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2.0 General Questions

How do I find my product code?

Finding support for your product can seem daunting. However, U.S. Robotics has simplified this process by putting together a list of first steps to get you on your way.

You can follow them by visiting here.

USR8054 hidden feature

uses "Global Sun Tech" hardware which share similar feature as D-Link624.
default router-ip =
-Test menu
-give info about current NAT info. Ex. which ip and ports are open.
-reveal some setting
Ex. LAN MAC ,WAN MAC, F/W, Date, WLAN F/W, Watch Dog, Restore Default

3.0 Firmware/Drivers/Software

Where can find the latest drivers, firmware, and upgrades?

You can find the latest drivers, firmware, and upgrades for your U.S. Robotics product by visiting here.

4.0 Security

5.0 Troubleshooting

10.0 USR8054 Wireless-G Turbo Router

How to secure the USR8054?

This guide will cover how to stealth USR8054.
Most hackers usually gather various info from victims by port scanning. If they found some ports open. Ex. http/80, ftp/21. They will use tool such as Netcat to grab banner. This banner will reveal what software and version on the remote machine are running. So it is a good idea to obscure this information.
This site offers remote port scan service.
Then choose Common Ports
You should see what ports your router are open.
There are 3 status
1) open - attacker can see what service are open Ex. 80 = http , 21 = ftp, 23 = telnet.
2) closed - closed means that port is closed but your router still responds to the port scanner which is not good enough.
3) stealth - your router does not respond to the port scanner.
our goal is to make all ports stealth.
note it down which ports your router are left open.
Then go to
disable Allow to Ping WAN Port
disable SNMP
If you port scanning show that your router is open port 113(IDENT), there is a trick to close this port.
go to
set an unused ip in your network.
mine is

Although some special tool such as NMAP can defeat these setting by traverse the firewall, it's better than leave it as default setting.