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6.0 BOINC Operation

If you are running Boinc on multiple computers you can use Boincview to control and monitor them.

downloadboincview.zip 855,042 bytes
BoincView / 2006
downloadboincview142.zip 958,150 bytes
BoincView / 2007
downloadboincview_beta.zip 1,202,398 bytes
BoincView / Beta

The 2 main things to set up are allowing remote control on each computer and telling boincview the password for each host.

Remote control is controlled by remote_hosts.cfg you will need to create this file in the Boinc directory and put in the ip address of the computer that will be running boincview.

The file on each computer that has the password is also located in the boinc directory and is called gui_rpc_auth.cfg. You can change the password in this file by first exiting boinc and opening it with a basic text editor, save the file and restart boinc.

Disclaimer: This is not a FAQ on how to find Asian Girls for Marriage

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Go to My Grid and select Device profiles and choose custom profile. Scroll down to "Connect to network about every" and change the number. Boinc will calculate how many work units to cache from this setting. If you set it to 10 days, remember Boinc will send in the completed results but will not report them. This will appear that you have not completed them on your My Grid/Results status page. The next time Boinc updats (manual or automatically) they will be reported.

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Most computer users are used to just shutting down their computers and presuming that everything will work fine when they restart. To avoid corrupting the BOINC file in process, Windows should never be shut down with BOINC still running. Proper procedure is to exit BOINC either by going to File --> Exit if the program is open or simply by right clicking on the BOINC icon in the taskbar and selecting Exit. Then wait a minimum of 45 seconds until the program goes through the proper shutdown which includes saving the information to the hard drive. Windows can then be shut down and restarted with a BOINC program ready to run.

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You may set the BOINC client to use differing amount of CPU times. Most use 100%, but some may wish to change this, or it may not be set to 100% when you first install.

On an individual client basis select simple view, click on preferences, click on the "I want to customize ...." check box, choose preferences and select your percentage:

Click for full size

To do this on a device profile basis, go to your device profiles page and select the BOINC profile you want to change.

Click for full size

In the profile, make sure to select "Custom Profile:", then in the "Basic Options" box, select the percentage you want.

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~As shown by Ascent in this thread~

First log in and go to »secure.worldcommunitygrid.org/re ··· Again.do and download the latest World Community Grid version.
(this client allows for a "run as service" installation)

After downloading run the installation program,

Click for full size

accept the EULA,

Click for full size

you can use the default directory or choose another,

Click for full size

next choose service install

Click for full size

Tell BOINC how to log in. BOINC will need a user name and password, it can be an existing user or you can create a new one.

Also uncheck "Make BOINC your default screensaver" and
"Launch BOINC when logging in"

Click for full size

Now complete the installation.

Click for full size

BOINC is now installed as a service and will run while any user is logged in.

You can start boincmgr.exe or use BoincView to control BOINC

*Added 1-12-08

*If you are using Vista for your OS and you receive this error:
1607: Unable to install installshield scripting runtime
Go to the folder where the install executable was downloaded.
Right click on the file, select "Run as administrator", and as long as your account has administrator rights, the program should install successfully.

Submitted by KeysCapt See Profile

*note: you don't need to install as service as it works fine as single user too

by lilhurricane See Profile
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This message is new in BOINC 5.8. It means that there isn't enough free RAM to run the task, according to your preferences.

But the default is only to use 50% of RAM while your computer is in use. This is a significant change from earlier versions, and many WCG users will find that they no longer have enough memory. But don't worry: you can change it back.

To fix it, go to your device profile.
Select "Custom Profile".

Check that "Use no more than: X% of total memory" is set to 100%.

Save the profile, even if it was already at 100%.

Update BOINC using the Update button in BOINC Manager. Make sure you are not using local preferences.

Doing this adds the new preference to your settings, and will override the BOINC default. If you have additional device profiles, you will have to repeat these action for each profile.

Thanks to Didactylos for this addition to our TD FAQ

by lilhurricane See Profile

Users with BOINC v5.10.8 on a Linux (64-bit) computer may find that their work units are rejected with the following information - -

process exited with code 22 (0x16, -234)

execv: No such file or directory

While the BOINC will run in a 64 bit environment, 64-bit Linux needs to store files in a 32-bit directory for the report exchange to work correctly.

Set the following condition for the directory where your BOINC client is running and saving files - -

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

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The Ready to Report (RtR) is part of a 2 step reporting stream to ensure that a completed Task's files are properly transmitted, cross-verified as being totally correct received by the servers and confirmed. The RtR is that 2nd part which will show in the Tasks Tab of the BOINC manager GUI, once the data files of the Task (aka Result) have been received by the servers in proper order.

Upon transmission of the RtR to the Scheduler (a different part of the server system processes), a brief 'Acknowledgement' will be seen in the Tasks tab Status column, after which the Task entry in the client is cleared and all traces in the local tracking files, except for the Message Logs is removed.

For purposes of efficiency, the Ready To Report is send on the next 'Scheduled' contact with the servers and are per the below table.
New work is needed. Completed work will be reported at the same time.
Sample message log entries:

15/12/2007 10:29:23|WCG|Sending scheduler request: To fetch work. Requesting 39440 seconds of work, reporting 6 completed tasks15/12/2007 10:29:28|WCG|Scheduler request succeeded: got 4 new tasks
The Deadline is less than 24 hours away.

The Result is less than the Work Buffer setting from it's Deadline (New for v5.4.xx)

The Result has been in the Ready to Report status for 24 hours. (New for v5.10.14)

The Result has been in the Ready to Report status longer than the Work Buffer setting. (Removed in v5.10.14 and later)

If "net_status.have_sporadic_connection" will report immediately. (possibly for dialup-users only!)

If a 'trickle' is uploaded to the server (not applicable to WCG and only for projects with partial job progress reporting)

Sample Message Log Entries:

15/12/2007 10:09:37|CPDN|Sending scheduler request: To send trickle-up message. Requesting 0 seconds of work, reporting 0 completed tasks
The speed of reporting is impacted e.g. by the Connection Time set in the Device profile and other client scheduling activities. When a Connect Time of 2 days is set in order to be able to buffer more work, there is no rush to update the server side scheduler, thus the RtR clearing would be postponed up to when the 'Connect Time' of 2 days has passed. When a permanent internet connection does exist though and is open, the client will try to push out the Task Result Files, so at least a backup exists on the server side, still there being no need to update the server scheduler. The client did set that Connect Time after all.

There is of course the Projects Tab 'Update' button that opens / tries opening a connection for 5 minutes with the server to push out any results and force the RtR's. This usually results in the desired action. Better is to opt for the WCG recommended short connect time defaulting to 0.3 days (7.2 hours) and use the 5.10.x release local 'Additional Buffer' days local preferences option set obtain extra work in the Tasks queue. This will clear the RtR's more frequently without unnecessary extra Scheduling Daemon contacting.

When RtR's are not cleared or new work is not fetched, it is possible that the client got confused. Frequent changing of profile settings & local preferences and repeated panic states (see discussions on Earliest Deadline First / High Priority processing) can cause such conditions to develop. BOINC needs 1 or 2 weeks to find it's balance and understand *particularly* if multiple projects are attached to the client. Best is to decide on what's wanted, make the changes and leave it be. Resist the urge to micromanage

*This info credited to Sekerob, Community Advisor @ WCG Forums

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Please see this thread for optimizing your Mac with BOINC

Some info from glennaxl See Profile is to check:
->System Prefs
->Energy Saver
->Processor Performance

Making sure it's set to "Highest".

A post by ajeb See Profile here explains what to look for

»Re: [WCG] 8 Core Xeon not crunching at full capacity

said by ajeb:

Check your energy saving panel.
WCG runs at a very low priority.
Just running BOINC in not enough to keep the computer from going to sleep, so make sure the computer is in "never" going to sleep and uncheck "Put hard drives to sleep



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In consideration of several new members joining WCG, I thought this might be a helpful mention

Someone recently asked me why the daily points fluctuated so much on WCG. I responded by by talking about the unusual approval process and saying that it would settle down some with time.

Then I began to notice some enormously abnormal swings in my own points. I had 61,000 vs 37,000 points (Wed/Thurs) ??

I started checking, and then I remembered why.

See, this FAQ contribution originated in this thread: »A possible tip for new members

During the build, delta temp, cooler fiasco with my newest pc, I also got a trojan horse agent2 virus on another quad. During the problems, I had set both Quad machines to the default device profile. No wonder I was having these swings.

TIP#1: Sometimes WCG/Boinc has server problems and goes down. This will cause you to lose work. Some of us cache additional work to overcome this problem. I personally cache 2.0 extra days.

TIP#2: This allows cached units to age. Due to this aging the ratio of turn-in to approval time is somewhat less. This gains the added benefit of less fluctuation in daily points.

Summary: Ya' might wanna' set your cache (device profiles) higher.

This can be accomplished by going to:

•Advanced View
•Network Usage
•Additional Work Buffer (max is 10 days)*

*Be mindful of report deadlines

Click to enlarge Screenshot

Click for full size

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For some info provided by our members see this thread

»[BOINC] Windows 7 & Bonic

by lilhurricane See Profile

Great threads here:

»Linux and BOINC
»Need Help with BOINC and Ubuntu

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»www.worldcommunitygrid.org/help/ ··· =android

Are there any specific system requirements for running World Community Grid on Android?

Overall, World Community Grid only requires that the phone (this is working on tablets too!!) be running Android 2.3.3 or higher, but each research project has its own requirements for storage and memory usage. More details are available here.

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