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2.2 Email Info

Yes; Road Runner, infact does have different domains for webmail.


New York City Web-Mail

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last modified: 2005-10-14 21:05:52

Can I access my RR email from another ISP?
RR restricts outbound (sending) mail to those logged in with an IP address within their assigned range. You may still receive mail, but cannot send.

What about RR Account Management?
Same thing. RR also restricts your ability to log-in and manage your account unless from a valid RR-IP address.

Feedback provided recently:
"RR now supports SMTP server authentication for off-network access. Use the same credentials you use for the POP3 server. See »www.help.rr.com/HMSFaqs/e_SmtpAu ··· uth.aspx "

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Below you'll see the addresses for both POP and SMTP email servers. However, as you can see, the addresses listed have [your city/domain] as well. "Your domain" means your RR market (or city), which is based on what RR system you're connected to.

An example - New York City's RR system: nyc.rr.com
The "nyc" replaces the [your domain] field give below.
In result it becomes (example: POP address): pop-server.nyc.rr.com

The POP email server address:
pop-server.[your domain].rr.com

SMTP email server address:
smtp-server.[your domain].rr.com

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last modified: 2005-10-19 20:45:49

Currently Road Runner Mail Service has a "maximum quota" of 10 MB.

Also, RR has a maximum email file size limit, for both incoming and outgoing mail, of 5MB.

If you receive an email stating:
said by RR Auto-E-Mail :

Warning: Your e-mail storage quota has been exceeded. This quota includes all folders, not just your Inbox. Please save your e-mail to your PC and remove it from the server or new mail may not be received.

This message is auto-generated, please do not reply.

Then use RR webmail to make sure files have been cleared (not all but enough to send your current attachment/message) off the mail server.

Note: To access webmail, please refer here: /faq/8902

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last modified: 2005-10-14 21:06:34

Contact RoadRunner using the following phone numbers for your area here. They will be able to provide you with the requested info.

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last modified: 2005-10-14 21:06:44