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1.General Question

What is Webbit?

Wireless Broadband Internet Connection using the 2.6GHz spectrum radio band.

What do i need to get started?

The system requirement for Webbit

System Requirements

Operating Systems
•Windows NT Workstation 4.0 SP6 or later.
•Windows 2000
•Windows XP SP1 or later.
•Windows 9x

•Pentium III or higher
•128MB RAM or higher
•10MB free hard disk space
•10/100 BaseT NIC

What services are available?

Basic 384/256kbps @ RM69/month, Dynamic IP
Activation fee: RM99

Basic Plus 448/256kbps @ RM89/month, Dynamic IP
Activation fee: RM99

Premium 512/256kbps @ RM259/month, 1 fixed IP
Activation fee: RM120

Premium Plus 512/256kbps @ RM299/month, 5 fixed IPs
Activation fee: RM120

THe official Listing could be found here »timebroadband.time.net.my/webbit/pricing.cfm

Where do i find the nearest TIME/Authorised dealers for service?

Go to this page »timebroadband.time.net.my/webbit/dealers.cfm or call Toll Free: 1-800-38-7111

Where do i check for availability?

said by timebroadband.time.net.my:
Currently the service is only available in selected areas within Petaling Jaya. All efforts are in place to expand the coverage to other areas within the Klang Valley before end of 2004.

Call Toll Free: 1-800-38-7111 or go to this page »timebroadband.time.net.my/webbit···lity.cfm for the latest coverage area.

Registration, what do i need?

For Individual Registration:

•A copy of NRIC (both sides) or Passport
•A copy of utility bill as proof of address
•Deposit of RM500.00 (Ringgit Malaysia Five Hundred Only) for foreigner for each Webbit Modem (Will be refunded upon cancellation of the service(s) upon completion of stated contract period)

For Business Registration:

•A copy of Form 24 and 49 for Berhad and Sdn Bhd company
•A copy of Form D adn A or B for Partnership and Sole Proprietary
•A copy of Certificate Copy of Practice issue for relevant authority for •General Practitioner(s) (i.e. Private Clinic, Accounting Firm and Advocate and Solicitor
•A copy of Form 79 or 80 or 80a or 83 or 83a for Foreign Company and deposit of RM1500.00 (Ringgit Malaysia One Thousand Five Hundred Only) for each Webbit Modem. (Will be refunded upon cancellation of service(s) upon completion of stated contract period)

How do I contact TIME Customer Care?

Call 1-800-38-7111 or 03-2730 5287 and follow the voice prompt or email webbit@time.net.my.

What is the a minimum contract period?

You will be bound to a 12-month contract period upon subscription unless stated otherwise.

How does this technology work?

TIME dotCom Berhad has installed a number of base stations at strategic areas. You can now enjoy high-speed Internet access via a Webbit Wireless Modem that wirelessly connects to the broadband network by sending and receiving radio frequency signals. These signals will then be converted to high-speed data signals enabling access to the World Wide Web.

As the wireless modem does not require a phone line connection, this allows you to make and receive phone calls even while you are surfing the Internet. Unlike DSL, it also does not involve the hassle of connecting splitters or filters to your existing phone line. Simply connect the wireless modem directly to your PC using an Ethernet connection and enjoy surfing.

2.Email & Newsgroup

Can I still use my Jaring or TMNet account to receive and send mail?

Yes, you can. All you need to do is to change your smtp relay address (outgoing mail) to smtp.time.net.my.

3.Trouble shooting & Tweaking

Will my cordless phone and mobile phone interfere with wireless broadband

As the Webbit service is delivered over the 2.6GHz spectrum there are no noted interference with cordless (2.4GHz) and mobile phones (1.8 GHz & 900MHz as they run on different spectrums

Is this service affected by weather conditions?

TIMEs Webbit frequencies are extremely resilient to "rain fade" and other weather conditions and have been able to withstand the Malaysian weather conditions. However expect lost in speed or lost of signal in real severe weather.



What is Wireless Internet Access?

Wireless Internet Access provides high-speed access directly from your PC to the Internet without the use of a phone line. Much like a radio signal, data is transmitted to and from your computer via antennas. The data travels from your computer, to the wireless modem that you purchased, and then proceeds through the assigned base station directly to the Internet.

How does Webbit compare to my current dial-up Internet access?

On your current dial-up service, you are required to utilize an existing telephony service to dial a certain 4 or 8 digit number to get connected. With such a service, there are possibilities of facing congested networks and as well as disconnections. Webbit on the other hand, provides an always-on high speed connection to eliminate dialing up delays and lost connections without the need of telephony services.

How does Webbit compare to my current ISDN Internet access?

ISDN provides data transmission speeds of up to 128Kbps on a dial-up technology that charges the customer on a per minute basis whilst Webbit provides always-on Internet data transmission speeds of up to 512Kbps at one fixed-rate a month without the need for telephony services.

How does Webbit compare to satellite technology?

While both services transmit data without the use of wires, satellite access sends and receives data through satellites orbiting around the earth. Wireless Internet Access uses a path of base stations between you and the Internet service provider. The two types of data are distinguishable by the kind of equipment that is used to translate them (a wireless modem and a satellite dish and modem)