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2.0 General Info

Monthly Service
The price of the Road Runner may vary from market to market. On average, a monthly subscription is $44.95/month and includes a free Cable Modem. This fee is in addition to the regular monthly cable subscription; however most cable providers offer money-saving packages. The monthly fee includes ALWAYS ON access to the online service and the Internet.

The average price for the one-time installation fee varies depending on location. Or even free. Installation is simple and may involve a professional technician installing the hardware and software [see this FAQ] necessary to use the Road Runner. Self Installation may be available as well. An installation also includes a brief training session as well as a Road Runner Welcome Kit that contains valuable information about how to enjoy Road Runner's features, content and applications.

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Yes, any active cable jack will work with your cable modem - providing it receives enough signal.

Note: Depending on how many splitters are installed, some cable jacks will not have as strong of a signal due to how many times it is split to the TV, which results in Speed reduction. If you must split .. Try this plan:

Main cable line goes to splitter, then one cable line is for the cable modem, and the other cable goes to the number of cable boxes in your home. This is done so the signal will not degrade on your cable modem.


Main Line >---> Two-way Splitter >---> Cable Modem
Two-way Splitter >---> TV #1
>---> TV #2

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Apparently, Road Runner has quietly stopped providing Dial-up access.

YMMV - this could be on a franchise-by-franchise basis.

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Yes; works fine with an RR. However, RR will not provide technical support for Linux systems.

If you are seeking assistance with your Linux system, visit the All things Unix Forum. Also, see the All things Unix FAQ, too.

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The Terms of Service for RR service has been consolidated to be applicable (almost) universally. Please see this page.

Note: Laws in specific states may override certain policies (for example, the Privacy Policy). You should check your local franchise page for any deviations from the RR 'universal' policies.

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Seems to vary by geographic location/franchise.

Reported options:
www.help.rr.com -> Quick Links -> Network Status

www.help.rr.com -> Member Services -> Network Status

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • for my area, (So. California) it is http://help.rr.com/hmslogic/network_status.aspx

    2012-06-23 15:08:55

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No proxy servers available. Everything is done directly thru the gateway.

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Time Warner has deployed their Digital Phone service - also referred to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Below, there are some FAQs regarding VoIP in general:

    • /faq/4220
    • /faq/4221
    • /faq/4241
    • /faq/4236

More FAQ entries can be found in the VoIP: Voice over IP FAQ. If you're seeking assistance with VoIP in general, please post in the Voice over IP Forum.

Note: We also have an active thread in the Road Runner forum regarding VoIP service in Time Warner areas here.

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Road Runner "Residential" does not offer static IP addressing.

The most likely reasons for an IP change are:
    •Road Runner splits your node and you wind up in the part of the split which was assigned new IP addresses.
    •You don't turn your PC on for longer than the DHCP lease period (usually 3.5 days) AND someone new in your area signs on and grabs your IP. If you have a router, it will hold your IP rather than the PC.
    •You change your NIC.
    •You have a router and change the cloned NIC MAC address to another MAC address.
Want a Static IP Address? You might want to look into DSL Service, they can provide Static IPs; and RoadRunner Business Class Service also provides Static IP Addresses as stated in this link here.

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last modified: 2005-10-14 20:30:13

This actually depends on your local franchise. Some franchises do not specify whether or not you can run a server that is internet accessible. Most franchises do not allow this action - but, you will need to check with your local RR franchise for more information.

Most contributors here at BroadBand Reports seem to indicate that low bandwidth servers seem to be generally tolerated by most franchises - things like role-playing games (WoW for example).
However, a sure way to attract attention to your account is to run a server that is pushing out a LOT of upstream bandwidth (e.g. serving files to others)....

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