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2.3 Business Class RoadRunner

Generic Information on RoadRunner Business Class service is available at their national site here.

Some local RR affiliates also have information pages.

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Tampa Bay Area

Kansas City Area

North Carolina
CharlotteRaleigh-Durham (Central)
Winston-Salem (Triad)
Wilmington (Eastern)

Western Ohio


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Maximum file size for inbound and outbound messages on Road Runner Business Class servers are 12 MB; however limits for mail destined to sites outside of our offering will be determined in part by the policies in place on the destination mail server, and could be set to less than 12 MB.

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Road Runner Business Class advanced DNS management features include a web-based interface for hands-on domain name/IP number maintenance along with domain parking, DNS domain name-IP resolution, and e-mail domain name-IP resolution. Domain name maintenance is also included.
The following are the DNS server addresses:
    •ns1.biz.rr.com []
    •ns2.biz.rr.com []

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E-mail located on Road Runner Business Class servers will expire after 90 days. Save any mail that you would like to keep for later reference to your local hard drive.

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POP mail

Some E-mail programs check other types of e-mail boxes as well as POP. If the program asks for the type of e-mail box, then select the option for POP e-mail. POP e-mail is already the default for most programs.
Address, Return Address, Reply-To Address

This is similar to the return address on a postal letter. Enter the user's E-mail address here. For example: popID@yourdomain.com
UserID, popID, Username

Enter the popID selected upon creation of the POP account. For example, accountname@yourdomain.com

Enter the password associated with the POP e-mail box. Some programs do not ask for the password until the mail account is checked.
POP Server Name, Incoming Server Name

Enter pop.biz.rr.com (vanity) or pop-server.hvc.rr.com (non-vanity) for the POP server name.

SMTP Server Name, Outgoing Server Name

Enter smtp.biz.rr.com (vanity) or smtp-server.hvc.rr.com (non-vanity) for the SMTP server.

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