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2.2 Samba

To see your shared resources on your Linux computer from Network Neighborhood, you will have to set up a Samba/SMB server.

First you will have to download the SAMBA files. To can obtain these from the Samba Home Page.

Then configure the Samba Server, that is the one that you will need in order for your Windows 95/98 machines to view and access shared resources on your Linux machine, you will need to configure the /etc/smb.conf or /etc/samba/smb.conf (for Red Hat) file. This is every simple and descriptions are all inside the file.

Then make an account using useradd account name and change the password using passwd account name. Remembering that this must be done as root.

Then run testparm to check that the smb.conf file is configured correctly.

Next, run smbpasswd -a account name you're ready to start up Samba. To start it up, type:
smbd -D
nmbd -D

or /etc/rc.d/init.d/smb start for Red Hat users.

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Edit the /etc/smb.conf or /etc/samba/smb.conf for Red Hat users and include your share directories. The smb.conf file explains the syntax.

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You could do this from Network Neighborhood or My Network Places in Windows ME/2K like browsing through My Computer.

You could also do it via the command prompt by issuing this command:
    net use s: \\SAMBA server\share name
Replace s: with the drive you would like to map the SAMBA shares under. Now, go into My Computer and you will see a new mapped drive of your SAMBA shared folder/directory.

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To list Windows shares use:
smbclient -L computername -U user

To mount a Windows shared directory use:
smbmount //computername/shared resource name /mnt/mount point -o username=user

To access Windows shared directory use:
smbclient //computername/shared resource name -U user

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The following information was taken from the Samba FAQ, this might explain why:

Samba 2.2.0 + Win2K SP 2 or WinXP

With Service Pack 2 Microsoft have added some new
RPC calls and uses them to join the domain, the same
RPC calls are found on Windows XP Beta release.

Samba 2.2.0 does not have this new set of RPC calls
and this make problems to Win2000-sp2 and winXP.

Samba Team have yet fixed this bug in CVS tree and
it will be solved in samba-2.2.1 for both Win2000-sp2
and WindowsXP
If you upgrade your SAMBA package to a newer version, this issue should be resolved.

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More information about Samba can be found at the Samba Home Page or this link to take you to the Samba documentation section.

Also read the Samba HOWTO from Linuxdoc.org.

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Yes! Its called LinNeighborhood

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • At least in ubuntu typing network:/// into the file browser address bar works, too.

    2009-10-27 00:16:40

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