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1.6 Running the Program

Below is a graphic of the TSC program as it will look on your monitor.

You can let the program start when Windows starts by putting a shortcut in your "Startup" folder, or you can make a shortcut on your desktop so you can start it manually.

As you can see, the screen is very graphic, so you'll want to minimize it after you have tweaked it to your liking and you're satisfied that it is running properly.
To do this, find the TSC icon in your system tray:

The java application that displays the client window uses 10 - 20% of your available CPU resources, so it's a good idea to minimize the client to the tray.

Right click on the icon and select "Hide". When you want to see the screen again, repeat the process and select "Show".

by KeysCapt See Profile
last modified: 2002-04-05 14:59:00

The TSC program runs as a Low Priority process, using only idle cycles of your CPU. This means that it is designed to run in the background, and will yield CPU cycles to other applications. It will not interfere when you're using your PC for other things.

by KeysCapt See Profile
last modified: 2002-04-05 14:59:18

When you look at your lists of applications running on your machine, you will see JAVAW, D2OL, and DOCKWIN as running tasks, or services. These are the programs that are necessary to run TSC.

Dockwin runs whenever the program is computing the docking permutations. When that is completed, it will be replaced with Gridwin.

D2OL is the Sengent main program, or wrapper application.

Javaw is the part of the application that displays the graphics. Note: Turning down the details on your screen will greatly reduce the CPU cycles that javaw.exe consumes.)

Thanks to Ian for helping with this.

by Sir Joseph See Profile edited by KeysCapt See Profile
last modified: 2002-07-09 09:14:54

Each instance of the engine is uniquely identified, and as such you do not want to copy the config from one folder to another.

Simply install a new instance of the program into a different directory. Register it with your email address, and it will be up and running using your hyperthreaded or second processor.

*Note: It should be noted that when running two instances TSC on a dual processor machine you should not attempt to have them both in your start up file because both will not auto start.

The best method is to not put either of them in your start up file and to start both instances manually.

---*Submitted by grobinette See Profile

by KeysCapt See Profile edited by lilhurricane See Profile
last modified: 2005-09-12 21:43:14

You can run the TSC agent if you do not have a persistent connection to the internet.

If you are using a dial-up connection, whenever you connect to the Internet, your client will recognize this and upload any results you have processed while off-line and will then download new candidates to process. All you as the user need to do is make sure your TSC client is running when your computer is on and connect to the Internet as you normally would so that you can upload results and download new candidates.

by KeysCapt See Profile
last modified: 2002-04-05 15:00:03

There sure is! Right click on the tray icon and select properties. In the menu that opens, select the General Tab. Uncheck the box that says "Launch Main Window on Startup" and the Agent will start up minimized from now on.

by slash See Profile edited by KeysCapt See Profile
last modified: 2002-04-05 15:00:20

With each new install of the client, you are given a new node ID. Each time you re-install the client, you will have another node ID.

This can result in several "inactive" ID's on your stats.

To avoid this, copy file
to a different folder. (Adjust for appropriate path.)

When you reinstall - just copy that file to the same directory it was before and you will not have to add another node to your stats.

If you do reinstall, and find yourself with a new node, simply go to this page and register it.
There is a helpful thread in the TSC forums here.

by KeysCapt See Profile
last modified: 2002-09-21 14:56:58

No. If you stop a run before you have completed all the conformers for a candidate, the docking will be aborted. The genetic algorithm that creates the conformers is such that each new conformer depends on the prior one and a random seed.

This means that if you shut down before the agent completes a candidate, your work will be lost, even if 19 of the 20 conformers have been finished. When you restart, the program will download a new candidate, but the unfinished one will probably remain in the queue, so you will process it again from the beginning.

For this reason, it's a good idea to let the candidate finish before shutting down.

TSC is currently working on implementing intra-docking checkpoints.

by KeysCapt See Profile
last modified: 2002-04-05 15:00:48

There a few things to keep in mind with this question.

1. Are you connected to the Internet? If yes see number 2. If not, connect to the Internet so the client may connect to TSC.

2. Right click the TSC icon and make sure "online" is checked. If not, select the online and it will connect with TSC. If this does not work go to number 3.

3. Is your firewall (if installed) configured to allow TSC to communicate with the Internet. Make sure both javaw.exe and LaunchAnyWhere GUI (TSC Client) are allowed access. If they are and you still can't upload see number 4.

4. The new TSC client is configured to upload results to TSC only every six hours. You can check you next upload time by right clicking the TSC icon and selecting status. At the bottom of the screen you will see "next scheduled update at _____"

This is when you will send results and receive new candidates....

If you wish to go ahead and upload prior to this time see FAQ

How to manually force the client to send in results completed

by RXDOC See Profile edited by slash See Profile
last modified: 2003-10-11 19:43:39

How to manually force the client to send in results completed.

First right click on the Icon and choose status.

You will see there is a button marked "manual update".

Press the button and it should upload the results and download new work.

Contributed by Jnick

by RXDOC See Profile
last modified: 2003-10-11 14:06:57

If I shut the program down before it has finished processing a candidate, will I lose data?

Yes, any work done on a currently-crunching WU is lost if the client is stopped for any reason (including using the Suspend command) before all candidates in a conformer are completed. The WU will restart back at the beginning in those cases, so if you must stop the program, it's best to try and quit the client while the conformer count is still low.

If I shut down after the conformer is finished, but it hasn't uploaded, will I lose the work?

No, the work will be stored in a cache until the next time internet access is available.

by KeysCapt See Profile

With the TSC version 2.0 client the steps are as follows.

1. Double click the TSC icon.

2. Click the "Stop Tasks" button.

3. Select Status.

4. Select the "Flush All Tasks" button.

5. Choose manual update.

This will clear out all candidates and prepare the client to download new ones.

When you restart your client after this, you should have an empty queue and immediately start to download all new candidates.

by KeysCapt See Profile edited by lilhurricane See Profile
last modified: 2006-07-22 07:13:18

Some completed candidates that are uploaded to TSC, and are considered complete by the client, do not make it through the TSC automated structure validation routines and so are not counted as completed by the TSC servers.

by DawsonPrime$ See Profile edited by KeysCapt See Profile
last modified: 2002-03-14 18:29:04

During the installation of the agent, I entered one of my email addresses and it turned out to be the wrong one. Is there any way to change my email address for just this install?

Yes, in a round about way. Go to the TSC web site and create a new member using the 'bad' email address. Login as that member and add the node(s), then logout.

Log back in as your regular user, the one with your correct email address, and select Merge Members from the top of the page. You will be prompted for your current password, which member you want to delete, and that members password.

The current password is for the user you are currently logged in as. The member to delete is the member you just created and added node(s) for. And finally, that members password.

The result of this operation is that the node(s) for the new member you created will be merged into your regular user account, and the new user will be deleted. These changes are immediate.

by JMartin See Profile edited by lilhurricane See Profile
last modified: 2006-04-19 09:06:59

Placeholder for future FAQ the meantime..some threads to look over:

»[TSC] How to install TSC on Ubuntu
»[TSC] New OS
»[TSC] Maybe I'm just blind.
»guess what...

by lilhurricane See Profile
last modified: 2007-03-07 22:03:18

If you install more than one instance of TSC the install program only places one shortcut in the startup folder. You can go into the directory for each installation and create a short cut to D2OL.exe. Next rename the shortcut and copy and paste into the startup folder. If you do not rename it you will still have only 1 link in the startup folder. As an example I named mine tsc, tsc1, tsc2...

by Ascent See Profile edited by lilhurricane See Profile
last modified: 2007-04-26 12:50:47

Yes. When the main window is open, click the button with a check mark. It will open the properties window. From there, click network. You can now enter a proxy, but don't forget to click ok!!

by icex See Profile edited by Dersgniw See Profile
last modified: 2007-04-26 22:35:02

Download the Windows XP installer, rightclick it and click on compatibility tab and run as WinXP SP2. Click apply and ok, and doubleclick the installer and follow the instructions to install. Browse to C:\Program Files\CommunityTSC\TSC\ and update compatibility info for D2OL.exe as above as well. The program is ready to run on Vista.

by gollumbird See Profile edited by lilhurricane See Profile
last modified: 2007-04-29 10:27:28

Copied from the TSC Forum for your reference:

"posted November 04, 2004 12:07 AM
Credit must go to where it deserved. Thanks to SR_Chew for the write up. I am still playing around with running D2OL as a service with my work machine, seems to work fine. In time I am going to rewrite the text some with some additional wording and whatnot but for the time being, here ya go.

The file can be downloaded at

These steps assume you have installed to the default "C:\PROGRAM FILES\SENGENTD2OL\" folder.


2. From the Windows CMD prompt run the following from a directory that you've extracted the INSTSRV.EXE file to

3. From Windows Services open the D2OL properties. Set to Auto. From the Log On tab check the 'Allow service to interact with desktop' box. DON'T START THE SERVICE YET!!

4. If you have installed to anywhere but the default directoy, open the provided D2OL.REG file and confirm/change the paths listed are where you have installed to. Note that the double back slashes are correct where used - do not change them. Once you've confirmed, double click the reg file to Merge it (this creates some required registry entries).

5. Extract all the files from the provided PROGRAM_DIRECTORY.ZIP in to the "C:\PROGRAM FILES\SENGENTD2OL\D2OL\" folder

6. Extract all the files from the provided START_MENU_SHORTCUTS.ZIP in to folder for your D2OL Start Menu shortcuts (can put them anywhere, but here makes sense)

7. Try testing that the D2OL Service starts from Windows Services (open it and click the start button). You won't see that the program is running at this point.

8. From the Start Menu (if you copied the shortcuts here in step 6) you'll have the following options

Show GUI - opens the D2OL window, from where you can change all your D2OL preferences

Pause processing - leaves the D2OL service active but stops processing. I use this by creating a Windows Scheduled Task to run weekly at the same time as the weekly virus scan runs, as I find Norton Anti Virus runs slow while D2OL is processing

Normal running mode - as long as you haven't shut down D2OL, this will resume from a pause and/or close the GUI window. It's best to use this instead of closing the GUI with the normal close button. If you just use the close button you'll need to run this first before trying the Show GUI shortcut or it won't actually show. I also create a Windows Scheduled Task to run weekly, one hour after the pause processing shortcut.

Shutdown D2OL - this will unload the D2OL application from memory. The Windows Service will still show as started however.

D2OL file mode - this will fire up D2OL again if you've used the Shutdown D2OL link. Alternatively you can stop and start the Windows D2OL service

9. As the final test to see if the service is working properly, reboot the computer, but don't log in. From another computer on the network use DSPY to monitor D2OL processing.

All done! There's a number of advantages to running D2OL in this manner

- If you have a system that is in a location with frequent power outages, as soon as power is restored to the system you'll be back crunching without the need to regularly check up on the system (this was my motivation - I have a couple of nodes in this circumstance)

- It survives users logging in/out, so if you have a system that requires multiple people to log in with different user accounts it keeps crunching

- It's an unobtrusive manner to run D2OL - no windows or tasktray icons; even with FireDaemon you'll have it's (FireDaemon's) icon showing. Handy if you're the type to run around setting up nodes on other peoples' systems..."

~Also, see this thread for other suggestions: »[TSC] Running the TSC Client as a Service ~

by Caliban See Profile edited by lilhurricane See Profile
last modified: 2007-05-06 23:38:20