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2 General

NO - All ISPs dealing directly with Bell Nexxia/Carrier Services have their own network infrastructure (ie: transit, routers, etc...)

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YES - All ISPs using Bell DSLAMs must go through Bell's copper and authentication cloud in order to provide DSL. You can get a circuit to be "patched-over" but it still has to authenticate through bell for DSL.

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last modified: 2007-03-25 11:16:52

YES - All ISPs must pay for dry copper services. The pricing is based on band rates A to G and is mandated by the CRTC.

Here's how Band Rates are determined:

Band A:
- Company's downtown core serving areas:
* Toronto (Adelaide, Asquith, Simcoe, Eglington)
* Montreal (Belmont, Ontario, Atwater, St-Dominique)
* Ottawa (O'Connor)

Band B:
- Generally exchanges with >250,000 NAS

Band C:
- Generally exchanges with 10,000 to 250,000 NAS

Band D:
- Generally exchanges with 8,000 to 10,000 NAS
* and exchanges with 1,500 to 8,000 NAS but average loop length is less than 4KMs

Band E:
- band with 4KMs

Band G:
- remote band (no year round road access/or remote of a company's serving territory).

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NO - Bell is only obligated to a Service Level Objective (SLO) to the ISPs (not an SLA)

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NO - TekSavvy can not control the connections speeds (ie: if bell gives TSI a 5Meg Service, TSI pays a 5Meg rate regardless of the profiled speed (so even if you get a 1Meg speed TekSavvy pays 5Meg price to Bell).

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NO - ISPs can not control the connections speeds at lesser costs (ie: if bell gives TSI 5Meg, TSI can't shape to 1Meg and charge 1/3 less... TSI pays 5Meg rate regardless to Bell. If an TSI requests a profile change to lower the speed in order to stabilize a connection, the original rates per original speed apply.

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last modified: 2007-03-25 11:30:54

YES - Sympatico/Bell can solicit 3rd party ISP clients after a 90 day waiting period (Bell has an internal policy of communicating with all the households in Ontario and Quebec 4 times per year! - Might even be Canada wide).

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DOUBT IT Bell gets the lions share of a DSL account! Currently an ISP can expect to pay Bell on average between $21 and $24 per account per month for 5Meg service. This excludes bandwidth, hardware, network, HR, software, etc., So, accounts are required to make ends meet on approximately $30/month. Unless Bell drops the rates this will likely be as low as it gets.

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