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Flash Speed Test

Please verify that you have flash browser plugin version 8 or above: Verify flash plugin.

In modern times this generally is not a problem of an out of date player.

You can reset your browser's cache and make sure (for Google Chrome users Flash is automatically silently updated) that Flash is up to date.

Download latest version of Flash here:

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I can't run either the flash or java speed test with Firefox or IE. In all cases, Windows blocks the app because it says it can't verify the publisher "/v2". I'm not using an add-on firewall.

    2014-11-26 20:56:07 (clamage45 See Profile)

  • Verification shows version 11.9.900.1 successfully installed yet nothing shows for the testing purposes. Screen is mainly blank. Using my Chrome version 30.0. What could be the deal with this?

    2013-11-11 12:15:04 (etno325 See Profile)

  • My version of Flash is 11.6.602.180 and when I click on a link to a server like Net@ccess (Parsippany) or LinkLine (LA), the right side of the screen becomes a featureless gray slate.

    2013-05-03 14:11:40

  • Trying to fix friend's computer... Just reinstalled flash (it wasn't working before), but does not show in verify page. Add-ons show it is installed, but Active-X add-on is not loaded. Both flash add-ons are enabled.

    2013-03-25 02:33:38

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Please verify that you have flash browser plugin version 8 or above. You probably have version 7 or below. The link to verify this is right above the flash test!

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • hi my torrent download is to much slow

    2014-03-25 11:49:37

  • 2013-11-24 17:33:31

  • TheMega Path test requires a recent version of Java on your browser. And additionally, you have to get the test through a link to them.

    2013-02-12 14:53:20 (jaykaykay See Profile)

  • just bought new MacBook Pro, had to download Flash from Adobe to try to run Flash speed tests. So far, can't complete the test and get error message saying someone about script interfering with flash. Java speed test seems to run fine but you also have to download java engine for the new Macs - it is NOT included with factory delivered OS, in this case OSX 10.7+

    2012-08-01 20:22:33 (ttisch See Profile)

  • I''m having issues in testing for speed with Firefox, but with Google Chrome. The only browser that I have that does seem to work, does''t freeze and no causation popups, is Safari, and even then I'm not getting the speed that I should be getting. I'm in Riverside, CA and have U-Verse. Anyone else seem to have these issues??

    2012-07-18 13:19:26

  • Maybe MegaPath should be removed as they have not worked for over a year.

    2012-01-24 15:46:10 (dekramer See Profile)

  • Actually, I have Adobe Flash 10 and only see the bars. The test verifies this.

    2010-09-02 12:10:53

  • the flash speedtest to megapath in san francisco hasn't worked in months. perhaps they don't support this any more & need to be removed from the list. it works to other providers. the java speedtest to megapath also fails. it also works to other providers.

    2010-05-19 16:33:52 (bloodnok See Profile)

  • Why are the test results labelled "undefined"?

    2009-05-01 18:31:57

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last modified: 2007-05-02 10:31:06

First, ensure that ZONE ALARM and any other PC browser security products are not blocking the operation of the test. Disable them temporarily and if the test functions correctly then you have found the culprit.

Are you using FIREFOX with a PLUGIN enabled? We are noticing a small percentage of users, all running Firefox, are not able to fully utilize the test. We believe this is because they all have the same Firefox plugin enabled. If you find out WHAT plugin breaks the flash test, please let us know.

Note: We are receiving some reports that the FasterFox addon is inhibiting the flash test. If this is true for you, please contact a site moderator to add your report. Stay tuned.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I dont have network

    2013-06-15 00:25:12

  • my test is fine its my computer which is slow

    2013-05-19 11:39:21

  • my downloading speed is suddenly very slow

    2013-05-19 11:36:45

  • the download speed as well as upload speed are rather slow.And it shows that there is something wrong with my network configuration.

    2013-05-06 10:28:41

  • my speed and daonload speed is too low

    2013-03-07 04:52:34

  • DSL speed test 12345678900987654321

    2013-03-07 04:51:31

  • the download speed is slow

    2013-03-07 04:50:11

  • the download speed is slow

    2013-03-06 07:48:54

  • i want more speed

    2012-11-04 18:47:54

  • I got (mbps)4.98 and 4.08 on 2 different Download test choices then 0.62 and 0.605 for upload tests. But what does that mean. I have DLS, Power Mac G5 w/ Airport - haven't tested the MBPro yet but my daughter says it won't upload a simple little video (extremely slo the fails)which she's usually successful with. Sept 10 in Chico College town - maybe influx of students since school started up again - crowding the "BandsWidths"??? What speeds should I be seeing? JJ

    2012-09-11 00:56:18

  • thank you

    2012-06-29 04:11:42

  • the download speed is to slow

    2011-11-24 05:30:44

  • it is very low. Expecting speed is not available

    2011-08-09 03:40:21

  • i want more speed

    2011-07-23 11:21:13

  • very slw t dwnlad

    2011-05-15 05:28:36

  • no valid

    2011-04-07 14:41:39

  • i want more speed

    2011-04-02 09:04:01

  • my downloads is very slow each time.. i can't understand why? plse help!

    2011-02-19 13:26:12

  • my torrent download only 10 kb per second.what is the main problem.i have imp/s internet speed

    2011-01-24 07:57:04

  • It doesn't work in Firefox 3.6. I got a report about a script being hung.

    2010-10-10 21:18:46 (Morac See Profile)

  • At the moment, and for the past few days, the speed test to Speakeasy in NY seems to be broken: initial connection is never made and the test times out. The other tests seem to be perfectly normal.

    2010-09-25 21:15:52 (deesto See Profile)

  • No download speeds reported, no AV or firewall software running, Win XP Pro SP3 IE8, what gives?

    2010-09-25 13:38:36

  • This is not the case for me, I am not running ZA and with my AV client disabled it still does not record download speeds. You ought to fix this!

    2010-08-21 21:51:44

  • Running Snow Leopard with Safari's latest release. Absolutely never runs at all on any server.

    2010-08-20 01:41:38 (chrisegra See Profile)

  • Never records download speeds. No firewall, etc.. just does not record them, what gives with this?

    2010-08-10 23:20:57

  • its downloading but very slow

    2010-07-24 04:29:37

  • Attempting to run the Flash speed test on Ubuntu 9.10 with Flash plugin Attempts to test against Megapath in San Francisco it loads and shows the dial but no tests are run, not even latency. When I run against LinkLINE to Los Angeles it works. (Note: the Java test also fails against Megapath while it works against speakeasy in Palo Alto.)

    2010-06-18 15:10:44

  • runing very slow

    2010-05-02 11:05:56

  • I am using Firefox and am unable to run the Flash Speed Test. I have no idea about the Plugin that be preventing the speed test to run properly.

    2010-02-07 21:56:22

  • still no connections!!!

    2010-01-29 19:27:03

  • poor connection

    2010-01-28 23:02:14

  • there's no incoming connection!!!

    2010-01-28 19:34:47

  • no connection at all!!!

    2010-01-27 20:14:09

  • the themes

    2010-01-23 07:19:31

  • (#14587)

    2010-01-14 21:38:43

  • It runs, but the result is too slow -- slower than the Java tests

    2010-01-10 23:31:46

  • slow connections!!

    2010-01-06 18:57:03

  • firewall limmitting my onnections

    2010-01-05 23:26:38

  • with flash 10.0 r32 plugin in firefox, the app loads, then hangs at "testing server latency". flash works as expected on other sites.

    2009-12-26 15:22:29 (bloodnok See Profile)

  • It runs, but does not record a download speed!

    2009-12-21 23:56:08

  • utorrent download speed for faster

    2009-12-16 04:56:37

  • runs, but the result is too slow -- slower than the Java test

    2009-12-09 12:28:11

  • sever list

    2009-11-30 04:39:56

  • server list

    2009-11-30 04:39:15

  • i want more speed

    2009-11-23 20:09:43

  • my speed is 100mpbs it take 4;5 day to download movie

    2009-11-17 14:47:01

  • am using google chrome not firefox. it is showing the upload but it is not showing the download. can you send the reason for that

    2009-10-15 23:56:49

  • It runs, but does not record a download speed! (#14587)

    2009-08-04 10:36:38

  • It runs, but does not record a download speed! (#14587)

    2009-08-04 10:34:14

  • downloads speeds is very slow

    2009-05-29 09:02:51

  • just above 1

    2009-05-15 08:05:40

  • v slow for bittorrent

    2009-04-19 09:17:49

  • i am downloading a movie but it didnt get the speed as it should have?

    2009-04-16 14:59:18

  • it came on but it showed no record of the speed

    2009-03-21 21:09:40

  • I switched my Shockwave flash player from "Gnash SWF" to "Shockwave flash 10.0 r15" and went from not able to record a score to getting a very reasonable result

    2009-02-13 01:08:39

  • hi i am using Internet on my pc using data cable with Nokia N73 musing edition but i am not able to find out the speed test my flash player is 10.1 so can you please suggest me where i should try speed test for utorrent. my email id is

    2009-01-12 00:20:13

  • my speed and daonload speed is too low

    2009-01-04 12:44:51

  • I am using FireFox, and wasn't able to run a test. I disabled the "Adblock Plus" add-on and the test ran perfectly. Just thought I'd help out.

    2008-12-12 12:56:33

  • DSL speed test 12345678900987654321

    2008-12-12 06:37:51

  • the download speed is slow

    2008-12-02 22:46:54

edited by Mike See Profile
last modified: 2007-10-29 19:50:57

Possible reason #1

Our current version is, unfortunately, CPU intensive. We are working to fix this. It is probably that the flash test is utilizing ALL your CPU during the animation phase, and this is depressing the results.

We expect to release a test that will work for slower CPUs very soon.

Possible reason #2

Some fixed wireless ISPs are getting artificially low results for UPLOAD SPEED under flash. This pattern is not just our flash test -- all flash tests show the problem, and some other technology online speed tests show it as well. Our Java test, and a basic ftp test, do not show this problem. We don't yet have an idea why this may be, but we are collecting data.

Possible reason #3

The flash plugin is not efficient enough to test VERY HIGH SPEED connections (fiber). If you are on fiber, you are advised to stick to the Java plugin-based speed test, which can test 100mbit and beyond. Flash is unable to fully utilize a 100mbit connection, so it under reports very fast connections.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Flash test is unreliable due to high cpu load.

    2012-02-04 12:21:16

  • I have uTorrent and have used it for a long time but my internet service provider is HughesNet and it's terrible [in my opinion]. My downloads are sooooooo slow it's ridiculous. I'm not computer savvy & was wondering if maybe you could enlighten me as to why in the hell this is!? I'm getting really frustrated, to say the least! Is there something I can do to make it faster? Thank You... Natalie []

    2012-01-06 21:24:39

  • None of the above reasons seem to be plausible. Flash results USED to be comparable with Java tests on the same computer. Wondering if it has something to do with Apple's war with Adobe (Flash), resulting in worse flash performance now?

    2011-07-10 14:35:26 (dcaccavo See Profile)

edited by JMGullett See Profile
last modified: 2007-05-02 10:36:38

The graph is upload and download data from other users, by default, on the same domain as you. You can change this to display results based on other selection information. The X axis is speed. The Y axis is the number of samples around that speed. Grey is for download speed. Blue is for upload speed. Your current and past results are marked by green and red chevrons. Common products for the domain should show as peaks. For instance, 3mbit and 6mbit may be two common products and may show two peaks on the download section of the graph.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Yes, as some have suggested, PLEASE USE THE COMMON MEASURE OF SPEED, which is Mbps NOT Kbps!! I thought I had read that DSL Reports does use Mbps, yet the results are in Kbps, requiring I figure out how to translate that to Mbps, in order to compare with what Charter is saying I am getting. Please get on the same page with this!

    2013-09-22 10:46:52 (Saxman7 See Profile)

  • i need faster torrent

    2013-04-07 05:21:34

  • When you say 210 is the download speed can you describe what unit of measure you are using to describe the speed? Is this per second ? Per Minute? When I use Windows to download a file I get speeds of 21 kbs?

    2010-10-12 20:21:45

  • gyorit torrent valу

    2010-09-23 08:47:37

  • раздачи и загрузки

    2009-12-01 11:30:10

  • Why do I get the upload graph data but not the download? I have 3 old points on each but I just get a new pip on the upload. The actual data shows up as text above the graph Just not on the graph

    2009-09-28 12:24:14 (chiefj See Profile)

  • The speed scale of the graph seems to be off by a factor of 10. i.e., 15 Mbps is indicated as 1.5 Mbps.

    2009-08-15 20:46:07 (Shannon See Profile)

  • thank you

    2009-06-15 10:51:14

  • my speed s good but download utorrent speed why bad his download speed bad plase help me i download one thing lot of time plase help me

    2009-04-04 02:23:48

  • I like your site Very Much!! My problem is understanding the results. Exactly what are the number's units written out as clearly as possible-please don't abbreviate?? We're interested in comparing your results with what our provider says we're SUPPOSED to be getting & I've discovered everyone's results are different units = ? kilobytes ? kilobites Megabytes bites etc etc How in the world are we supposed to understand our results when there's all these different ways to list results?! It's also good to list things we understand in the graph of our results overlaying known results ie; T1(area of speeds possible using that download source)speeds, DSL speeds, dial up speeds etc etc. I realize I may not be clear in what I'm interested in seeing but I'm trying! Our problem is not being able to compare apples to apples...bites bytes etc etc etc. Thanks very much for your Valuable Time! Jim Woolley, DDS Atlanta GA

    2009-03-25 17:15:13

  • The fastest available speed in our little rural town (01070) is 3Mbps (and we've only had that for two weeks). How is it possible that when I filter by zipcode is shows scads of people with 10Mbps and higher connections? There are only 600 people in town and no industry, and I KNOW that nobody has a T3 in town.

    2008-09-10 22:45:50 (bhawthorne See Profile)

  • Would it be possible to implement an averaging report, numerically (rather than graphically) comparing average user test speeds against the average speeds reported by the requested comparison sample (i.e. the ISP or Zip Code filters)? It would be useful for troubleshooting certain issues by knowing how your own connection is performing relative to those of the same ISP, as well as determining whether you're getting an appropriate service quality for your local region.

    2008-07-16 05:24:20 (AvatarZero See Profile)

  • Can we get statistics on the speed test? E.g., it is far more valuable to get mean or average speed + variation (std. dev. or other). This is very important to know for to qualify/test for any type of real-time applications, video conferencing being most importaqnt to us. Even more valuable would be to test for packet jitter.

    2007-11-07 19:34:25

edited by JMGullett See Profile
last modified: 2007-05-02 10:39:26

The maximum speed the flash test will correctly report varies according to your PC performance. Flash is not as efficient as Java for very high speed connections, so if your connection speed is going to be above 20mbit, then you should also try the Java-based speed tester to verify that you are fully exercising your connection during the test. We have had reports from users on 100mbit connections and moderately powerful PCs that they cannot get more than 25 mbit reported by flash (any flash-based speed test, not just ours), but they can get 80 or 90 mbit reported by the Java test.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • To the idiots complaining about torrent, there are other reasons for your 'torrent' to be slow which does NOT negate your results here. One, for example, may be the person you are leeching from may not have a good upload speed, so your download speed will be limited by that. Duh.

    2013-07-22 17:14:18

  • здравствуйте, я хочу чтобы мой торрент работал быстрее

    2013-06-12 08:31:23

  • Hey ne way to get my torent faster??

    2013-04-08 12:46:13

  • i wan"t my torrent to be more faster

    2013-04-06 09:04:52

  • I want my torrent faster

    2012-09-30 09:36:30

  • Iwant my toorent faster

    2012-09-30 09:34:08

  • Torrent sem erro de e/s por favor

    2012-07-05 03:49:56

  • The testing from this site using flash and java are always a lot slower in results then other sites. Today it shows mine at 13-15 Mbps dl and normally other site's shows it to be 35-60 Mbps.

    2012-03-12 10:21:15 (SirMax See Profile)

  • I completed your application, except for the speed of my Internet which is NOT listed for my area - Baltimore, MD for Verizon FiOS. So, how am I to submit this application after all of my data input and time invested, just to have this one part of the application incomplete due to technical reasons? R.Spero

    2012-02-29 12:09:55

  • I want my torrent faster

    2011-06-09 07:07:03

  • This helps a bit. Just went from 6Mb to 12 via UVerse. All Flash test sites show my downloads as being b/w 8.62 and 6Mb; upload pretty consistent. Java tests have me at 10Mb download with the upload still being consistent. Not sure which to trust though :-S

    2011-05-20 13:42:12 (clnupman See Profile)

  • Iwant my toorent faster

    2011-05-08 18:47:48

  • atef mstor

    2011-03-25 06:11:52

  • I want my torrent faster

    2011-02-15 13:58:15

  • Hi,i want my toorent faster

    2011-02-11 01:43:53

  • i got speed 8 mb download 4///but torrent ,it not so, fast as i want(((

    2011-01-22 12:48:54

  • I want my torrent to be faster

    2010-12-16 06:37:37

  • Iwant my toorent faster

    2010-11-11 02:35:19

  • 2010-10-10 15:18:17

  • its so slow

    2010-08-24 22:00:11

  • My test reported I had over 5MP download speed, but in real world application, I don't get any where near that. Sometimes I struggle watching a 360p Youtube video and downloading large files never breaches 700KB/s so for me, this test doesn't prove anything.

    2010-07-25 16:58:25

  • I want my torrent to be faster

    2010-07-24 09:52:34

  • Thanks for telling me to do "the java based speed" test! I do have a faster-than-2oMbs-service.

    2010-06-15 14:06:18 (Fox Mulder See Profile)

  • What is the maximum speed this test will correctly report?

    2010-01-29 23:11:14

  • What is the maximum speed this test will correctly report

    2009-07-23 09:23:32 (luisto_73 See Profile)

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