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3.1. Hardware/Software Troubleshooting

There have been several reports pertaining to the Scientific Atlanta Webstar DPX100 cable modem crashing particularly during heavy traffic. Reducing p2p connections and capping can help, but there is no fix for the problem at this time.

There is, however, a workaround which will avoid you having to physically hard reset modem every time it crashes. The modem http software allows you to reset the modem using the following URL link (just put this in you browser):


I A bloke0 See Profile have written a freeware program in VB which does the following:
    •Pings a website (can be changed) every x number of seconds.

    •Counts a number of consecutive timeouts

    •Resets the modem using the URL link above if the timeouts exceed the number specified.

    •Runs on any Computer that is indirectly (on the LAN) or directly connected to the modem.

    •Option to switch off modem resetting, so it can be used as any standard internet checker on the LAN.

    •Keeps a date/time log of connection activity.

Download it HERE

Further info about any updates and post any feedback/comments here

Or email me at: A_Bloke1[at]hotmail[dot]com

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Both NTL and Blueyonder use transparent web proxy caches to reduce the amount of traffic flowing across their network backbones. Occasionally these caches overload or simply play up in strange ways. Its often hard to get your ISP to admit there's a problem although they generally fix them after a day or two.

In the meantime it's possible to sidestep the cache that the ISP wants you to use by following this guide.

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Go here for an extensive knowledge base of trouble-shooting tips for cable modems and their associated software and hardware issues.

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