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6. Software

If you are a Verizon/GTE customer, you will not have WinPoet on the CD.
You will receive a CD with IE and OE.

Faq by kadar

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  • need to update.. Verizon no longer provides WinPoET on its CDs but it is available for download. The same is true for MacPoET

    2008-02-24 15:44:28 (sozekizer See Profile)

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To get support from BA you need to be using their software, or you need to be able to answer the level one techs questions.
What you can do is keep Winpoet on your machine but disable the start up with Windows function. Then re-enable Winpoet and reset the gateway and reboot before you call Tech support.

FAQ by kadar

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RASPPPoE is a freeware PPP over Ethernet protocol driver (created by Robert Schlabbach) that can be used as a replacement for the WinPoet software provided by Verizon for connectivity to your DSL account.

FAQ by kadar

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Any Verizon user with an external DSL modem and a Network Interface Card (NIC). Internal DSL and USB modems may work with RASPPPoE under certain conditions, please refer to RASPPPoE FAQ#5 for additional information.

RASPPPoE was written specifically for Windows 2000, then adapted for use with W98, W98SE and WinME. RASPPPoE will not work with W95 and NT4!

Ok, I want to try it, where do I start?
The first step is to retrieve, print and read the installation instructions FROM START TO FINISH! If you follow the steps outlined by the author, then you should not have any problems with the changeover.

o Windows 98/SE/ME users clickhere
o Windows 2000 users click here

What next?
Click here to download the protocol and begin the installation process. If you do not have Dialup Networking installed, you should have your Windows installation CD available.
Deprecated. The links are no longer valid. Pending review.

Need more help?
DSLR is your answer station. Go to the RASPPPoE Forum for assistance by other users.

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No it's not necessary at all. It's a diagnostic tool that Verizon techs can use to troubleshoot connection problems on your line.
IP Insight is a Quality of Service and /or diagnostic package - but it's not used by VOL at this time - there's no back-end companion for tech support or NOC to use to access it...
It does send "phone home" data used to check latency and network traffic occasionally, but like any other features that it contains are unused or not implemented.

FAQ by kadar

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The only thing needed absolutely needed for WinPoet is the NDISWAN protocols (actually not true protocols, but shims between TCP/IP and the Ethernet interface), but the only way to get NDISWAN to load is to install VPN support in Control Panel --> Add/Remove Programs --> Windows Setup. Once Winpoet has been installed, you can go back into Network Properties and delete Dial-up Adapter #2 (VPN Support) and NDISWAN->Microsoft Virtual Private Networking Adapter. (You need to retain iVasion Poet Adapter and NDISWAN->iVasion Poet Adapter). Do not uncheck VPN Support in Add/Remove Programs -> Windows Setup, as that will also remove the NDISWAN shims. Also, when the account setup program runs, it doesn't make a secure VPN connection, just a regular DSL connection to a secure server that's on an internal Verizon network, segregated from the rest of the 'net.

FAQ by kadar

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Verizon's Version 3.0 still has at its core WinPoet 2.0.
Wind River who created the software did not mark it as 3.0.
It's Verizon DSL 3.0 software, the WinPoet just has a minor SHPLWAPI.DLL file update. Which still produces an error if you have an updated version of Windows ME. Best, option is to rename the SHPLWAPI.DLL in the C:\Programs Files\VerizonDSL\WinPoet folder to SHPLWAPI.OLD then it'll just use the version of SHPLWAPI.DLL in the windows\system folder. You won't have to worry about receive an error again since the system folder always will have the updated version
The 2704 build and the "Verizon 3.0 James Earl Jones" build have identical packet drivers. The only differences:

- No more Netscape [You can install older builds w/o needing Netscape, so this is not a major difference]

- Verizon branding instead Bell Atlantic. Apparent in images and icons.

- James Earl Jones gets to say `Thank You for Using Verizon`.
- The significant difference between older 2.0 2000201 and 3.0/2.0 20002704 - Windows ME compatibility.

- Speed: NO difference.

FAQ by kadar

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From a support standpoint, if you use it, you won't have any support from Verizon until you remove the webshare software and downgrade the modem. The webshare software actually does a flash upgrade of the modem's firmware. (Another dont mention it item (to tech support).)

FAQ by kadar

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Don't install 3.0. XP has it's own PPPoE software that works great.

Go into network connections.
Click on create a new connection. which brings up the wizard. Click Next.
Make sure Connect to Internet is checked. Click Next.
Choose Set up my connection manually. Click Next.
Choose Connect using a broadband connection that requires user name and password. Click Next.
Input Verizon. Click Next.
Input user name and password. (you may need to add @verizon.net)(I didn't) Click Next.
Then Finish.
To double check that it's set for PPPoE, go back to Network Connections. Right click on the Verizon connection and choose properties, then Networking to insure that PPPoE is the type of broadband connection to make.

Bob Carrick's setup

Dead link keep for refernce
Verizons XP pppoe setup instuctions:

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