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4.0 Usenet Providers

The providers listed here, in no particular order or preference are only a small handful of the Usenet providers you could use. All of them provide paid services, and generally have binary retention of 300 days or more. Should you like to add one to this list, please add it via the feedback form for approval.
- Astraweb
- Giganews
- Newshosting
- Usenetnow
- Blocknews
- SuperNews
- UsenetServer
- Bintube - Power Usenet
- Usenet.Net

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Yes and no. There is a large amount of review sites that are out there that aim to help potential customers make a decision. The problem is, much of them are simply affiliate links aimed to make the webmaster money. Therefore, it is tough to get true, honest reviews on various services. Below are various sites, but this list is no where near exhaustive, nor will I get into which review site is better than the other. Your best bet is to use these sites reviews and also get real world reviews from real customers. Our Filesharing Forum here on DSLR is a great resource to get real world reviews along with many of the other Usenet related forums on the web.

- Usenet Newsgroups Providers Reviews

- Newsgroup Reviews

- Anchordudes Comparison

- Usenet Compare

- Usenet Reviewz

- For Euro Users (Non-English Comparison Of Most Providers): Usenet Providers

- For French Users: Usenet For You

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