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3.0 Equipment

Getting started is easier than you would think.

All you need is a wireless enabled laptop or PDA (a desktop can theoretically work, but it is difficult to fit in a car).

Integrated wireless adapters will work depending on your scanning software, as will PCMCIA/USB/other adapters.

Other than that, there are numerous things that can be added but they are not necessary.

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It isn't required, but it is recommended.

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A pigtail is a short length of coaxial cable (about one foot) used to connect a large/low loss cable to your wireless adapter.

Pigtails are usually very thin because they have very small connectors on one end to connect to the wireless adapter. The other end usually has a Type-N male or female connector in order to connect to an antenna or a larger cable.

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Virtually every wireless equpiment manufacturer uses their own special connector for their devices. The FCC told the manufacturers to use nonstandard connectors in order to make it harder for people to attach external antennas.

There are many types and variations from a standard connector, to a reverse polarity connector, to even reverse threaded ones. Unfortunately, this makes it slightly difficult for Wardrivers, as well as antenna manufacturers.

The antenna manufacturers do not want to make 30 variations of the same antenna with different connectors. To get around this, they use a standard Type-N adapter. A pigtail is then used (see the FAQ about pigtails) to adapt from the Type-N to the specific connector on the wireless adapter.

»www.hyperlinktech.com/web/radio_···list.php has a good list of connectors for specific adapters. If you cannot find yours in that list, you can ask in the wireless forum and someone will most likely help you.

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If you have a GPS unit, you can attach it to your computer in order to log latitude/longitude coordinates of any signals discovered. This can be used later to generate your own maps, or upload your lists to sites such as »wigle.net and »secure-wifi.net

Also, if you have a mapping program, such as Streets and Trips or Mappoint, you can have live position tracking to show where you are (and how to get out whenever you're lost). In order to allow NetStumbler and the programs mentioned above to work, you will need a virtual communications port driver and a TCP/IP comm port server. Comfoolery is a common choice and will let you split one port to many virtual ports for the various programs to use.

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An amplifier, like its name, amplifies wireless signals.

Most amplifiers also contain a preamp which amplifies the signals coming back in as well.

An amplifier is not necessary for Wardriving, but it can make detection easier from distances. One thing to consider before purchasing an amplifier is that while you may be able to get your signal out further, you still might not be able to hear the devices reply back.

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