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1. Internet

1.1 General Questions

What are the advertised speeds for WOW?

Current offerings (availability varies by area/location):

Xcite 2Mbps Internet
2Mbps Internet speed, 35 times faster than dial-up

Xpress 8Mbps Internet
8Mbps Internet speed, 140 times faster than dial-up

Xtreme 15Mbps Internet
15Mbps Internet speed, 260 times faster than dial-up

Xtreme Turbo 15/2Mbps Internet
15Mbps download and 2Mbps upload speeds make this the fastest WOW! Internet service available

What are the advantages of using a cable modem to access the Internet?

Unlike DSL, Cable modems are not limited by distance. Cable modem technology is continuously being updated. Cable companies, including W.O.W., have upgraded to DOCSIS 3, which allows theoretical 160Mbps/120Mbps speeds through the use of channel bonding, compare that to the average offering of 1.5-6Mbps for DSL in the U.S.

In addition to blazing fast speeds, cable has low pings which makes it perfect for gaming, always on connection, and can help you save money by bundling it with other services from your cable company such as TV and home phone.

Is WOW available in my area?

The following are ready for DSDN:
The following are ready for cable modem:
Illinois Michigan Ohio Indiana
Arlington Heights
Calumet City

Chicago City - S. Side
Chicago Heights

Des Plaines
Dupage County
Glen Ellyn
Glendale Heights
Mount Prospect
Oak Forest
Palos Park
Prospect Heights
South Holland
Allen Park
Canton Township
Dearborn Heights
Garden City
Grosse Ile
Harrison Township
Hazel Park
Huntington Woods
Lincoln Park
Madison Heights
Mount Clemens
Northville Township
Pleasant Ridge
Plymouth Township
Rochester Hills
Royal Oak
Shelby Township
St. Clair Shores
Sterling Heights
Blendon Township
Brook Park
Canal Winchester
Columbus North
Cuyahoga Heights
Fairview Park
Garfield Heights
Grandview Heights
Grove City
Jackson Township
Madison Township
Maple Heights
Marble Cliff
Middleburg Heights
Mifflin Township
Minerva Park
New Rome
North Olmsted
North Royalton
Norwich Township
Perry Township
Prairie Township
Shaker Heights
Sharon Township
Upper Arlington
Valley View

Call 1-866-4WOW-NOW (1-866-496-9669) to check for availability at your address.
Green indicates WOW! Internet is available.

Where is the AUP/TOS for WOW?

Wide Open West's AUP and Privacy and Conditions can be viewed here.

How to check your e-mail anywhere

Just go to WOW's Webmail page and login to check your e-mail anywhere w/o having to configure software.

How do I set up my newsgroup service with OE?

Notice: Once you have set up your newsgroup access you can no longer change your primary email account name. If you wish to make changes to your primary email account, please do so before setting up the news service.

    1. Open Outlook Express(OE).

    2. Click Tools and then select the Accounts option.

    3. Click on Add and then select News.

    4. In the Name Field type in your name and click Next.

    5. Type in your e-mail address and click Next.

    6. In the News Server Name field type the following:

    7. Check the option 'My news server requires me to logon' and then click Next.

    8. Enter your primary account name ( ) and the password for the primary e-mail account. Check the option 'Remember password'. (note: Once you have set up your newsgroup access you can no longer change your primary email account name)

    9. Click Next and then Finish.

    10. Click Close

Courtesy of

Does WOW provide newsgroups?

The newsgroup address is and to login use your primary WOW e-mail account. There is a 5 GB monthly download limit on newsgroups. To check your newsgroup usage visit » ··· sage.cgi

1.2 Networking and Sharing

How can I share my connection?

I suggest surfing over to They have set up a site that goes into great detail about internet connection sharing.

You might also want to visit DSLR's Networking forum.

1.3 Modems & NICs

Can I use my own cable modem with WOW?

Customer-owned modems that are certified to DOCSIS 3.0 can be used with WOW! Internet. Customers should have the MAC and serial number for their modem available when they call WOW! to have their modem provisioned for use.

WOW! does not typically provide firmware updates or technical support specific to customer-owned modems.

1.4 Troubleshooting

I can't surf. What should I do?

Release and renew the IP. If this doesn't work, you should reboot, or power cycle, the modem. Usually this means unplugging the AC power either from the wall or the back of the modem, waiting 30-45 seconds, and then plugging it back in. Some modems have a reset switch which can also be used. Power cycling the modem should be one of the first steps when troubleshooting a "dead" connection.

I'm getting high latency and/or packet loss what can I do?

Here are a few things that you can try. If these do not resolve you issue, you may want to post your issue in the Tweaks Forum.

•Clear your browser cache and Temporary Internet Files.•If you're using any proxy server disable it here.•Power-cycle your modem/router directions here.•Move your modem away from any electrical and/or computer devices.•Check your NIC (Network Interface Card) drivers are up to date from the manufacturer, and•Check your cables are plugged in tight, if you have some spare ones try another cable, or swap them around.

If possible, use RG-6 cable instead of RG-59 because RG-59 is lossy.

1.5 Software

Remove UnWanted branding on IE6 & OE6

Remove IE/OE branding:

1. Go to the IE or Windows Update site and download IE6, (OE6 is included). Re-install over the top of your existing browser. Follow MS's is clean and neat.
2. Load the regedit program (from the start menu click run.......type in regedit) and use the Find feature. Do a search through all keys for these two words; "provided by". There are several instances for both IE6 an OE6. When you find these instances, edit them with your preference. For example my browser reads like this: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 provided by Littell's, Inc. "Since 1922"..You'll note that I've edited or included the browser version # in this string. This was simply to remind me which version I am running currently. For example my e-mail reads like this: Outlook Express 6.0 provided by Littell's, Inc. "Since 1922".......There are even more personalization tricks that you can do, such as: Editing and pointing your search bar button to the search engine you like best. Example: My browser search button, when clicked, goes directly to "Dogpile".

You can also simply copy and paste this into the Run dialog:
rundll32.exe iedkcs32.dll,Clear

Configuring Internet News

1. Start News by clicking Go, then News
2. Next, click News, then click Options from the menubar
3. Next, Click the Server Tab
-In the Name Field type: your name
-In the Organization field type: your organization
-In the E-Mail address field type: your e-mail address
-In the Reply address field type: your e-mail address
4. Next, click Properties
5. In the News Server Name field type:
Do NOT check the option This server requires me to logon
6. Next, click the Connection Tab
7. Check the option I use a LAN connection
8. Click Apply to keep your settings

1.6 Hardware

Minimum System Requirements


Windows Me/95/98/2000/NT 4.0 minimum
CPU - Pentium (133MHz or higher) or equivalent
Memory/System RAM - 64MB
Free Disk Space - 150MB
CD-ROM drive
Available PCI or ISA Slot. If no slot is available, then a USB port must be present.


Operating system 8.5
CPU - 120MHz or greater.
Memory/System RAM - 32MB
Free Disk Space - 50MB
CD-ROM drive
Must be equipped with either a USB or Ethernet port.

2. Television

2.1 General Questions