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0.0 Forum Information

About the BBR Westell Equipment FAQ.

This FAQ is to provide accurate information relating to Westell Products - If you wish to contribute to the FAQ, Place your FAQ here, the entry is greatly appreciated and will be reviewed by one of the FAQ Editors.

Who Runs the BBR Westell Forum?

The Westell Forum is hosted by Broadbandreports.com and is not affiliated with Westell.

1.0 General

Guide to Using 327w as a router for Comcast

Before you start, you need to get all the settings for your Comcast connection. To do this, go to start -> run. Type in cmd and press enter. This will bring up the command prompt. Type in ipconfig /all. Write down all the information, even though you wont be needing it all.

Now you have to attach the 327w properly.

E1 -> Should be connected to nothing (yet)
E2 -> Should be connected to computer.

Unplug the Ethernet Cable that goes to your Cable modem.

Your Comcast should turn off but you dont need that right now.

In your web browser go to

First you should reset the 327w to Factory Settings. To do this go to maintenance -> Backup/Restore.

From here, select the 3rd option, which is restore to factory settings.

Now your 327w will reset and then you will be prompted for an ID and password. Your old ID and password wont work so use:

•ID: admin
•pass: password

Now you will be prompted to connect a DSL line, but you dont want that yet so click cancel.

You will go to a screen which tells you to change you ID and password. Change it to whatever you want.

Now you will go to the home of Wirespeed Data Gateway.

As soon as you get there you will receive a pop up, telling you to create a new connection.

Name the connection: Comcast or whatever you want. Dont put anything ISP ID and ISP password.

Just press next from there until it says finish, when its done the pop-up will close

This is where you will be needing all that information!

So now go to Advanced LAN -> DNS

For the domain name put the Connection - specific DNS Suffix from the ipconfig /all that you ran earlier.

Then under "Static Host Assignment" Add

Now go to Advanced WAN. Under the drop down menu change from "DSL ATM Port" To "Ethernet Port 1"

Now on that same page click the edit button.

On the Drop down menu choose "Routed"

Under Router Settings:
DHCP Client should be disabled.

In the boxes, fill in whatever you wrote down from ipconfig /all.

After you are done filling out the boxes press set.

Now press edit again, this time enable DHCP client, and press set again.

Now you should be able to browse the web on your computer. You have just made the 327w a router for your Cable Modem.

Now you can go to Wireless -> Basic to edit your SSID

Wireless -> Security to set you WEP Key

Then on your other computer which is wirelessly enabled you can access you Cable.

Submitted by sheldon92 See Profile from this post: »[Guide] Using 327w as a router for Comcast

How do I collect statistical information for the 6100 under Linux/BSD?


This FAQ is for the Westell 6100 ADSL modem/router but it might work with other Westell modems.

Westell does not offer telnet, ftp or SNMP in their products making it very hard to collect ADSL line statistical data when the collecting program is not running in Windows.

One obscure and undocumented method for collecting data in Westell modems is via multicasting streams. Multicasting streams use a special IP address in the following range - (224.0.0/24) Local Network Control Block. A device called a Client can join a multicasting stream or group by sending IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol) packets to the Server requesting to join the group. The Server responds by starting to send multicast packets in the form of UDP packets with a destination address of port 1875.

Once the multicast packets are intercepted a monitoring program can strip the encapsulated data payload and decode it. The following table show some of the identified parameters present in the data payload.

Data payload size is 120 bytes (6100)

Offset Description
00 Not Identified 4 Bytes
04 Up Time Counter 4 Bytes
08 Noise margin UP 2 Bytes
10 Power UP 2 Bytes
12 Attenuation UP 2 Bytes
14 Sync rate UP 2 Bytes
16 Noise margin DW 2 Bytes
18 Power DN 2 Bytes
20 Attenuation DN 2 Bytes
22 Sync rate DW 2 Bytes
24 FEC errors 4 Bytes
28 CRC errors 4 Bytes
32 HEC errors 4 Bytes
36 Signal lost 4 Bytes
40 Frame lost 4 Bytes
44 TX user traffic cell count 4 Bytes
48 RX user traffic cell count 4 Bytes
52 Invalid dropped cells 4 Bytes
56 OAM_control_cell 4 Bytes *Not verified
60 0/21 loopback 4 Bytes *Not verified
64 Encapsulation type 2 Bytes *Not verified
66 rx_aal_pdu 4 Bytes *Not verified
70 tx_aal_pdu 4 Bytes *Not verified
74 Not Identified 24 Bytes
98 Ethernet RX frames 4 Bytes
102 Ethernet TX frames 4 Bytes
106 Ethernet discarded frames 4 Bytes
. Not Identified 10 Bytes

In addition to joining a multicast group Westell modems require a special UDP exchange to start the multicast stream. The client must send a sequence of special UDP packets to the Westell broadcast address. The following table show this UDP packet exchange:

Client sends a UDP packet with source port 1486 and destination port 2420 data = 0x00,0x0c,0x00
6100 replies with a UDP packet with the model number and serial number

Client sends a UDP packet with source port 1486 destination port 2420 data = 0x00,0x01,0x00
6100 replies with a UDP packet with firmware version and data pump version.

Client sends a UDP packet with source port 1487 destination port 2420 data = 0x00,0x0c,0x00
6100 replies with a UDP packet with the model number and serial number

Client sends a UDP packet with source port 1487 destination port 2420 data = 0x00,0x06
6100 replies with a UDP packet with adsl chipset information

Client sends a UDP packet with source port 1875 destination port 1875 data = 0x00,0x30,0x01,0xe0,0x49,0xc1,0x3e
6100 replies with multicast stream

To stop the multicast stream one single UDP packet is needed:

Client sends a UDP packet with source port 1875 destination port 1875 data = 0x00,0x30,0x00
6100 stops multicast stream.


start6100 Will start the multicast stream. »adslm.dohrenburg.net/start6100
stop6100 Will stop the multicast stream. »adslm.dohrenburg.net/stop6100
mcastPoll Will collect ADSL statistical data and print it to the screen. »adslm.dohrenburg.net/mcastPoll

Monitor the following page: »adslm.dohrenburg.net/linux.html for updates.

1. Write statistical data to a file so MRTG or RRDTool can use it.
2. Integrate RRDTool with the collecting program.


How do I set up my WEP/WAP wireless on a Westell 327W?

See this thread: »westell WEP and WPA set up

HOWTO set Verizon c90-610015-06 router to BRIDGED

From darcilicious See Profile thread - »HOWTO set Verizon c90-610015-06 router to BRIDGED

Paradisecowgirl has created HowTo with pictures here:

Technical white paper for the westell 2200

Westell 2200 Setup with Router

The Westell 2200 wired modem/router your ISP is supplying can be used in either Router or Bridge mode; if you are already using a router, or want to, you need to put the modem in Bridge mode or you'll have problems. Here's how:

First, connect your PC directly to the Westell 2200 with an ethernet (CAT5 or CAT5e) cable, bypassing your router. In your browser's address box, type to access the Modem Configuration utility. When asked for user name and password, enter your account's username and password. Now, from the Configuration menu, choose VC configuration and set the 0/35 to bridge mode by clicking the "edit" button and using the drop down menu. Do not disable the 0/35. Save. Then, again in the Configuration menu, select DHCP Configuration and turn off the DHCP Server. Log off the utility.

Skip this next step if you've already been using your router to supply PPPoE with your username and password already. Unplug the cable from the modem and hook it up directly to your router (so your computer and your router are now hooked up and the modem isn't in the mix). Enter your router's configuration area (usually, choose PPPoE and, in the PPPoE area, change the log on entries to your verizon username and password.

Now (almost done!) hook a cable between the modem and the router, leaving the PC to router connection in place. Reboot both devices. All should work fine now.
Thanks, gracie7 See Profile for the corrections

Westell modem information for AT&T / BellSouth users

For more information on Westell products as used and supplied by AT&T/BellSouth please see this FAQ: »AT&T Southeast Forum FAQ

AT&T/BellSouth Westell drivers and firmware may be found here: »www.fastaccess.drivers.bellsouth···#westell

Westell Model Number Identification:
220010 Generic
220015 Verizon
220030 AT&T/BellSouth

Westell modem information for Verizon users

What is the default factory login/password for a Westell 6100 DSL modem?

username: admin
password: password

As seen here- »Westell 6100 default login

2.0 Troubleshooting

Apple Remote Desktop Admin cannot communicate with clients

If you are running ARD from behind a Westell 6100 using the built-in router, you may find that all your clients show up only as "Offline" or "VNC On." The solution is to bring up the Westell configuration web page, click on the NAT/Gaming tab, and define a new custom service. I chose to make it a port triggering service to increase security. Set the trigger and global ports to 3283. Save this service, enable it, and you should have full control of your clients again.

How can I collect statistical information from Westell modems?

ADSL Monitor now supports Westell modems: »adslm.dohrenburg.net

ADSL Monitor multicast version collects statistical data using Westell multicasting streams. ADSL Monitor should work with any Westell modem using this data gathering technique.

Download the full installation package from: »adslm.dohrenburg.net/Multicast_A···itor.zip or visit the ADSL Monitor home page for detailed instructions and updates.

How can I deal with the Verizon walled garden?

Some verizon versions of the Westell modems (6100, 327w, 7500) come with firmware that directs you to a walled garden, from which it is hard to escape.

If you are on Verizon, this might not be a problem. The purpose of the walled garden is to help you configure your modem. However, if you are using a verizon version of the modem with another provider, then the walled garden arrangement prevents you from getting to the modem configuration pages.

To turn off the walled garden, follow the advice in the Verizon FAQ:
»Verizon Online DSL FAQ »How to Turn off the Walled Garden

3.0 Setting-Up Firewalls

Harden Westell 327 Firewall - Working Example

See Discussion Thread: »Harden Your Westell 327 Firewall

Westell 2200 Firewall Rule Explanation

Great Thread on Westell 2200 Firewall Setup here.

4.0 Internal Diagnostic Pages

Is there a Linux/FreeBSD Stats Monitor for 36R516/2100/2200/6100 Series Modems?

The wdiag set of utilities located here provide a means to monitor most Westell DSL modems in Linux or FreeBSD.
(new site: »sourceforge.net/projects/wdiag/ )

The utilities include programs to start the stats stream, stop the stats stream, and monitor the stats stream.

This is useful for plugging into MRTG or any other statistical analysis tool.

The program has been tested on Linux 2.4.x, Linux 2.6.x, FreeBSD 4.x and FreeBSD 5.x/6.x.

Where can I find the Westell Diagonstic Icon (Modem Browser Utility)

Where can I find the Westell PVC Utility used for changing the VCI/VPI in some m

5.0 VersaLink

How can I access my VersaLink configuration page?

Launch your internet browser, and type in the address bar: » - this should bring you to the configuration page for your VersaLink 327w model.

Note: you may be prompt for user name and password on specific pages within the modem. The default user name is: admin; the default password is: password. However, with Verizon subscribers, if the above does not work, try entering your Verizon's user name and password.

What is the default factory login/password for a Westell versalink 327W?

The factory default is:

username: admin
password: password

As seen here: »Defalt password for westell versalink 327W

See also: »Westell Equipment Forum FAQ »How can I access my VersaLink configuration page?

Versalink DMZ How to

After many hours of trial and error to accomplish what should be a simple task of putting a device into the DMZ zone I came upon this easy solution. Login in to the router. Click on configuration and then single static IP. Choose the IP of the device you want to enter into the DMZ. Such as a PC, VOIP device, etc. Click enable on the bottom. While the router is rebooting, check that the device is setup for DHCP. After router reboots, reboot the device and your done.

Various threads on this subject:
»[modem/router] Versalink router DMZ
»Versalink 327

- bilbo4fun See Profile