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7.3 E-Mail

Instructions for Microsoft Outlook Express for Windows (Version 5.0
through 6.0):

1. Open Outlook Express
2. From the Main Menu, select "Tools", then "Accounts"
3. Select the "Mail" tab
4. Click ONCE on your Verizon Online e-mail account name to select
it. Select "Properties"
5. Select the "Servers" tab
6. Change the "Incoming mail (POP3)" server name from its current
entry to:
7. Change the "Outgoing mail (SMTP)" server name to:
8. Check the box labeled "My server requires authentication"
9. Click "Settings"
10. Verify "Use same settings as my incoming mail server" is
selected. Click "OK"
11. Click "OK" in the "Properties" window
12. Click "Close" in the "Internet Accounts" window
13. Create and send a new message to your own e-mail address

Instructions for Netscape Messenger (Version 6.0):

1. Open your Netscape e-mail
2. From the Main Menu, select "Edit", then "Mail & Newsgroups Account
3. Select "Outgoing Server (SMTP)" from the list in the left pane
4. Change the outgoing mail "Server Name" to:
5. Select the "Use name and password" check box.
6. Enter your Verizon Online User ID in the "User Name" field. Note:
Enter your user name, not your e-mail alias.
7. Click "OK"
8. Create and send a new message to your own e-mail address. The
first time you send a message, Netscape prompts you for your
password. After entering your password, check the option "Use
Password Manager to remember this password" and send the message.
Once the first message is sent with this option selected, Netscape
will save the password and you will not be prompted to enter your
password to send subsequent messages.


At this time (08/09) Verizon supports POP3/SMTP on ports 110/25 only.
SSL encrypted ports are not available.
Verizon email help

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  • This document is very outdated. Verizon has changed ingoing and outgoing server names and ports: 995/465. Feel sorry for any new users trying to figure this out.

    2015-03-14 13:51:17

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It can be done here:
BA Users

FAQ by kadar

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Your e-mail alias will be (text of first box). (text of second box) That is, if you were to enter joe in the first box and schmoe in the second box, your new e-mail alias would be When you get to the next page, if someone else hasnt picked your alias, it will be the first selection in the list of choices you're given. If someone else has already picked it, the entire list will be alternate choices. You can pick one of the choices or go back to the previous page and try a different combination.
Go to
Click on My Account, enter user name and PW
Go to Email Alias Manager, click "next"
Now it will tell you what alias you currently have...on the bottom it will have boxes that allow you to change it.
A lot of people ask if you can remove the period in between, and have just
I found this to be impossible. But you can change it to anything you want, granted it is available.

FAQ by kadar

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You cannot change your user name; however, you can change the password that Verizon Online assigns to you.

You cant change your e-mail address, but you can create an e-mail alias.

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  • To get help for your problem(s) or to ask questions, please post in the appropriate Verizon forum:

    2010-03-30 14:45:48 (sashwa See Profile)

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You were assigned an ID and password when you ordered Verizon Online service. This information, along with your e-mail address and other account settings, may have been included in the Welcome Letter in your installation kit.

You may have been given the opportunity to choose your own personalized user name. If you havent selected one yet, you can create a personalized user name now.

In most cases, your user name is the portion of your e-mail address that precedes the @ symbol. For example, the user name for the is johndoe.

If you know your user name and the answer to your secret question, but have forgotten your password, you can use the Verizon Online Password Reset tool.

If you can't find your user name, call Technical Support at (800) 567-6789.

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