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5. General Information

Each Wave internet account comes with 30 MB of personal web space. You can upload your content to the web through one of these methods:

    • You can use the interface through Wave's Webmail program. Simply log in with your username and password from any web browser (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari). When the Webmail opens, click on the Website icon, which will open a screen where you can use the Browse button to find files to upload, then the Upload File button to publish each file to your site.
    • You can upload files using FTP, which is available through web publishing programs and FTP clients or can also be accessed through many web browsers. In a publishing program, you will want to make certain that FTP is selected as the upload method. For either a web publishing or FTP program, enter the server as home.wavecable.com, and the same username and password as you use for your email.
    • To use FTP through a web browser, enter ftp://home.wavecable.com into the address bar and a login window will appear. Use the same username and password as your email. You can then drag-and-drop files from your desktop or a folder window, to the browser window, and the files will upload from your computer to the server.

Once you have uploaded a file named index.html, it will be visible on the web by going to your personalized URL: http://home.wavecable.com/~username/. Username is your email account.

If you encounter difficulties creating your website, please be aware that Wave's technical staff are not trained to address web design issues; you may wish to consult an HTML tutorial.

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Looking at your modem at » (address may vary depending on your modem):

Signal to Noise Ratio:  Above 34 dBmV.

Upstream Power Level: 37 to 49 dBmV.

 Downstream Power Level: -10 to +10 dBmV, the closer to 0 dBmV, the better.

If your modem shows values outside of these ranges, contact Wave to have someone come out to fix the problem.

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Tunnel Type: 6to4
Relay IP:
Most of the time, 6to4 should configure itself. If you have any problems setting IPv6 up, make a post here
Native IPv6 is coming soon.

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last modified: 2014-12-15 21:47:23