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There are a number of places available to test your FiOS connection to make sure you're getting the most of your service. However, with the high-bandwidth that Verizon FiOS brings to your home, you should be aware not all speedtests are created equally. They are flash-based or java-based. It is suggested you use a java-based speed test for more accurate results, as flash-based tests may be subject to network compression. Results can also be impacted by network conditions anywhere between you and the test server. If you are given a choice of speedtest locations, choose the location nearest you.

Don't confuse the difference between bits per second (bps) and bytes per second (Bps). Your service connection is typically specified with two numbers like 10/2, 20/5, 25/15 and the like. The first number is download speed, the second number is upload speed. 20/5 service delivers 20 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload. Divide the numbers by 8 to derive 2.5 MBps and 625 KBps (0.625 MBps).

Also, here's a very useful link for a more comprehensive analysis of other network parameters. »netalyzr.icsi.berkeley.edu/

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