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The rules here are simple and will be enforced.

#1 The Verizon Forums are for the discussion of problems, solutions and questions related to Verizon services.

#2 "Rants and raves" about service belong in the The Rants, Raves and Praise Forum.

#3 Threads may get moved or deleted without notice.

#4 Before posting, please check a few previous pages of the posts and the Verizon FAQ to make sure the question or the subject has not been covered recently.

#5 Start a new thread for topics unrelated to the original post.

#6 If the post is more than a month old, please start a new thread, and refer back to the old one, preferrably with a link.

#7 Do not post full names, internal phone numbers or extensions, unless you're sure they're public.

#8 There will be absolutely no flaming or trolling allowed, as though this one needed repeating. Do not respond to flames or trolls, that's tantamount to engaging in the same behavior. Civility is expected of everyone at all times. Gratuitous vulgarity or offensive language and themes will not be tolerated.

#9 When responding to multiple people, use one post. If you need help on how to use quotes, just ask.

#10 All Host decisions in this forum are final. Hosts are not required to explain publicly why something was done, although you may ask privately (by way of IM). In other words, "moderation critiques" will be deleted uniformly and as a matter of general practice.

#11 Please take note of any sticky posts in the forum containing supplemental advice on posting in the forum.

#12 Be sure to review the Verizon FAQ, DSLR Terms of use and Site FAQ.

#13 Posts from the Verizon Direct Forum are NOT allowed to be posted in the regular Verizon Forums. You may share with others in your own words but do not copy and paste what was said nor may you directly quote the post from the Direct Forum.

FAQ by kadar, edited by Cariad, further mangled and obfuscated by gwion

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