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1.3 General Info

Team Discovery runs one project.
We are one team..with one dream..

To eradicate cancer & childhood diseases..in our lifetimes

This FAQ is about WCG, a cancer-fighting project.

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From time to time this issue comes up in discussion, and it should be made clear for everyone here in the FAQ:

Recruiting for other projects should never be seen outside or inside of the Team Discovery forum. It is in very poor taste to even give the appearance of recruiting in other forums, team's forums or websites and will not be condoned for any TD or DC member of Broadbandreports.

Members who have posting tags or sigs should also be cautious about the way they may be perceived outside of the forum. If in doubt, please use your common sense and alter your tags and sigs to avoid offending those from other teams. This will go a long way toward preserving the sense of community among the many DC teams and forum families.

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We host a page here...for our teammates that have gone on.
The DC teams here at BBR will always remember them

Their legacy lives on

This is why we crunch.

On June 17, 2002 The BroadBandReports Distributed Computing Honor Guard was formed. Its one and only mission, to move its computing power to whichever team in our community had suffered an untimely loss of a fellow teammate. A Honor Guard in Memoriam account exists on each of the teams in our community. In the first few weeks of its existence the Honor Guard visited en mass each BBR Distributed Computing team and initiated additions to the respective team accounts.

Membership in the Honor Guard is open to one and all. The members need do nothing but answer the call when it is placed to honor in memory a fallen teammate. This page is to memorialize the names of those who have left us here at BroadBandReports and gone on to higher computing.

They are missed. They are loved. They will never be forgotten.

The loss of a teammate is like that of a limb. Time may heal the anguish of the wound, but the loss cannot be repaired.

We are all one team under the BBR DC Tree...

When one of our "family" members has departed...we all feel the loss.

The Honor Guard is a wonderful way to honor & pay tribute to those who although gone, are not forgotten.


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Team Discovery can be found at »www.worldcommunitygrid.org/forum···ad=13443

Some notes:

Please remember our collective goal.

You have joined in order to donate the idle cycle time from your computer to accelerate the cancer research projects running on World Community Grid and in that way, help to improve human conditions We encourage your participation on the forums and provide information on team development and progress to make it easier for individuals to participate, to recruit new members and generally increase the amount of computer run time available for the humanitarian research projects we run. This web site is not a place to promote any other cause or issue.

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