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2.2 Running The Program

The amount of time allowed to complete a work unit will vary depending on the project and is changed somewhat regularly.

You can always see how much time you have to turn in a WU by opening the BOINC manager, going into the "Advanced" view and selecting the "tasks" tab. View the "Report Deadline" column.

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Save a WU in progress so you can reinstall the OS.

1. Shut down BOINC

1. Copy the complete BOINC folder from C:\Program Files\BOINC (assuming that you have WCG/BOINC installed in this location) to a thumb drive. (Be sure to copy other important data files on your computer.)

2. Reinstall the OS.

3. Copy the BOINC folder back to C:\Program Files

4. Install the BOINC program. Make sure the BOINC version is the same one that you had on the computer before you "nuked" it.

Note (from this thread): »[WCG-BOINC] Save WU in progress; reinstall OS; put WU "back"??

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