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1.0 General Forum Information

Please read the Posting Rules and look at the Site FAQ, these should answer most questions on posting and site features you may have.

The rules specific to the UK Chat Forum can be seen here.

Other points:-

•This forum is for discussing everything about UK and to have fun and serious discussions about things that affect the UK and those that live within it.

•The forum is open to one and all so you don't need to have been born in the UK!

•Anyone is welcome to join in on the discussions!

•Please keep it respectful, responsible and considerate

by laffalot See Profile

This board is for discussing everything about the UK and the various countries within it.

You may not be from the UK however you are much welcomed here, us Brits are a friendly bunch!

by laffalot See Profile

You may post your birthday here. The birthday list can be viewed here.

All birthdays will be added to the list as soon as possible.

If you discover that your birthday has been removed and wish to be re-added to the list, simply post back into the birthday list thread. Errors do happen and they will be corrected as soon as possible.

by laffalot See Profile

The photo album for the UK board can be found here. Individual pictures as well as pictures of UK are welcome to be posted.

Please note that the gallery is moderated and therefore material is subject to removal.

Feel free to IM laffalot See Profile if you want a picture removed.

by laffalot See Profile

News items are not posted within the UK Chat Forum using the sites news submission format.

Alternatively if an item is of interest it is posted as a forum topic using the [NEWS] radio button. This allows the item to be discussed topically within the forum.

by laffalot See Profile

Yep there sure is! If you want to add yourself to the DSLR/BBR map click here.

Then just find your area and stick your pin in.

by laffalot See Profile