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The Control Panel for this tool is here: »/metashare

Click on "describe my network."

Click the "Add new" pull down menu to add all of your devices. Use the button after you have selected a device to update the screen. When you are satisfied, publish the network description by checking the "Public?" box. Click the Go button again so you can fill out the network title and the description.

To edit an existing network description:

Find your way back to the Control Panel.

Click on "My Network" (Note: if you click on the "Describe My Network" button again, you will create another network description!).

Click on edit.

Follow the same instructions above to add items or edit existing entries. After you modify the contents of the network boxes, click on the edit button in the box, which updates the info. When you are ready, click the display button at the top to verify your changes.

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