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Why does the Toshiba PCX1100 lose sync conestly, stop on downloads etc?

When DOCSIS 1.1 patch was released, many of the Toshiba 1100's stoped working or had these issues the toshiba 1100 is ONLY tested for 1.0 so it is recommended that you swap to avoid these possible issues.
» ··· ody.html

1.0 Forum Info

Road Runner Forum FAQ Info

This FAQ is to provide accurate information relating to Road Runner Cable Service. If you wish to contribute to the FAQ, submit your FAQ here; the entry is greatly appreciated and will be reviewed by one of the FAQ Editors:


Who host's the BBR Road Runner Forum?

The Road Runner Forum is hosted by and is not affiliated with Road Runner in any way.

Have any questions and/or suggestions for the Forum? Feel free to contact the Forum Hosts:

dbmaven See Profile Karl Bode See Profile

How can I submit Forum News?

Found an interesting article and would like to post it? No problem! You can do so by submitting it as Forum News. On the forum header, locate the 'got news?' link, and "click" it.

Click for full size

Follow through, and submit your news item. It should reviewed by the Forum Hosts soon enough. You will receive an Site Instant Message from system, if it's been accepted.

Connection troubleshooting; Please Read Here first!

Let's start off by saying that members who help in the Road Runner Forum here at BBR are general volunteers and take time out to help out others. Another key to consider is patience.

Before starting a new thread, please do a search in the forum for past topics that may relate to your situation. The Forum Search Function can be found on the forum's homepage next to the forum host(s) avatars (see graphic below):

Enter a keyword related to your potential post. For regional assistance, try your city or state name, and so on. You will be presented with a results page with options to expand your search.

Now that most of the outbound essentials are out of the way, let's get started on "What should be included in your troubleshooting thread".

It is quite relevant to detail your thread as much as possible. This will help us analyze the given info, which will ultimately result in faster response time overall. Here are a couple of 'elements' that should be include .. along with a description for each:

Your thread title should be a brief description of your what your thread's about. Titles such as: Help!!! shouldn't be any example. A classic example should be: "Can't access signal levels for SB5100" - this will attract volunteers to your thread a bit quicker. Now that's complete, choose one of the "Radio Buttons" available: TWC (Time Warner Cable), Brighthouse, or Insight; this will throw on a tag to the left of your thread title.

Now, that's out the way, let's get to the core of the thread description:

Getting Started with the BBR Tweak Test
We will need you to run the Broadband Reports Tweak Test - once the test is complete, it should bring you to a 'final step' page. Now, what do you do from there? There are 4 fields that should include the following:
    •Service: cable
    •Speed (advertised) kbit/s: (Standard RR: 5000; Premium: 8000)
    •Operating System: (There should be a drop-down list that should show selected Operating systems; choose yours)
    •Connection: normal
Now, click Recommend.
Copy and paste the URL from your Browser's address bar into your post. That's done.

Getting Started with the BBR Line Quality Test
We will need you to run the Broadband Reports Line Quality Test.

Please become pingable before running the test. /faq/962 - also, please read Section 3 of the Tweaks FAQ: Becoming Pingable

When your Line Quality test is complete, you will receive an Instant Message from the 'system' at the top of your screen.

from system

Follow through and copy and paste the URL to your post.

Let's see some speed-test results
Now, we'll test your speeds; choose the location nearest you here. Run the speed-test, then copy and paste the URL in your post when you're done.
Modem Signal Levels
We'll need your cable modem signal levels - if you're able to access them. Check this FAQ section: 4.1 HTML Interface/Signal Levels- then, copy and paste the values to your post.
Running a Trace Route
Please view this FAQ here: »Site FAQ »How do I run a traceroute and post the results in the forums? - we'll need a tracert from your connection and then data copied to your post.
Basics: How many splitters are connected to the line?
How many splitters is your cable modem behind? Take a look here for basic splitter graphics. Check at the starting of the entry point to your dwelling and ending at the cable modem. Please post the requested info when you've found the number of them.
Basics: What cable modem do you have?
We will need to know the manufacturer and model type of your cable modem.(ie. Motorola Surfboard 4200, RCA DCM236)
Basics: How are you connecting?
Is your modem connected to your computer via a network card? or to a USB port?
Basics: Network?
Are you using a router? If so, what manufacturer & model type? (ie. Linksys BEFSR11)
Basics: Are you running behind a software-based firewall?
Running a software-based firewall? If so, what platform and version are you running?

How do I run a traceroute and post the results in the forums?

2.0 General Info

What about the Monthly Service Fee and Installation?

Monthly Service
The price of the Road Runner may vary from market to market. On average, a monthly subscription is $44.95/month and includes a free Cable Modem. This fee is in addition to the regular monthly cable subscription; however most cable providers offer money-saving packages. The monthly fee includes ALWAYS ON access to the online service and the Internet.

The average price for the one-time installation fee varies depending on location. Or even free. Installation is simple and may involve a professional technician installing the hardware and software [see this FAQ] necessary to use the Road Runner. Self Installation may be available as well. An installation also includes a brief training session as well as a Road Runner Welcome Kit that contains valuable information about how to enjoy Road Runner's features, content and applications.

Will my Cable Modem work with any cable jack in my home?

Yes, any active cable jack will work with your cable modem - providing it receives enough signal.

Note: Depending on how many splitters are installed, some cable jacks will not have as strong of a signal due to how many times it is split to the TV, which results in Speed reduction. If you must split .. Try this plan:

Main cable line goes to splitter, then one cable line is for the cable modem, and the other cable goes to the number of cable boxes in your home. This is done so the signal will not degrade on your cable modem.


Does Road Runner provide Dial-Up Service?

Apparently, Road Runner has quietly stopped providing Dial-up access.

YMMV - this could be on a franchise-by-franchise basis.

Does Linux work with Road Runner?

Yes; works fine with an RR. However, RR will not provide technical support for Linux systems.

If you are seeking assistance with your Linux system, visit the All things Unix Forum. Also, see the All things Unix FAQ, too.

What are the Terms of Service (ToS) using RR?

The Terms of Service for RR service has been consolidated to be applicable (almost) universally. Please see this page.

Note: Laws in specific states may override certain policies (for example, the Privacy Policy). You should check your local franchise page for any deviations from the RR 'universal' policies.

Does RR have a Network Status page available?

Seems to vary by geographic location/franchise.

Reported options: -> Quick Links -> Network Status -> Member Services -> Network Status

Any Proxy Servers available?

No proxy servers available. Everything is done directly thru the gateway.

What about VoIP?

Time Warner has deployed their Digital Phone service - also referred to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Below, there are some FAQs regarding VoIP in general:

    • /faq/4220
    • /faq/4221
    • /faq/4241
    • /faq/4236

More FAQ entries can be found in the VoIP: Voice over IP FAQ. If you're seeking assistance with VoIP in general, please post in the Voice over IP Forum.

Note: We also have an active thread in the Road Runner forum regarding VoIP service in Time Warner areas here.

How do I determine my IP Address?


How long will I have my IP for? Is it static?

Road Runner "Residential" does not offer static IP addressing.

The most likely reasons for an IP change are:
    •Road Runner splits your node and you wind up in the part of the split which was assigned new IP addresses.
    •You don't turn your PC on for longer than the DHCP lease period (usually 3.5 days) AND someone new in your area signs on and grabs your IP. If you have a router, it will hold your IP rather than the PC.
    •You change your NIC.
    •You have a router and change the cloned NIC MAC address to another MAC address.
Want a Static IP Address? You might want to look into DSL Service, they can provide Static IPs; and RoadRunner Business Class Service also provides Static IP Addresses as stated in this link here.

Can I run any type of server?

This actually depends on your local franchise. Some franchises do not specify whether or not you can run a server that is internet accessible. Most franchises do not allow this action - but, you will need to check with your local RR franchise for more information.

Most contributors here at BroadBand Reports seem to indicate that low bandwidth servers seem to be generally tolerated by most franchises - things like role-playing games (WoW for example).
However, a sure way to attract attention to your account is to run a server that is pushing out a LOT of upstream bandwidth (e.g. serving files to others)....

2.1 Availability

Is Road Runner Available in my Area?

Road Runner should be available in all areas where Time Warner Cable serves. Check here for options about your area - availability and such.

Note: If you are serviced by a cable operator other than Time Warner, please check with your local operator for their broadband solutions. You can use our selected US Cable Support Forums for cable individual cable operators and/or our US Telco Support Forums for their selected ISPs.

How do I sign up for Road Runner?

Contact your local Time Warner Cable office. Touch base information can be found by going to their main page. Click on the Contact Us link on the top menu bar, then enter your zip code.

Where can I find my local cable center?

Enter your zip code here -- the site should bring you to your local franchise's site.

2.2 Email Info

Does Road Runner offer Webmail?

Yes; Road Runner, infact does have different domains for webmail.


New York City Web-Mail

Can I access my RR email from another ISP?

Can I access my RR email from another ISP?
RR restricts outbound (sending) mail to those logged in with an IP address within their assigned range. You may still receive mail, but cannot send.

What about RR Account Management?
Same thing. RR also restricts your ability to log-in and manage your account unless from a valid RR-IP address.

Feedback provided recently:
"RR now supports SMTP server authentication for off-network access. Use the same credentials you use for the POP3 server. See » ··· uth.aspx "

What are RR's inbound: (POP3) and outbound: (SMTP) email servers?

Below you'll see the addresses for both POP and SMTP email servers. However, as you can see, the addresses listed have [your city/domain] as well. "Your domain" means your RR market (or city), which is based on what RR system you're connected to.

An example - New York City's RR system:
The "nyc" replaces the [your domain] field give below.
In result it becomes (example: POP address):

The POP email server address:
pop-server.[your domain]

SMTP email server address:
smtp-server.[your domain]

What is the email quota for RR?

Currently Road Runner Mail Service has a "maximum quota" of 10 MB.

Also, RR has a maximum email file size limit, for both incoming and outgoing mail, of 5MB.

If you receive an email stating:
said by RR Auto-E-Mail :

Warning: Your e-mail storage quota has been exceeded. This quota includes all folders, not just your Inbox. Please save your e-mail to your PC and remove it from the server or new mail may not be received.

This message is auto-generated, please do not reply.

Then use RR webmail to make sure files have been cleared (not all but enough to send your current attachment/message) off the mail server.

Note: To access webmail, please refer here: /faq/8902

Where can I acquire my User Name and Password?

Contact RoadRunner using the following phone numbers for your area here. They will be able to provide you with the requested info.

2.20 Spam

What can I do about SPAM?

It's best to post your situation in the /forum/spam Forum. Also take a moment to run through the Stopping Spam FAQ.

2.3 Business Class RoadRunner

What about Business Class in my area?

Generic Information on RoadRunner Business Class service is available at their national site here.

Some local RR affiliates also have information pages.

• Links no longer work - removed

Tampa Bay Area

Kansas City Area

North Carolina
CharlotteRaleigh-Durham (Central)
Winston-Salem (Triad)
Wilmington (Eastern)

Western Ohio


What are the email file size limits?

Maximum file size for inbound and outbound messages on Road Runner Business Class servers are 12 MB; however limits for mail destined to sites outside of our offering will be determined in part by the policies in place on the destination mail server, and could be set to less than 12 MB.

What are the DNS servers for RR Business?

Road Runner Business Class advanced DNS management features include a web-based interface for hands-on domain name/IP number maintenance along with domain parking, DNS domain name-IP resolution, and e-mail domain name-IP resolution. Domain name maintenance is also included.
The following are the DNS server addresses:
    • []
    • []

Any expiration date with emails stored on servers?

E-mail located on Road Runner Business Class servers will expire after 90 days. Save any mail that you would like to keep for later reference to your local hard drive.

How do I configure my Business Class email account?

POP mail

Some E-mail programs check other types of e-mail boxes as well as POP. If the program asks for the type of e-mail box, then select the option for POP e-mail. POP e-mail is already the default for most programs.
Address, Return Address, Reply-To Address

This is similar to the return address on a postal letter. Enter the user's E-mail address here. For example:
UserID, popID, Username

Enter the popID selected upon creation of the POP account. For example,

Enter the password associated with the POP e-mail box. Some programs do not ask for the password until the mail account is checked.
POP Server Name, Incoming Server Name

Enter (vanity) or (non-vanity) for the POP server name.

SMTP Server Name, Outgoing Server Name

Enter (vanity) or (non-vanity) for the SMTP server.

3.0 Connection and Tweaking

How can I tweak my connection for better performance?

Visit our Broadband Tweak Forum. Your thread should be presented with the 11 Questions asked here: /faq/593 Please answer each of one to the best of your ability, that way help comes to you faster.

Can upload be tweaked?

Please see of the Tweaks FAQ:

Whats the difference between Dynamic and Static IPs?

There are two ways an ISP can allocate or assign an IP address to you for use on the internet: static or dynamic.

Static IP Address
A static IP address is assigned to your computer by your ISP and is permanent. Each time you connect to the internet, the same address is used. This address is never used by any other computer or device.

Dynamic IP Address
It would be simple if every computer that connects to the Internet could have its own static IP address, but when the Internet was first conceived, the architects did not foresee the need for an unlimited number of IP addresses. Consequently, there are not enough IP addresses to go around. To get around that problem, many Internet service providers economize on the IP addresses they possess by temporarily assigning an IP address to each computer from a pool of IP addresses. The temporary IP address is called a Dynamic IP address. As a result, the IP address may be different each time the computer connects to the Internet.

Thanks leevis See Profile

I'm getting latency and/or packet loss what can I do?

See here of the Tweaks FAQ:

What's RWIN?


What is 'ping time' or Latency?

"Ping time"(Also refered to as 'Latency) refers to the amount of time it takes for a small "packet" of data to travel over the internet from one computer to another computer and back to the first computer. It is usually reported in milliseconds (ms).

Does RoadRunner block any TCP/UDP ports?

Yes, RoadRunner blocks the following ports for security purposes:

These ports are only blocked for traffic flowing into and out of your cable modem, they do not, in any way, affect local file sharing on your network, nor do they affect any P2P (Peer-to-Peer) program known.

**It should be noted, if you require access on any of these ports, RoadRunner Business Class in your area most likely does not block these ports and if they do, will likely unblock them upon request.

3.1 Troubleshooting

Is RR responsible for any computer damage?


If there is/is not a Surge Protector presently connected to your network and damage has been done due to a power surge via the cable line, Road Runner is not liable for any damage done to the network hardware (i.e.: PC, router, etc.). Here's a good interpretation 'quoted' by dbmaven See Profile from a thread in the Road Runner Forum:

said by dbmaven:here :

......they are not liable. If lightning strikes the pole outside, that's considered an 'act of nature' - nothing they can do to prevent it. Same thing would be true if the lightning travelled down your electric wires and blew up your TV/Computer(s)/etc, or hit the telephone wire and blew up all your phones.

For this reason, many UPS units, and slightly more expensive surge protectors (electrical) now include surge protection outlets for telephone lines - and ones intended for home theater include co-ax connectors for cable/satellite.

My Cable Modem is spontaneously re-booting -- any suggestions?

If the cable modem is spontaneously re-booting, and there is no evidence of signal-related problems, then you should check on electrical conditions near to the cable modem. Possible causes of these problems are:

•The cable modem itself is faulty.
•Mains wiring to the cable modem is faulty or intermittent.
•Mains spikes arising from e.g. vacuum cleaners, power tools, heating thermostats, refrigerator thermostats.
•Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), e.g. mobile phone, local radio transmitter.

There are plenty of reports of mobile phones disrupting cable modems if kept too close.

If faulty cable modem, you can take a trip down to your local Road Runner/TWC - Brighthouse Center. Locations listed here.

I can't view .tk sites via RR. What do I do?

This is due to a well known issue with the Road Runner DNS servers.

The resolution is to add a DNS server that will resolve the .tk domain infrastructure properly.

Please follow these steps if you are having this issue:

1) Record your current DNS servers.

1.a) If you are running Windows NT/2000/XP, open a command prompt and run ipconfig /all and write down your DNS servers.

1.b) If you are running a Linux / Unix variant, open a command prompt/terminal and type cat /etc/resolv.conf - write down the IP addresses returned.

1.c) If you running a Mac OSX variant: INFO NEEDED

2) Change your DNS servers.

2.a) If you're running Windows 2000/XP, go into the control panel and bring up the properties of your local area connection. Add one of your main DNS server IP addresses from step one as the "Preferred DNS Server", then use the IP address '' as the "Alternate DNS Server".

2.b) If you are running a Linux / Unix variant, type echo "nameserver >> /etc/resolv.conf"

2.c) If you are running a Mac OSX variant: INFO NEEDED

You should now be able to resolve .tk domains.

A Better Tracert

WFTRACE is available at: »

A handy gui way to get tracert information. Copy/paste buttons for forum code and raw text.

Why is there so much packetloss on Level 3?

Level 3 routers set a low priority on the ICMP and UDP packets during high load that the line quality test uses. As long as there is no packet loss at your address you are fine. Further explanation here.
»Re: Queens/NYC RR slow downs - gathering support ticket numbers

3.2 Speed

How can I test my speed?

You can visit this page to test your speed by choosing the testing server near you.

Here are a list of Speakeasy Speed Sites Below:

Atlanta, GA
Miami, FL
Boston, MA
Chicago, IL
Cleveland, OH
Detroit, MI
Denver, CO
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
Houston, TX
Los Angeles, CA
New York, NY
Philadelphia, PA
Seattle, WA
San Francisco, CA
Washington D.C.
Minneapolis -- St. Paul

The rule of thumb on speed tests is: test on the closest one to you (ping wise) and use the fastest. This tends to get rid of most the junk on the internet that you have no control over and give you what your speed is.

What speeds should I be getting?

Road Runner advertises at 5Mbps downstream and 384kbps upstream.

Speeds vary on amount of bandwidth being used on your local line card (See: Node).

Note: Columbus, OH systems are pumping 512kbps upstream speeds to their customers. You can test your speeds out from speakeasy's local speed-test server in Ohio here.

Most subscribers should be receiving speeds rated between 4.2 - 5Mbps downstream and 330 - 384kbps upstream. You can simply test your speeds using Speakeasy local test servers nationwide - listed here.

Note: Speeds will vary - see below!

Because of the way Cable Internet service works (it's basically a network loop in your neighborhood, and the 'pipe' is shared with everyone on that loop) your speed can vary greatly at different times during the day. If lots of people in your area use RR, and they're all actively using the service, you will not see peak performance. During off-peak hours you are likely to see terrific performance.

In addition, don't be surprised if you have radically different results from different speed tests/test sites. The route that the packets take getting to/from each site will differ, even if they are in the same city or locale. The most reliable way to test your actual speed is to use an "on-network" local RoadRunner speed test. If that's giving you within 90% or so of your configured speed, then the local network, your modem, router (if you have one) and PC are all fine. If "off-network" tests give a radically lower result, then there may be routing issues, network congestion, or all sorts of other things that may be wrong.

4.0 Hardware

What Cable Modems does RR provide?

Well each RR franchise has their own discretion with distributing Modems to their customers. So, for example: Oceanic RR may provide Motorolas while Time Warner New York City provides RCAs. It all comes down to the center you're picking the Cable Modem up from. And the best way to gain accurate info on what's being provided is calling your local center - see if its possible to know whats on the shelves. There could be multiple Modems.

Can I use my own Cable Modem with RR?

Road Runner is separated into franchises - they all operate at a different level of service. In addition, franchises have set their own standards with customer's bringing their own modem to RR.

Below we a list of RR divisions that allow/don't allow the use of your own Cable Modem. The list was compiled by a group of members from the RR Forum sometime ago, so the information may be a bit of date, for some.

    • reported March-2010 - no longer allowed

Not Allowed

If you have further information regarding your franchise, please contact myself, bleek See Profile, via site Instant Message.

Can I connect more than 1 cable modem and download faster?

Yes, if you have multiple internet connections available they can be "bonded" with certain software or hardware to act as a single connection.

Internet Gateway for ViacomSoft (PC and Mac compatible):
» ··· ain.html

This software is router/firewall/NAT solutions that allow connection teaming, be it 2 or more cable modems, cable/dsl, cable/dial-up, or any other combo. They both allow parallel downloading and/or fail-back connections (where one connection takes over if the other fails), in addition to all the other features offered.

There are also a few different hardware options out there too, that do a similar thing for a high price.

Symantec Symantec Firewall/VPN Appliance (Models 200 or 200R):
»enterprisesecurity.syman ··· 63&EID=0

How does RR connect my Modem?

Assuming there is CATV service provided by Time Warner in the home:

    •Coaxial cable is split outside (or inside, depending on the setup) your home. One leg is split to your Cable TV box, while the other leg branches to your Cable Modem.

    •A different type of cable line (known as "Cat-5" Cable) links the modem to your computer's ethernet port. Your computer should have a Ethernet card (or built-in motherboard ethernet) or a USB port for the cable to snap into.

    •Both the modem power supply cord and your computer power supply cord plug into your power strip which, in turn, is plugged into your household socket.

Why does my Cable Modem activity light flash rapidly?

Most cable modems have an LED labelled Cable or Data or D/S, which indicates when data arrives from the cable network. Some users get worried that this LED flashes even when their PC is doing nothing or is switched off. If they are running a firewall, they are puzzled that the firewall does not register any traffic. There is no need for concern: some essential data (DHCP and ARP protocols) is broadcast into the cable network and arrives at every cable modem whether your PC needs it or not. You need not worry that someone is trying to hack into your PC just because the data light is flashing.

If the rate of flashing goes up when your PC is online (compared to when your PC is switched off or disconnected), but you do not know of any reason why your PC should be generating network traffic, then that might be a source of concern.

What do those LED lights represent in front of my Modem?

This FAQ is to make sure you have a clear understanding of what's going on with your cable modem.

Motorola Surfboard 4100

Motorola Surfboard 4101/4200/4220

Toshiba PCX1100 Cable Modem

Toshiba PCX2200

Toshiba PCX2500/2600

3COM Sharkfin

Courtesy of

What about Cable Amplifiers?

Signal boosters (amplifiers) usually cause more noise on the line which will result in disconnects. Also, it will kill the upstream signal (to the point where it is 'out of spec'). Amps on a cable modem are never a good idea.

Bottom Line: Avoid any "booster" or "amplifier" devices on your Cable Modem line.

Where can I find my Cable Modem's MAC address?

Each cable modem, regardless of brand, is uniquely identified by its Cable Modem ID, or MAC address - short for Media Access Control. This address is a part of the hardware on the modem, and is associated with a specific user account.

As there are numerous cable modems on the market, and nearly as many that are used by our customers, below are generic instructions to locate your MAC address:

  • Generally, the MAC address can be found on the bottom of the Modem, usually near or on a barcoded sticker, along with the serial number of the modem.

  • Most times the MAC address will appear after these letters MAC or EA (e.g., MAC 00-12-ab-34-cd-5e) . Some Motorolas may have only SN (e.g., SN 8386848). Only use the alphanumeric numbers that appear after MAC or EA, or on some Motorolas, the numbers that appear after SN.

  • It can be easily identified by its pattern (e.g. 00-12-ab-34-cd-5e or 8386848 on some Motorolas), which stays the same from modem to modem even if the values change.

  • If your modem's MAC address can not be located using these tips, please check the manufacturer's user guide for the modem.

If you can access the modem settings page at » the MAC Address usually is also displayed on one of the pages. Not all modems and not all ISPs/divisions allow access to this page, so YMMV.

How do I swap my Modem for another?

Call your local cable center to get an idea of what cable modems are currently on the shelves. It saves you time from jumping center to center.

If the specific center doesn't have a particular modem you wish to use, you may visit/call another center in your franchise. Please refer to this FAQ for more info regarding the walk-in centers.

Is it possible to update my cable modem's firmware?

Generally speaking from a consumer's point-of-view -- no, there isn't any way to flash your modem 'manually'. Your cable modem is controlled by the ISP you're connected to - so, in essence, they can leave the current firmware loaded from the manufacturer, or load a firmware from their head-end to each cable modem on the network.

Can you call for an update ... if available? Yes, sure; there's no harm in calling. They'd probably tell you that you have the latest one the ISP is working with at this point. If there is any latest firmware - the CMTS will probably flash your cable modem automatically, which will likely re-boot your cable modem; normal operation of flashing the firmware.

4.1 HTML Interface/Signal Levels

Where's the HTML interface for the Toshiba PCX2500?

RR has disabled SNMP access on Toshiba PCX2500 -- read here for additional information.

Where's the HTML interface for the Toshiba PCX2600?

It has been confirmed by many users, along with Toshiba Tech Support, that this feature has been turned off by "factory default" once the Cable Modem has established an Internet connection between you and the head-end. For more detailed information, you can read through one of our archived threads (dates back to 2003) here: /forum/remark,8829913

This thread too: /forum/remark,9427096 which confirms by many using RR that the feature has indeed been disabled.

What are acceptable Modem signal levels?

Short Version:
    •Receive/Downstream: -15dbmV to +15dbmV
    •Transmit/Upstream: 30dbmV to 53dbmV
    •Signal to Noise Ratio(SNR): 33dB or Greater

Note: If your power levels are out of range, it can cause packet loss, re-transmissions which will eventually lead to speed loss; otherwise signals have nothing to do with your speed.

Long version:

Downstream (Rx) Receive Power Level:
This is the amount of signal received by the modem from the transmitter in the cable company head-end.

For all modems:
-15dBmV to +15dBmV maximum.
-12dBmV to +12dBmV recommended.

0 dBmV is the "optimal" level.

Upstream (Tx) Transmit Power (a.k.a. Return Signal) level:
This is the amount of signal transmitted by the modem to reach the receiver in the cable company head-end.

+8dBmV to +58dBmV maximum for QPSK. (DOCSIS 1.x)
+8dBmV to +55dBmV maximum for 8 QAM and 16 QAM. (DOCSIS 1.x)
+8dBmV to +54dBmV maximum for 32 QAM and 64 QAM. (A-TDMA DOCSIS 2.0)
+8dBmV to +53dBmV maximum for S-CDMA DOCSIS 2.0 modulation rates.

Recommended upstream signal levels are +35dBmV to +52dBmV.

A cable modem running a higher upstream modulation rate may downgrade itself to a lower modulation rate (i.e. 64 QAM to 16 QAM or 16 QAM to QPSK) if the upstream transmit level is higher than the maximum signal level allowed for the higher modulation rate and the CMTS is configured to allow such a change. This downgrade can cause slow speed, packet loss, and connection loss issues depending on the condition of the upstream channel.

A house or drop amplifier will NOT fix upstream signal problem because most house amplifiers don't amplify the upstream signals, they only pass the upstream signal through with some loss.

SNR (signal to noise ratio) levels:
This is how clear the signal is at either the modem receiver (downstream SNR) or the receiver in the cable company head-end (upstream SNR).

DOCSIS specifications list minimum CNR (carrier to noise ratio) levels not SNR levels. The SNR levels listed here are based on commonly recommended MER levels for digital cable signals. Not all QAM demodulator chipsets accurately calculate SNR levels that approximate actual MER levels, so these levels may vary depending on which chipset and/or firmware is used in the equipment.

QPSK: 12 dB minimum. 15 dB or higher recommended. (often used in upstream channels)
16 QAM: 18 dB minimum. 21 dB or higher recommended. (often used in upstream channels)
64 QAM: 24 dB minimum. 27 dB or higher recommended. (often used in downstream channels)
256 QAM: 30 dB minimum. 33 dB or higher recommended. (often used in downstream channels)

How can I check my Motorola Cable Modem signal levels?

How can I check my Ambit Cable Modem signal levels?

Open your Internet browser and enter the following into your address bar: »

Note: When accessing your Modem's HTML interface you may be challenged for a "User name" and "Password". If so, the User Name is: root and Password: root. Not all these diagnostic screens will be present on all models.

Note: thanks to antdude See Profile, newer AMBIT modems have the User Name and Password both as user.

And look here as well: /faq/9634

How can I check my 3Com Sharkfin Cable Modem signal levels?

Launch your Internet browser, go to your address bar and enter: »

Note: If prompted for User Name and Password, enter:

User Name = User
Password = Password

And look here as well: /faq/9634

I don't see my Modem listed, how do I get my signal levels?

Well, most modems these days have internal HTML interfaces which extracts Modem information to the viewer via Internet browser, and it's mostly thru the modem's IP address: » It doesn't hurt to try on your modem.

5.0 Networking and Sharing

Does Road Runner support Broadband Routers?

Yes, you can use a network router with Road Runner, but keep in mind: tech support will not support any additional hardware not provided by Time Warner (this includes any routers purchased by the consumer).

Before calling technical support, remove your router and connect your cable modem directly to your primary PC.

Can I use a network hub with RR?

No, it's not possible, at least for now. The DHCP server distributes one dynamic IP address to your cable modem. If you have more than one device connected to the hub, it will try acquiring more than one IP to give each device, so in result - no connection.

So is there a solution to sharing your connection? Sure, there is. You'll need a Network Router which allows you to connect as many devices as you'd like. You can read more detailing information here: /faq/11257

What's the difference between a hub, switch and router?


How do I use a router with my RR connection?

First things first: let's get the equipment list for what you'll need to network:
    Cable Modem with built-in WAN port.
    Broadband Router - see here.
    Network Interface Card - see here.
    Ethernet Cables (also known as LAN [Local Area Network] cables) - see here.

Now, for an example of how an Network is setup - we'll use a two computer network; see outline below:

Now that you have your network setup - let's get everything configured ..

First, we want to configure the NIC to "Obtain an IP Automatically" - this can be done by accessing your Network Properties. This is to be mirrored on all computer(s) connected to your LAN. Now, we want to access the Router Configuration page. If you need assistance accessing the router, please use one of the vendor-specific forums.

Once you've successfully accessed the router config page, you'll need to set your router to Obtain an IP Address (No User Name or Password required). Now, locate the page that will allow you to enable the MTU - which should be set at 1500; however, most routers are set to 1500 by factory default.

Once all of the outlined above is setup, save your settings and restart your router. Then test your connection.

Note: If you're attempting to setup an VPN (Virtual Private Network) - see here: »Road Runner HSI Forum FAQ »What about setting up Virtual Private Networking (VPN)?

I have both USB & Ethernet ports. Which one should I use?

If you have read How USB Ports Work, then you know that a USB port has a maximum data rate of 12Mbps. However, of that available bandwidth, an individual USB device can use only up to 6Mbps. And if you have several devices attached to the USB ports and they pump lots of data, this competition may further lower the data rate.

An Ethernet card, on the other hand, connects directly to the computer's bus. Ethernet cards come in two flavors: one that accepts 10Mbps, and another that accepts 100Mbps.

How to setup RoadRunner with a Linksys Router.

Open your Internet browser, type into your address bar: » This is the "factory default" address to access your Linksys' configuration page. However, when you enter the router's IP, you'll be prompted with "User Name" and "Password" fields. Follow below, you'll see what should be entered in, and again, this is "factory default":

User Name = [leave blank]
Password = admin

Click for full size

[Note: There are various Linksys products available, and many are diverse with old and new setup pages. The screenshots used for those step-by-step process have been taken from the Linksys WRT54G model. However, the terminology used here shouldn't be too hard to apply to any Linksys model given.]

Once you've "properly" logged into your router, it should bring you to the "Basic Setup" page. Here, you'll choose your Internet connection's type. For RR, we'll choose "Obtain an IP address automatically", or "Automatic Configuration - DHCP".

[Also to note: most router's used for Cable Modems are automatically configured for cable use already. That would be the case if you're just purchasing the product. If you're switching from a DSL provider, you can simply hit the "factory reset" button that should be located on the external portion of your device. However, Factory Reset will wipe out any custom settings, such as port forwarding, etc. Please keep that in mind prior to the setup.]

Now when you are complete with that, click the DHCP Tab located on top of the screen as shown below, then make sure 'DHCP Server' is enabled, then hit 'Apply'...

Next, Locate the tab 'Advanced' in the top-right hand corner and click it...

Then when page loads, scroll down to the bottom to where you see MTU, make sure it is enabled and set at 1500 and then hit Apply.

How do I clone a MAC Address with my Linksys router?

What about setting up Virtual Private Networking (VPN)?

A couple of things to look at:

More relevant reading in the VPN: Virtual Private Networking FAQ.

Need assistance setting up your VPN connection? Start by going to the VPN: Virtual Private Networking Forum. The gurus there should get your started.

I just added a router and now I can't connect??

Simple rule of thumb:
Any time you change the hardware configuration of your network, shut the cable modem off, let it sit for 2-3 minutes (while you add or remove the other hardware). Then plug everything back in, and restart/power-on the network equipment.

The cable modem will "remember" the MAC ADDRESS of the last piece of hardware it was attached to. If you leave the modem powered on while adding a router, the MAC ADDRESS retained by the modem will be that of the NIC (Network Interface Card) in your computer. The router has a different MAC ADDRESS, and the modem won't "talk to it".

See this thread: »[ Brighthouse] Help with router on Roadrunner please for reference.

6.0 Software

Is the RR software required?

The RR software - given during your installation or within self-installation kit, isn't needed at all.

What exactly does the software do?
Basically installs unecessary files onto your computer system; automatically setting up your Outlook Express RR email account; and installing RR Medic.

What should I do with the software?
There's no harm in installing the software. However, you'll still be granted access to the Network (assuming your Modem is properly registered) without the software; just plug your Cable Modem in, and surf ..

Does DocsDiag work with RR?

Presently ... SNMP is disabled on RR's network, which in result disabled any use for the DocsDiag application as well.

If you're trying to display your Cable Modem signal levels, it *may* be possible, that is if your modem has an HTML interface which can commonly be accessed typing in: » Check this FAQ for further text: /faq/9666

7.0 Specific Technical Terms

What is DOCSIS?


What is a CMTS?

Cable Modem Termination System

This is the equipment at the cable companies Head-End that interfaces with both the RF plant and the traditional data side of an ISP. This equipment can operate either as a router or as a bridge with your modems. Overall, the Cisco Universal Broadband Router series of CMTS equipment has become the defacto standard in CMTS equipment.

What is BPI: Baseline Privacy?

Baseline Privacy Interface (BPI) is to provide a simple data encryption scheme to protect data sent to and from Cable Modems in a Data over Cable network. Baseline privacy can also be used as a means to authenticate Cable Modems, and to authorize the transmission of multicast traffic to Cable Modems.

What's DHCP?

Can you please explain kilobits vs. kilobytes?

It will make it easy if we all try to stick with the industry standard abbreviations.

Kilobytes per second = KB/s
Kilobits per second = kbps

Your browser reports speeds in KB/s, the speed tests here at DSLR report speeds in kbps.

1 kbps = 1000 bps
1 KB/s = 1024 B/s
1 KB/s = 8.192 kbps
1 kbps = .1221 KB/s

KB/s to kbps
Take KB/s and multiply by 8.192
100KB/s = 819.2kbps

kbps to KB/s
Take kbps and divide by 8.192 (or multiply by .1221)
1000kbps = 122KB/s

NIC (Network Interface Card)

Network interface cards (NICs) are installed in a computer to allow it to communicate with a network. They provide a transparent interface between the network and the computer. The computer gives the NIC a message for another networked device and the NIC formats that message for transport over the media. The reverse is also true, the NIC receives messages from the network and reformats them so that the computer can understand. NICs have their own CPU (central processing unit) and RAM (random access memory).

9.0 Personal Web Pages/Online Storage

Does Road Runner Provide Web Space?

Road Runner now offers 5 MB of Web Space per account with 250MB monthly transfer rate.
To make any changes on your Personal Home Page account, please refer to the Member Home page.

Please Note that Access to the Administration Page is restricted to those outside the RR Network(Meaning: You need an RR IP Address to access).

How do I setup my FTP access to webspace servers?

There are many FTP programs available for your use. You will need to include basic information, listed below, in any FTP program you decide to use in order to access the Personal Home Pages server.

The host server name is:

This address will need to be entered where your FTP program asks for the FTP server, or the Host Site, or something similar. That is the address of the server that you need to connect to to use the Personal Home Pages service.

You will need to specify your directory name and password (established by you when you setup your Personal Home Pages account). Enter the above user ID and and password when prompted by your FTP program.

At this point, you should just need to connect to the server, as no other settings should be required.

There are many (free) FTP applications (or managers, if you will) available. As a matter of fact, you can look into what's popularly used by our site members by a "poll" taken: /faq/13023.

10.0 Newsgroups

So, what exactly are Newsgroups?

Road Runner has created several Road Runner-specific newsgroups. These newsgroups are designed to: help customers learn from each other by facilitating customer-to-customer communication; facilitate communities of shared interest among the Road Runner customer base and provide an informal avenue for customers to communicate with Road Runner staff, and vice-versa.

**Note: Unless specified in the newsgroup charter, these newsgroups are not meant to be an official technical support channel for Road Runner.

In House Newsgroups discontinued

Effective June 23, 2008, TWC RoadRunner no longer offers newsgroup service.
Bright House customers should see this post: »Free usenet for Brighthouse

12.0 Security

Am I safe on RR?

Since RoadRunner is an "always on" connection, it is strongly recommended that you use a Internet Firewall for your protection (like ZoneAlarm); an Anti-Virus Program (Norton, McAfee, etc.) & Spyware Program (aka ad-ware).

For more information & tips on how to keep yourself safe online, visit our Security Forum.

Also take a look into our »Security FAQ.

What's a Firewall?


Do I Need a Firewall? Which is best?


If I am on the net 24hrs a day, will I get hacked?


I am using a router; Do I still need software-based Firewall?

A firewall is still recommended, even if you use a broadband router. Most broadband routers provide a form of Firewall protection from unwanted incoming traffic through the very mechanism it uses to share the internet connection. However, most do not contain a "traditional" firewall and do not block any outgoing traffic. This still makes you vulnerable to trojan or malicious "phone home" programs.

Road Runner offers an free software Firewall: EZ Armor Security.

Q: Are there any free Firewalls?

Yes. There are several effective firewalls on the internet.

Recommended free firewalls:
Zone Alarm
Tiny Personal Firewall
Kerio Personal Firewall

Kerio and Tiny support Forums can be found here.