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1.2 Joining Team Discovery

First register

Then follow the instructions here to download and install the client

It's IMPORTANT that you do this - choose our team...BroadbandReports.com Team Discovery:

Simply go to: Join Team Discovery and click the picture that looks like this

Click for full size

If you are logged on, you will now be a member of Team Discovery. If you haven't logged on, you will have to log on and then you will be a member.

Encourage your friends and colleagues to help us!

If they already participate in the World Community Grid, then copy and paste the web address below and send it to them in an email. All they need to do to join your team is click on the web address and then click on the join now button on the page that appears.

If they have not yet joined World Community Grid, then let them know that they will first need to download the agent and register with the World Community Grid by going to »www.worldcommunitygrid.org.

Once they have completed the download and registration process, they can click on the web address below and join the team.


If you choose the BOINC client, simply "attach" to the project & choose BroadbandReports.com Team Discovery

Welcome! This is a very friendly group, so if you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the forum.
You'll get lots of help!

by lilhurricane See Profile
last modified: 2009-04-02 00:22:46

Once you have downloaded the WCG BOINC program (see how to do in this FAQ), and have it installed and registered on the WCG site, you can go to the Members page by clicking in the upper left corner of any DSLR page.

Or use this link: »/flair

In the drop-down menu, select Extra. This will give you a new page, where you will see a box with a scroll bar.

Scroll down to the last items, and select them one at a time. Fill in the Team Discovery Details and Why did I join?. Click OK, I'm done.

Within a day or two, your Team Discovery icon will appear.

by lilhurricane See Profile
last modified: 2008-07-20 22:01:06