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2.0 Software

Depending on your operating system, there are numerous software packages available for use.

Most people running Windows, use NetStumbler. It has support for many different types of wireless devices and GPS units. It is called an "active scanner"; it sends a request to all wireless devices in the area. The wireless devices see the request, and replys with their information. NetStumbler logs the information and keeps track of every time it sees a given wireless device. NetStumbler is very easy to install and use.

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For Linux/*Bsd users, the tool of choice is Kismet.

Kismet, unlike NetStumbler, is a "passive scanner". This means that instead of probing wireless devices for information, it sits and waits for the information to come to it. This is generally the preferred method because it is more difficult (if not impossible) to detect a passive scanner interecepting network information.

Kismet is somewhat difficult to install, if one is not used to Linux/*BSD, but there are tutorials readily available. For FreeBSD users, there is a package in ports for kismet.

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Almost all wireless software is free.

Many pieces of software are open source and are released under the GPL licence.

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