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1.2 General Info

You're in the right place to learn about this project, how to participate, and how to join Team Discovery.

After you've checked out all the information here, please join us in the Team Discovery Forum. This is a very friendly team, and we will be happy to answer any questions you have ... we were all new once.

You can also join the TSC forum, which is provided by TSC for all participants.

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Once you have downloaded the TSC program (see how to do that below), installed it and registered on the TSC site, you can go to the Members page by clicking in the upper left corner of any DSLR page.

Or use this link: »/flair

Scroll down to the last items, and select them one at a time. Fill in the Team Discovery Details and Why did I join?. Click OK, I'm done.

Within a day or two, your Team Discovery icon will appear.

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Some of the terms you will see with this project are:

D2OL stands for Drug Design Optimization Lab, and is frequently interchanged with TSC when referring to the client that runs on your machine.

A Target molecule is a large protein or enzyme that has been found to play a critical role in the advancement of a disease in an organism. Sometimes the Target is a lethal component that destroys infected cells, much like a venom or a poison. Other times it is a molecule that plays a vital part in supporting the disease's spread. By neutralizing the Target, pharmaceuticals eliminate the effects or the propagation of the disease in an organism.

A Node or Node number is given to each individual computer on which the TSC agent is installed. When you install the Agent on another computer, but register it with the same email address, you will add another node to your profile.

A candidate is a small, readily available molecule that might have an impact on the Target structure's behavior in an organism when the two are combined. When a candidate binds well to the Target it is said to have high affinity. This normally indicates an effect on the Target's behavior, but this can only be verified in vitro in a lab. Virtual drug screening allows us to narrow the potential candidates to be tested in a lab by many orders of magnitude, saving time and money necessary to develop effective drugs for diseases.
The TSC Agent generally downloads 30 candidates at a time.

A conformer is a 3 dimensional configuration of a particular candidate structure. Drug molecules have torsional bonds that can be oriented in different ways, which creates millions of derivative structures that have the same atomic composition but different spatial configurations. These structures are called Conformers.

Docking a drug candidate to a Target is essentially like testing the fitness of a key to a lock. The Active Site on the Target is the lock, and the drug candidate is the key. When the two structures are placed next to each other the bonding energy of the docked structures is simulated. Lower scores represent "better" candidates that can be used for further investigation into the real life effects of the drug candidate on the disease.

Work Unit
A work unit is a series of energy evaluations of a small molecule drug candidate docked to a macromolecule (Target). Depending on the Target under scrutiny (D2OL) will perform between 15 and 30 runs each containing over 500,000 individual energy evaluations of the drug candidate.

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The TSC program is as secure as any other well-established DC application.

For a more detailed discussion on what TSC's privacy and security stance is, you can visit this link.

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Here's the answer straight from Dr. Rothberg, founder of The Rothberg Institute for Childhood Diseases (a non-profit organization dedicated to finding a cure for children suffering from Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) and sponsor of the CommunityTSC project), on 3/13/02:

This project will run for at least 3 years. Financing is in place.

Every quarter we will be taking best "docking" results, testing the candidates in cell and animal models of disease and developing through medicinal chemistry the best candidates as potential drugs.

We will then file new drug applications (INDs) with the FDA to test in human clinical trials. The TS Alliance will help in recruiting doctors and patients for the clinical trials.

We are making real drugs to fight TSC. TSC is [a] Rosetta stone for cancer.

We are doing this right.

We will add new targets, add new drug candidate libraries, and improve docking-based virtual library screening. We plan on being the world leader in computational design of drugs, and will offer $1,000,000 prize later in year for improvements in computational methods that improve our ability to enrich for real potential drug leads from the candidate libraries.

As far as financial backing, we have what it takes to get the job done, and will not stop until this problem is solved.

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The TSC forums can be located here and contain announcements related to the program and also offer help forums.

Partial credit for this faq goes to slava ryklin

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Welcome to the Team Discovery mini-FAQ. This FAQ is meant as a brief introduction to the project. Once you download and join, please head on over to the forum at /forum/disco







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Some clients play nice together, others do not.

There are ONLY A FEW instances when it is feasible to run more than one project at a time. A fast system, plenty of RAM, and knowing that the work units will complete in the allotted time frame allowed is one example of that.

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We all know what a surprise it is when others remember your birthday. As part of your online "family" we share in all our team member's grief and joy. We love sharing a new year of life with you. To do this, we need to know your birthday! Just go to the last page in this thread.

Soon your friendly local moderator will add your birthday to the Official Team Birthday List. Don't be shocked to find greetings from the team members.

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We host a page here...for our teammates that have gone on.
The DC teams here at BBR will always remember them
Their legacy lives on

This is why we crunch.

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