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1.3 IP addresses and Port Info

Yes, but you'll need to switch to the FiOS business plan.
Static 25Mbps/25Mbps package:
    • $99.95/month;
    • 1 IP included
    • Additional static IP addresses available at extra fee.

Features include:
    • Free professional installation for the first PC
    • 15 personalized email accounts or 10 verizon.net accounts
    • WiFi access at Verizon hotspots
    • 24/7 live tech support
    • 30-day money-back guarantee
    • Verizon Internet Security Suite

See: »smallbusiness.verizon.com/produc ··· ios.aspx for an up-to-date listing of business plan offerings and prices.

With a residential account, your public IP should not frequently as long as your router stays connected. It's not uncommon to keep the same IP address for months.

You can get a free DNS "subdomain" from DynDNS.com or other providers that will map a DNS name of the form "mydnsname.dyndns.org" to whatever your dynamic IP address is. Using DynDNS is recommended since the Actiontec router supports automatically updating DynDNS servers if your public IP address should change for any reason.

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The ONT at a customer location has nothing to do with DHCP or PPPoE. It is the gateway router on Verizon's end that hands out internet connections either DHCP or PPPoE.

You cannot make your connection work with DHCP just by changing your router's settings. Also, upgrading your router's firmware will not help. Verizon would need to update equipment on its end to allow DHCP.

The Actiontec MI424WR router supplied by Verizon will automatically detect whether the gateway is using PPPoE or DHCP and will select to correct protocol to make the connection.

You can determine if you are DHCP or PPPoE from your router's main status page.
If the main status page shows Connected Broadband coax or broadband ethernet, your connection is DHCP.
If the main status page shows Connected WAN PPPoE or WAN PPPoE 2, your connection is PPPoE.

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Call 1-888-553-1555 (the Fiber Solutions Center) and request this change. They will forward you to the correct department.

You can bypass the queue at FSS and call Enhanced Products directly, which is the department that handles PTR records. Their number is 866-782-5965.

If requested, then Verizon will delegate NS records to your Nameserver, but most reps in tier one only know how to request PTR records, so you might have to talk to tier 2.

Note that only FiOS Business connections with Static IP addresses can request a reverse DNS PTR pointer set up. These are mainly used for e-mail servers.

Also see:

»Phone # for Getting PTR Record Set

Thank you, xargs See Profile, for the updated numbers.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Just requested reverse NS record delegation for my /29 and am being told that their delegation policy has changed. They won't do NS record delegation to your name server unless you have at least a /24. Am pushing to get it done anyway; wonder how you escalate?

    2012-11-15 14:42:48

  • The help4you@verizon.com is wrong, it will bounce. Use help4u@verizon.com, this one works.

    2012-09-07 14:54:02

  • I sent my request to business-support@verizonbusiness.com - but it was sent back: "Although Verizon Business has received your email, we are unable to create a ticket via this email address." I called 866-782-5965 and was told that the new address is now: help4you@verizon.com

    2012-08-09 00:05:10

  • I suspect people are already aware of this but I wanted to make sure everybody knew about it. For those with 5 static IPs or more running their own DNS servers, you can ask Verizon to set up NS records (instead of PTR records) and have your DNS server be the authoritative server for reverse lookup resolution. In other words, instead of having them add PTR entries like: IN PTR somename1.example.com. IN PTR somename2.example.com. you can have them add NS records: IN NS nameserver.example.com. IN NS nameserver.example.com. On your name server (nameserver.example.com in the example above) you just create a reverse zone for 3.2.1.in-addr.arpa and add entries for the IP addresses you own ( and in the example above) mapping them to whatever names you like. And you can change them whenever you like too. More information about this approach can be found at http://homepage.ntlworld.com./jonathan.deboynepollard/FGA/avoid-rfc-2317-delegation.html. Note that this also works for people that only have 1 static IP address, but I guess it's not worth the trouble. It's your call though.

    2010-04-29 16:01:17 (DarthRay See Profile)

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Older Verizon policy had inbound Port 80 blocked on residential and dynamic IP business accounts. However, Port 80 was open on business accounts with static IP addressing.

That policy started to change in 2009. Some subscribers reported the port was quietly opened. It appears the change was rolled out as part of network upgrades, so it did not occur all at once.

There has been no official announcement yet from Verizon, so you may or may not have a blocked inbound port 80. At this point, use it if you've got it. If you have to ask for it, Verizon may not give you the answer you're looking for. Yet.

You should also be aware that section 4.3 of Verizon's Terms of Service (12/5/2008) prohibit running a server on residential accounts, although no one here has reported having had an issue with Verizon over this.

You also may not exceed the bandwidth usage limitations that Verizon may establish from time to time for the Service, or use the Service to host any type of server. Violation of this section may result in bandwidth restrictions on your Service or suspension or termination of your Service.

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For port 80 info, see: »Verizon Online FiOS FAQ »What about Port 80 - is it blocked?

Outbound port 25 has been blocked on and off in the past, most recently blocked again effective 6/1/10. Inbound port 25 is currently open. Even if port 25 is not blocked, Verizon's dynamic IP addresses are listed in both the Spamhaus Policy Block List (PBL) and MAPS DUL. The PBL is/can be used by mail exchange servers (MX's) to reject connections from these addresses. Thus, for the purpose of running a mail exchange server port 25 is effectively blocked. However, a mail server can be run that utilizes Verizon's authenticated SMTP just like your mail client would do.

As always, YMMV. It has been reported that sometimes a port which should be blocked by standard Verizon policy has instead been left open. Which ports are blocked may change in the future.

No ports are blocked on business accounts with static IP addresses.

Please use the feedback link below only to suggest improvements to this FAQ. If you have questions about this FAQ, please post them in the »Verizon FiOS forum.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • If dates are to be included, then you might want to see this. According to this thread http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r22937511-northeast-Important-Changes-to-Your-Email-Service- blocking port 25 officially started back on 8/2009; see nycdave's follow-up post about it being rolled out gradually everywhere.

    2010-06-12 10:15:59 (darcilicious See Profile)

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There are two ways an ISP can allocate or assign an IP address to you for use on the internet: static or dynamic.

Static IP Address
A static IP address is assigned to your computer by your ISP and is permanent. Each time you connect to the internet, the same address is used. This address is never used by any other computer or device.

Dynamic IP Address
It would be simple if every computer that connects to the Internet could have its own static IP address, but when the Internet was first conceived, the architects did not foresee the need for an unlimited number of IP addresses. Consequently, there are not enough IP addresses to go around. To get around that problem, many Internet service providers economize on the IP addresses they possess by temporarily assigning an IP address to each computer from a pool of IP addresses. The temporary IP address is called a Dynamic IP address. As a result, the IP address may be different each time the computer connects to the Internet.

Thanks leevis See Profile

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The D-Link routers are no longer supplied. This FAQ is specific to D-Link models provided by Verizon and is retained in its original form.

Currently, your IP address may change if you 1) release then renew your WAN IP, 2) reboot your primary router, 3) lose power through DHCP lease expiration, or 4) request FSC to release your IP. Note, you may also do all the above and get the same IP address you had.
our IP address shouldn't change very often. If you suspect your address is changing too often (more than once a day) you may want to verify that your D-Link router is running the most recent Verizon firmware.

To check the firmware version of your Verizon provided D-Link router, open your web browser and connect to this address [].

It should ask for a username and password. If you have not changed these since installation, enter a username of "admin" (without quotes) and leave the password field blank.

Click on the "Tools" tab, and then click on the "Firmware" button to the left. You should see the current version of firmware on your router.

•For Verizon D-Link DI-604 routers, this should be version 1.07 or better.
•For Verizon D-Link DI-624 "wireless" routers, this should be version 2.43 or better.

If your version is older, you can download an updated version of the firmware from this Verizon page [click here].

Warning: Upgrading the firmware on the router runs the risk of rendering the router inoperable! If you don't feel comfortable doing this procedure, contact Verizon and ask FiOS support for assistance! This firmware is for Verizon provided D-Link routers; do not attempt to install this firmware on a retail D-Link router.

Instructions for installing the firmware are available from the link below. Do not download the firmware from D-Link, use the firmware from the Verizon site above!

»support.dlink.com/faq/view.asp?p ··· re%20624

After installing the firmware, test to see if your IP address changes less frequently. If it continues to change, you may have another problem. Contact FiOS support for additional troubleshooting. If you have a FiOS package (Verizon phone, LD and internet) you are most likely an "Encore" customer, and entitled to Encore support. They are much more knowledgeable that Verizon first line support. Ask for Encore support if you can.

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If you have multiple static IPs, but can not get more than one to work, check to see if you have an Alcatel ONT. Alcatel ONTs have a setting limiting the number of MAC addresses the ONT will recognize at a time. The default is one.

If this is a case, contact Verizon, either by calling the FSC, or posting in the »Verizon Direct forum.

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