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5.0 Misc

Want to help spread the TD word?

Good ways to start

Post to our recruitment thread:

World Community Grid Team Discovery Recruitment Thread

It's a great way to show those outside of BBR why Team Discovery here is an awesome family to be part of!

•Do we have Team Discovery in our "sigs" here onsite?
•Do we tell folks about what we do?
•Did you Digg Us?
•Did we find us on a search engine?
•Did we see the store on CafePress?
•Did we join/contribute to TDPH & have a voice regarding our teams Hope Machine?
•Do you link back to us from your blog or other websites?
•Did the "spinner" appeal to us?
•Did we find us from a DC forum like Grid?
•Have we fed the monkey lately? ;)

Knowing where our potential new user base is coming from helps us target our goals more on seeking new recruits

Of course we can't posture outside of this forum @ BBR, but we can link in our sigs, etc.

To link Project Hope in your sigs, go here:

And cut & paste (in the Posting .sig area):

 <b><A HREF="http://www.tdprojecthope.com/"> ~ Project Hope ~ </b>

or for Team Discovery:

<b><A HREF="/forum/disco">Team Discovery</A></b>

Linking back to us is a good thing..

Even in other forums outside of BBR you may frequent

More examples: »Re: Signatures & the like
»Re: Signatures & the like

*also a good reminder for those that may already have signatures (or bookmarks) that go to the old URL


»Site FAQ »Broadbandreports.com vs dslreports.com

Promote Your Team

Encourage your friends and colleagues to help your team!
If they already participate in the World Community Grid, then copy and paste the web address below and send it to them in an email. All they need to do to join your team is click on the web address and then click on the join now button on the page that appears.

If they have not yet joined World Community Grid, then copy and paste the web address below and send it to them in an email. When they register, the team will be automatically selected for them. Let them know that they will still need to download and install the World Community Grid software.

Now click your heels together 3x and repeat:

There's no place like Team Discovery
There's no place like Team Discovery
There's no place like Team Discovery

Click for full size

Signatures work, people..get one today!!

by lilhurricane See Profile
last modified: 2011-04-04 22:51:05

Find out the whole story here :)

»Re: [OT] How Good Are You ??

Grobinette is 20% Good

Well, you're not necessarily evil - but you're pretty darn bad.
Morals are something you don't concern yourself with. You're amoral... not immoral.
So what motivates you instead of ethics? Greed, lust, laziness, anger. The usual bad stuff.
Bottom line, you're not trying to be a good person. In fact, it probably never crosses your mind.

You are also probably: Not too terribly concerned about what anyone thinks of you

Right now you are on track to being: An evil dictator

To be a better person: Start small. Pet a puppy.

by lilhurricane See Profile
last modified: 2010-09-29 08:13:05

A: Dersgniw See Profile types several letters together to form words, sometimes sentences to communicate thoughts, milestones, jokes and other various comments.

(He also was Number One ...once)
Occasionally, there are numbers involved and smilies as well.

Once these letters have been properly arranged, the mouse is then used to move the pointer over to the "Post Now!" button and it is then left clicked.

After clicking, a post will appear.

DO NOT BE ALARMED. This is supposed to happen.

Sometimes other members answer or reply to Dersgniw See Profile's posts using the same method.

So the mystery of WHY is now solved. Along with the HOW.

As submitted by Akasha

by lilhurricane See Profile
last modified: 2011-11-09 16:27:02

What does this mean?

Large Son of a Job

Take a look here to find your answer.

by lilhurricane See Profile
last modified: 2008-12-20 13:39:03

Forever stashed :

»Re: Vista blocks boinc start-up

by lilhurricane See Profile

Team Discovery's night at the movies.
by: dersgniw

by lilhurricane See Profile