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9 Bandwidth Usage Checkers


Here's a small script made in mIRC that will download your usage stats and insert them into mIRC's title bar.

- Download the TSIBWC.ini file and put it into your main mIRC directory.

- Open mIRC and type "/load -rs TSIBWC.ini"

- You should now see a dialog box that asks if you want to run the initialization commands, click Yes.

- Enter your TekSavvy login into the next box that appears (xxx@teksavvy.com/@dslinternet.ca/@pppoe.ca)

- Another box will appear asking if you're from the west or east. Click Yes if you're in the west, no if you're in the east.

The script will now obtain your bandwidth usage and insert it into mIRC's title bar. You should see "[D: X] [U: X] [H: X] [T: X] [E: X]" in the title bar (top left). The letters represent Download, Upload, Hours online, Total usage, and Estimated usage for the month. The X's are whatever your current stats would be.

The script is set to update every hour. However, since TekSavvy's usage page only updates every 6 hours, the only part of this script that updates hourly would be the estimated usage, while the other parts will only update every 6 hours.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • This does not work since they changed the website and the script hasn't been updated.

    2011-02-21 11:22:24 (kyrio See Profile)

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You can use this widget to check your Teksavvy current bandwidth usage. Download the attached file and expand the zip file. Double click teksavvy_new.widget to install the widget in the Dashboard. When installed, click the little i icon in the bottom right corner of the widget and fill in your teksavvy login. Click done and you will now have your current stats at the click of the button.

downloadteksavvy_new0301.zip 148,043 bytes

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Updated version posted here »CapSavvy v4.0 released

This small program will automatically fetch your TekSavvy bandwidth usage information, and show your current usage in a small icon in the system tray (next to the clock).

This application requires Microsoft`s .NET 3.5 framework. Users of Windows 7 are not required to install the framework, as Windows 7 has .NET 3.5 built-in.

Simply download the attached ZIP file, extract the EXE inside of it, and run it. You should see a small icon in your system tray that says "TEK CAP" or "ERR ERR". Double-click it and enter your TekSavvy username (example@teksavvy.com, example@pppoe.ca, example@dslinternet.ca, etc.)

The program will automatically update and display your current usage. By default, the top number in the icon is your current usage for the month, and the bottom number is your estimated usage for the month.

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Please see this thread for a description and the app
»TekCap v1.2.0

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