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Verizon is concerned that telephone service continue as long as possible during a power outage, so it's clear they chose to maximize telephone operation by turning off lower priority services. Doing so provides about 30% longer battery runtime with phone service only. However, it is possible to re-configure the ONT to continue to provide video and data services during battery operation.

This procedure may not work on some BBU/ONT combinations. Remove the battery cover and look for one or two adjacent terminal blocks with wires leading to the ONT.

Red: +12V OUT
Black: -V OUT
White/Color: +48V IN
Solid/Color: -V IN
Green: Signal Return
Gray: OnBattery signal
Brown: ReplaceBattery signal
Blue: BatteryMissing signal
Orange: LowBattery signal

You may see a different color code for the wires. If you do not see the terminal labels or the terminal blocks are hidden, you may have a BBU model that cannot be modified. Do not proceed further unless you are prepared to be responsible for consequential damage.

Normal Operation
The BBU controls all BBU functions and only reports status to the ONT. The ONT controls its own functions based on the status signals reported. During normal operation OnBattery, ReplaceBattery, BatteryMissing, and LowBattery signals generated by the BBU are held low (not zero). During alarm conditions, the appropriate signals are latched high (about 12V).

When AC power is lost, OnBattery signal goes high which triggers the 5 minute shutdown timer. After 5 minutes, video and data service is shut down to reduce battery drain.

If the battery is missing, BatteryMissing signal goes high but the ONT runs normally if AC power is applied.

Maintain Video and Data services
Trick the ONT into continuing to run video and data during a power failure by swapping the OnBattery and BatteryMissing signal wires. Now, when power is lost and BBU switches to battery, the ONT sees it as the battery is missing.

During modified operation, the battery must be connected and in good condition, otherwise you will lose data and video after 5 minutes. This is important to remember when you (or a Verizon tech) troubleshoots your system.

IMPORTANT: Make a label showing correct wire colors so you can restore original configuration. ALWAYS revert to original configuration when you turn maintenance of the ONT over to someone else.

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