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4. Miscellaneous

To begin with locate your Internet Explorer folder (Normally located in Program Files) Once found make a copy of the IEXPLORE icon, by right-click > copy.

Now locate the All Users this can be found in Documents and Settings alternatively it can be found by doing a search. Open that folder then, Start Menu > Programs > Startup.

Now once inside the Startup folder paste the icon that you have just copied into this folder. Now IE should automatically start to load on Start up, Re-Boot to test it.

However for it to work correctly you must have the Dial-Up box set to connect automatically, otherwise the IE page will just load.

by laffalot See Profile
last modified: 2002-10-11 05:01:26

Yes, you may be able to make some changes that will help to improve your connection speed.

To do so:

First of all run a Tweak Test. This will make some recommendations to you. It may suggest to change some values. To do this you need to use the DrTCP program.

If you would like help in changing the settings please post in the Broadband Tweaks Forum Just answer the 11 Questions and one of the regulars there will help you out.

by laffalot See Profile
last modified: 2002-10-11 05:01:38

You can carry out a speed test here at BBR, however it should be noted that these servers are in the US and therefore your results may be some what slower than expected.

You might want to test your speed using these UK speed test sites instead.:

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Securing a Broadband internet connection is vital if you wish to keep private documents safe and if you want to secure your PC from illegal activity

The best way to stop this, is to use a firewall. It is advisable to use one that gets updated on regular intervals. There are many different firewalls available some are free and others are not.

For further in-depth information please check out our security forum or the security FAQ

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Yes you can, the only thing is you wont be able to connect to some proxy 5 servers.
  • Goto Analogx.com and download Proxy, and then install on your HOST machine.

  • Then configure all your other PC's to have consecutive IP's address, and ct the same time configure them to connect via proxy, the proxy address is setup proxy on your other PC's, go into IE, then Internet options, then connections, lan settings, then Tick proxy, and put the IP address in.

  • Make sure you have proxy running on your HOST machine, you should have a little green icon in your tool bar.
Thats it, your done.

Happy Browsing

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last modified: 2003-09-08 13:42:54

A: You can find full reviews of UK Broadband ISP's at one of the following sites:
Of course you are also to check out some of the reviews made by site users by looking at the ISP List on this site.

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BT say, that if you have a firewall on your router/modem that you need to open up several hundred ports to enable the VoIP service to function.

In my experience, this is not the case and the only port that needs to be opened is 69.

To save excessive time configuring your modem and potentially creating unnecessary vulnerabilities, set your modem/router to forward port 69 to the IP address of your voice adaptor. Then try to re-configure your adaptor online as shown in your set-up processes.

It's worked for me for 2.5 years with both the Cisco ATA186 and also the current Voyager 10v.

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last modified: 2006-06-05 14:26:10