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Ramdisk Mover can be downloaded using this link http://www.persistentrealities.com/getfile.php?file=ramdisk.zip

This program posted courtesy of AsyncTea See Profile.

Here are the contents of the readme.txt file from ramdisk.zip:

Some notes regarding Ramdisk Mover

-Configuration will be saved in a simple text file, in the folder where the exe is located
-After a configuration file is found, the program will start automatically...
-Exit by right clicking on the trayicon, or by pressing 'Exit' on the window

You can also use it for other things actually... but I made this program for my RAM Disk. This special driver can be downloaded from »www.arsoft-online.de/products/pr···php?id=1 . Make sure you read the instructions carefully...

My own experience with this driver (under Win2k):
-Under geometry set the "Bytes per sector to '512', sectors/track '32', track/cylinder '2'. Also disable "Manual override" under the 'File System' tab.

Without setting this before I reboot, I get a blue screen at startup. Restart with (F8) "boot with previous known good configuration" (or something similar), and you'll get back in windows. You haev to install the driver again, since you cannot access the control panel anymore then :)

-Almar 'AsyncTea'

Note, use this program at your own risk. Nobody can be held responsible for any damages or loss of data, or any other failure using this program.

Thanks Starfish See Profile for helping me keep this correct and up to date when I'm unable to contact AsyncTea See Profile.

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last modified: 2004-09-26 21:31:02