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1.0 Forum Info

This FAQ is to provide accurate information relating to Road Runner Cable Service. If you wish to contribute to the FAQ, submit your FAQ here; the entry is greatly appreciated and will be reviewed by one of the FAQ Editors:


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The Road Runner Forum is hosted by and is not affiliated with Road Runner in any way.

Have any questions and/or suggestions for the Forum? Feel free to contact the Forum Hosts:

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Found an interesting article and would like to post it? No problem! You can do so by submitting it as Forum News. On the forum header, locate the 'got news?' link, and "click" it.

Click for full size

Follow through, and submit your news item. It should reviewed by the Forum Hosts soon enough. You will receive an Site Instant Message from system, if it's been accepted.

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Let's start off by saying that members who help in the Road Runner Forum here at BBR are general volunteers and take time out to help out others. Another key to consider is patience.

Before starting a new thread, please do a search in the forum for past topics that may relate to your situation. The Forum Search Function can be found on the forum's homepage next to the forum host(s) avatars (see graphic below):

Enter a keyword related to your potential post. For regional assistance, try your city or state name, and so on. You will be presented with a results page with options to expand your search.

Now that most of the outbound essentials are out of the way, let's get started on "What should be included in your troubleshooting thread".

It is quite relevant to detail your thread as much as possible. This will help us analyze the given info, which will ultimately result in faster response time overall. Here are a couple of 'elements' that should be include .. along with a description for each:

Your thread title should be a brief description of your what your thread's about. Titles such as: Help!!! shouldn't be any example. A classic example should be: "Can't access signal levels for SB5100" - this will attract volunteers to your thread a bit quicker. Now that's complete, choose one of the "Radio Buttons" available: TWC (Time Warner Cable), Brighthouse, or Insight; this will throw on a tag to the left of your thread title.

Now, that's out the way, let's get to the core of the thread description:

Getting Started with the BBR Tweak Test
We will need you to run the Broadband Reports Tweak Test - once the test is complete, it should bring you to a 'final step' page. Now, what do you do from there? There are 4 fields that should include the following:
    •Service: cable
    •Speed (advertised) kbit/s: (Standard RR: 5000; Premium: 8000)
    •Operating System: (There should be a drop-down list that should show selected Operating systems; choose yours)
    •Connection: normal
Now, click Recommend.
Copy and paste the URL from your Browser's address bar into your post. That's done.

Getting Started with the BBR Line Quality Test
We will need you to run the Broadband Reports Line Quality Test.

Please become pingable before running the test. /faq/962 - also, please read Section 3 of the Tweaks FAQ: Becoming Pingable

When your Line Quality test is complete, you will receive an Instant Message from the 'system' at the top of your screen.

from system

Follow through and copy and paste the URL to your post.

Let's see some speed-test results
Now, we'll test your speeds; choose the location nearest you here. Run the speed-test, then copy and paste the URL in your post when you're done.
Modem Signal Levels
We'll need your cable modem signal levels - if you're able to access them. Check this FAQ section: 4.1 HTML Interface/Signal Levels- then, copy and paste the values to your post.
Running a Trace Route
Please view this FAQ here: »Site FAQ »How do I run a traceroute and post the results in the forums? - we'll need a tracert from your connection and then data copied to your post.
Basics: How many splitters are connected to the line?
How many splitters is your cable modem behind? Take a look here for basic splitter graphics. Check at the starting of the entry point to your dwelling and ending at the cable modem. Please post the requested info when you've found the number of them.
Basics: What cable modem do you have?
We will need to know the manufacturer and model type of your cable modem.(ie. Motorola Surfboard 4200, RCA DCM236)
Basics: How are you connecting?
Is your modem connected to your computer via a network card? or to a USB port?
Basics: Network?
Are you using a router? If so, what manufacturer & model type? (ie. Linksys BEFSR11)
Basics: Are you running behind a software-based firewall?
Running a software-based firewall? If so, what platform and version are you running?

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