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2.2 System Requirements and Optimization

UD recommends the following minimum specs:

Intel Pentium processor or equivalent
At least 48 MB RAM
500 MB Hard Disk Drive with at least 20 MB available for use
The ability to display 8-bit graphics at 800x600 resolution
An Internet connection

Supported operating systems:
Win 98, Win ME, Win 2000, NT 4.0 (w/SP 6a) and WinXP.

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Method One
Method Two

Method One
Download UD Monitor and when you see the icon in your tray go to blue (depending on the time you have it set, but by default) then you can safely close it without loosing too much crunch time.
There is a complete description of UDMonitor later in this FAQ.

Method Two
Checking the time stamp of the TKST.UD file located in the C:\Program Files\United Devices folder is a good indicator of when the agent last saved its results.
This file is updated every time the current work unit (WU) finishes a molecule. Looking at the work unit screen (by clicking on the "I" button) you will see a current molecule: indicator in the upper left corner. The last two numbers of this display indicate progress. When this number reaches 100 and starts over from 1, a molecule has completed, and the TKST.UD file will be updated. With some WUs, this happens several times within each percentage point on the progress bar.

If you're waiting to halt the WU to restart your computer or for some other reason, you can do so at this point.
To do this, first minimize the UD screen by clicking the down arrow, lower right corner. Then right-click on the blue UD pill icon in your system tray. In the pop-up menu, click "exit". This stops the program, and at this point you can reboot your machine or perform other tasks such as defrag. When you reboot or restart the Agent, the blue UD pill icon will appear in your system tray again, and the WU will have restarted. If you have not rebooted, simply go to the START button, PROGRAMS, STARTUP folder, and click on UD AGENT. The program will restart at the percentage point that was saved, and you will not have lost your work.

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Yes, it will. The nice images created by a screen saver will use up some of the CPU cycles. If you do not run a screen saver then the UD agent will maximize the available CPU time while you are away from the computer. A UD screen saver is installed with the client and can be easily turned off if desired.
As mentioned by Ian and others: Remove UD as your screen saver and make sure that "Run only as screensaver" is unchecked in the preferences. Take a look at the FAQ at the top of the forum for help in setting things up to maximise crunchtimes etc.

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The client opens ports 80 and 443 outbound when it uploads and downloads work units. Port 443 is to the work unit servers (using HTTPS) and 80 is to your member homepage to update your stats. These ports are only open for a brief amount of time during the upload/download phase.

If you are concerned with security Zone Alarm offers a nice, free fire wall. The client works fine behind firewalls and routers. Just give access to the Program Files/United Devices/(specifically; cs.ud, ud_######.exe and ud.exe) and the Windows/System/ (specifically; UDwin_1701_2428.dll) directories for the client to work properly behind a firewall. Visit the Security forum for more details on security.

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My CPU is only running at 50% and it is the Hyperthreading causing it. If I disable HT it jumps to 100% usage. How can I use 100% of my CPU under hyperthreading?

Even though what you're seeing is 50%, your CPU is really using 100%. This has been confirmed multiple times through testing.

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Before running UD, your CPU could be working anywhere from 1% to 100% at any given moment, with frequent changes.

If you graphed it, it would be very "spikey". Anything less than 100% means CPU "cycles" are going to waste. Your CPU is "twiddling its thumbs" and not being used to its full capability.

The UD Agent uses that otherwise wasted time (known as "idle cycles") to perform its calculations. In other words, it uses up all of the CPU cycles after every other program that is running has used up all they can. It's last in line, but doesn't let anything go to waste, so your CPU utilization will always be at 100%.

Thanks to RClarkofNC for this post.

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If you use a firewall, you need to allow the UD agent to access ports 80 for downloading and uploading work units, and port 443 when registering for the first time or logging in an existing user on another machine.

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This feature allows you to pause the UD agent. You can change the amount of time by going to the check-mark tab on the lower right of the client and putting the desired time in the Snooze sleeps for ___ minutes. The default time is 5 minutes and the maximum time it will snooze is 120 minutes. This feature can be handy while burning a CDR or running a disk defrag utility.

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