After clicking, a post will appear.

DO NOT BE ALARMED. This is supposed to happen.

Sometimes other members answer or reply to Dersgniw See Profile's posts using the same method.

So the mystery of WHY is now solved. Along with the HOW.

As submitted by LurLyn831

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