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3.2 Speed

You can visit this page to test your speed by choosing the testing server near you.

Here are a list of Speakeasy Speed Sites Below:

Atlanta, GA
Miami, FL
Boston, MA
Chicago, IL
Cleveland, OH
Detroit, MI
Denver, CO
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
Houston, TX
Los Angeles, CA
New York, NY
Philadelphia, PA
Seattle, WA
San Francisco, CA
Washington D.C.
Minneapolis -- St. Paul

The rule of thumb on speed tests is: test on the closest one to you (ping wise) and use the fastest. This tends to get rid of most the junk on the internet that you have no control over and give you what your speed is.

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Road Runner advertises at 5Mbps downstream and 384kbps upstream.

Speeds vary on amount of bandwidth being used on your local line card (See: Node).

Note: Columbus, OH systems are pumping 512kbps upstream speeds to their customers. You can test your speeds out from speakeasy's local speed-test server in Ohio here.

Most subscribers should be receiving speeds rated between 4.2 - 5Mbps downstream and 330 - 384kbps upstream. You can simply test your speeds using Speakeasy local test servers nationwide - listed here.

Note: Speeds will vary - see below!

Because of the way Cable Internet service works (it's basically a network loop in your neighborhood, and the 'pipe' is shared with everyone on that loop) your speed can vary greatly at different times during the day. If lots of people in your area use RR, and they're all actively using the service, you will not see peak performance. During off-peak hours you are likely to see terrific performance.

In addition, don't be surprised if you have radically different results from different speed tests/test sites. The route that the packets take getting to/from each site will differ, even if they are in the same city or locale. The most reliable way to test your actual speed is to use an "on-network" local RoadRunner speed test. If that's giving you within 90% or so of your configured speed, then the local network, your modem, router (if you have one) and PC are all fine. If "off-network" tests give a radically lower result, then there may be routing issues, network congestion, or all sorts of other things that may be wrong.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • What are the expected speeds with Time Warner Road Runner's latest offerings?

    2011-02-04 15:27:24 (Kaizensan See Profile)

  • just a FYI that you may want to post atleast for TW NY residents here is an ON-Network speed test for Time Warner that could be of some use

    2008-01-22 08:11:33

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